These Are the Most Popular Studios Around the U.S., According to Classpass

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The beauty of a Classpass membership is that on any given day, you can choose from a seemingly endless number of workouts. From yoga to spin, from boxing to boot camps, you could try a different modality every day of the week (and in many cities, a different studio every day of the year) and never have to repeat a session. Or risk getting bored. But even if you're mixing up your workouts on the reg, chances are you've got one studio in your rotation that's solidified its spot as your absolute favorite. As a six-year-strong Classpass user, I know I do.

But is your favorite sweat spot everyone else's favorite, too? Today, Classpass released its list of the most popular studios in the United States (and Toronto!). Whether you're regularly parked in the front row of your spin class every morning or settling into Savasana at your yoga studio every night, check out the list below to see if your go-to sweat destination made the cut. And if it did? Get ready to book way ahead of time, because chances are it's going to get even more popular now that everyone else knows how great it is.

Atlanta: The Forum Athletic Club

In Atlanta, the traditional gym format still reigns supreme. The Forum Athletic Club has got all of the floor space and equipment you need to craft a workout on your own (or with the help of a digital fitness app), plus group training sessions where you can get your HIIT on with a crew.

Austin: DEFINE body & mind (South Lamar)

Think of DEFINE body & mind (South Lamar) as Austin's one-stop-shop for all of your favorite modalities. The studio offers barre, yoga, and spinning all under one roof so that you can do all of your weekly workouts in one place and never, ever get bored.

Boston: The Handle Bar

With four studios throughout Boston, The Handle Bar has kicked things up a notch from your traditional spin studio by also offering  kettlebell mobility classes. The result, if Boston's Classpass users are to be believed? Two workouts you'll want to book over and over (and over, and over) again.

Boulder: The Dailey Method

Can't decide if you're a barre person or a spin person? Well, at Boulder's The Dailey Method, you don't have to. Reap the benefits of both modalities, plus optional stretch classes, whenever you stop by this studio.

Chicago: Studio Three

If you like classes of all kinds, you'll love Studio Three, where you can get your spinning, HIIT, and yoga fixes in the same place. The studio prides itself on an effective approach to cross training, since its offerings will help you move (and stretch!) your body in all the ways it needs.

Dallas: Class Studios

Cycle, train, spring, and sculpt at Dallas' Class Studios, which has two locations in Preston Center and the West Village. The brand's "The Lab" concept is also coming soon (according to the website), and will give guests another level of variety in their workouts with other types of dynamic classes.

Denver: High Ride Cycle

Take one look at this list, and it's clear our country's spin phenomenon doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon. In Denver, it's going strong at High Ride Cycle, which combines spinning, strength training, and beat-based choreography for a sweat sesh that will leave you seriously out of breath.

Houston: SWEAT 1000

In the case of SWEAT 1000, the word "sweat" doesn't just stand for the stuff that will be dripping down your face at the end class. It also refers to "Specialized Weight Endurance Athletic Training," which combines components of interval training, functional training, core stability work, athletic training, and agility training into a single hour-long workout.

Los Angeles: Training Mate

There's a lot of stiff competition for the best studio in Los Angeles, but in 2020 Training Mate reigns supreme. The HIIT-based group fitness program offers a number of different workouts (all with cute, Australian-inspired names like "Bondi Burn" and "Thunder Down Under" as a nod to founder Luke Milton's roots), and a community of "Mates" to help motivate you through it.

Miami: RedBike Studio

Say hello to the best studio in Miami: RedBike. Here, you can find spin classes that are "born, bred, and inspired by Miami." Everything from the music to the choreography (and the weekly Latin rides) draw inspo from the studio's home city, and the lights and music are meant to make you feel like you're celebrating a night out in—where else?—South Beach.

Missoula: The Sweat Shop

For anyone who likes extra-sweaty workouts, Missoula's The Sweat Shop is a can't-miss Montana destination. The studio offers a super sweaty spin, TRX, yoga and bootcamp classes, plus hybrid options that combine multiple modalities into a single session.

Nashville: Barry’s Bootcamp

In Music City, it's all about that base bootcamp. Barry's Bootcamp has studios in 39 cities around the world, but in Nashville people were going to "The Red Room" more frequently than anywhere else. And considering Barry's touts itself as "The Best Workout in the World," it's easy to see why.

New York City: Mile High Run Club

In a city that's home to the world's largest marathon, it's no surprise that New Yorkers love to run. Mile High Run Club was one of the OG treadmill studios in Manhattan, and in the years since 2015 has continued to attract runners from every level thanks to its expansive cardio offerings.

Philadelphia: Unite Fitness

Unite Fitness has it all: Cardio, strength training, and recovery. Classes consist of 25 minutes of cardio (on either the bike or the treadmill—you decide), 30 minutes of strength training, and 10 minutes of recovery. If you're looking for a single Philadelphia studio to spend your time in, this is the place.

Salt Lake City: Rebel House

The sole boxing studio to make the list, Salt Lake City's Rebel House will let you get in a hit-based HIIT sesh... and then some. In addition to the boxing-based RIOT class, they've also got RIDE, a rhythm-based spin class, and REHAB, a beat-based heated yoga class.


Get your San Diego spin on at SPARKCYCLE, where spinners of all levels are encouraged to come in and sweat. Both of the studio's locations—in La Jolla and Liberty Station—are worth hitting up for a sesh.

San Francisco: Karma Yoga SF

The only yoga studio to make the list, San Francisco's Karma Yoga SF offers hot Pilates, power yoga, and yin flow. With 4.9 stars and over 5,000 reviews on Classpass, it's not wonder this fan-favorite made the list.

Seattle: City Cycle

City Cycle is a tried-and-true spin spot, where you can ride through 45- and 60-minute classes surrounded by a community of devotees. The studio is also tricked out with some seriously cool mood lighting, which will leave you feeling equal parts refreshed and ready to conquer your day.

Toronto: Elle Fitness and Social

In Toronto, Elle Fitness and Social is meant to be a fitness destination where everyone feels welcome and inspired. It's a traditional gym where you can find classes ranging from bootcamp to HIIT to Zumba—all of which check both the "fun" and "challenging" boxes on your workout to-do list.

Washington DC: Zengo Cycle

The final spin studio to make the list? Zengo Cycle, in Washington, DC, where energetic instructors and a beat-based workout will have you tapping it back (and pushing it up) on the bike like it ain't no thing.

Speaking of popular workouts, this is the modality that we called as the trendiest workout of the year (and Classpass bookings agree!). More of an at-home workout person? Here are some of our favorite at-home ab workouts that are just as good as a personal trainer.

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