Not All Trendy Claw Clips Hold Thin, Silky Hair, But These 8 Styles *Actually* Do

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I'm a sucker for fun, hair-accessory trends. For years, I was head over heels for padded headbands, long before they got famous on TikTok. More recently, however, I’ve fully embraced claw clips. And it’s been a surprising delight, because for the longest time, I thought that my fine hair simply wasn’t cut out for the accessory.

In reality, I just had to find the clips that worked best for my slippery strands. Knowing I’m not alone in this endeavor, I went ahead and rounded up the best hair clips for thin/fine hair. To do so, I scoured the web for best-selling products and chatted with hairstylists for their top-recommended accessories.

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Best clips for thin hair, at a glance:

What to look for when buying claw clips for thin hair

Any time you pull your hair back, there’s a risk of damaging it, says celebrity hairstylist and founder of Phenix Salon Suites, Gina Rivera. However, if you opt for a claw clip, you’ll likely find that your strands feel less strained. That’s because they’re designed to contain and secure your hair without applying tension, the way so many hair ties do.

As for the kind of clips that are best for fine or thinning hair, Rivera says to opt for smaller silhouettes. “A smaller claw clip is best for fine hair because it won’t slip as easily from the hair,” she explains, noting that larger clips tend to be too heavy for fine hair to support. “Additionally, since a smaller clip is likely lighter in weight, it will not place as much stress on the hair. This is especially important for fine and thin hair textures.” For thicker hair, consider these hair clips for thick hair.

Best overall

Teleties, Medium Hair Clip — $13.00

Teleties might be best known for its coily hair ties, but in 2022, the brand launched its collection of hair clips and let me tell you: They’re good. No, actually, they’re the best. The clips—which are sold in three sizes—are designed with flexible plastic complete with bendable teeth, so the clips move with your hair instead of aggressively pulling against it. It’s because of this that the clips are fabulous for all-day wear, including at the gym. In fact, they’re the only claw clip I’ve ever used that actually stays put while running. Need I say more?

Of course, I’m not the only fan of these fantastic clips—Rivera is, too. In particular, she likes the tiny and medium sizes for fine hair. “They’re small and comfortable on the head, making them ideal for all types of occasions,” she says. “The tiny clip is a great clip for pulling small sections of the hair back when creating different looks.”

Colors: 10 | Sizes: 3


  • Sold in three sizes
  • Sold in 10 colors
  • Designed with flexible plastic, so they never slip


  • They sell out very quickly

Best Amazon find

Framar, Large Claw Clips (Pack of 4) — $9.00

If you have long, fine hair, the Framar Large Claw Clip is a great option. While marketed for thick hair, many shoppers report that the narrow barrel of the clip makes it ideal for containing long, fine locks. And celebrity hairstylist and DIY Expert for Sally Beauty, Gregory Patterson, agrees. “What I like about the Framar Claw Clip is its size and matte texture,” he says. “With fine hair and claw clips, it’s about finding a size that can accommodate and hold all of your hair [without it being so heavy that it falls out].”

The Framar clips fit the bill. “With finer hair textures you can create your French-Girl-esque rolls and secure the entire roll into one clip,” Patterson says. “The bonus here is that matte texture helps to add a friction to the texture so any slipping that you would normally experience from a more glossy polished clip would be minimized.”

Colors: 3 | Sizes: 1


  • Very affordable
  • Narrow barrel clip great for long, fine hair
  • Matte finish


  • Only sold in three color combos
  • Only sold in one size

Best for curly, coily hair

PuffCuff, Mini 2.5" Hair Clamp (Pack of 3) — $18.00

As popular as claw clips are, hair-clamp clips are right up there—particularly for folks with fine curly, coily hair. “I love the PuffCuff for its intentional design and hold factor,” Patterson says, noting that it’s designed for curly/coily textures. “The PuffCuff is great for high-intensity activities for fine curly hair textures because you can get a lot of hair up and secured while minimizing damage from tension and removal.”

Colors: 2 | Sizes: 1


  • Designed specifically for coily, curly hair
  • Sold in black and clear
  • Easy to use


  • Can break with ultra-thick coils

Best non-slip

Scunci, No-Slip Grip Claw Clip (Pack of 2) — $5.00

You don’t have to spend beaucoup bucks for top-notch hair clips for fine hair. According to Rivera (and nearly 2,000 Amazon shoppers), the Scunci No Slip Jaw Clip is great for all-day wear. “This is a great clip because rubber teeth will help keep the clip from slipping without causing too much tension on the hair that could lead to damage,” Rivera explains.

The only downside is that some Amazon shoppers report that the retailer may send the non-rubberized version. Additionally, some shoppers say that the clips easily crack.

Colors: 1 | Sizes: 1


  • Designed not to slip out of strands
  • Squared silhouette for stronger hold
  • Super affordable


  • Can crack easily
  • Only sold in one color combo
  • Only sold in one size

Best looking

Machete, Mini Claw Clip — $17.00

If your goal is to pull your fine hair up in the most Instagrammable way, it’s time you add one (or a few) of the Machete Mini Claw Clips to your accessories arsenal. “These clips are extremely cute and perfect for fine hair,” says hairstylist Amy Chin. “Whether [you have] short, long, wavy, or curly [hair], this clip secures fine hair into place without tugging or damaging your beautiful locks.” Additionally, Chin says that the clips, which are made of Italian acetate, are very high-quality and extremely durable, so while they cost more, they’re absolutely worth it. “I also love how this brand offers a warranty on any of their pieces within that one year of purchase,” Chin says.

And one more thing: “These babies are compliment magnets, so beware ladies,” Chin exclaims.

Colors: 32 | Sizes: 3


  • Beautiful design
  • Sold in lots of colors and prints
  • Work exceptionally well for half-up styles


  • Expensive

Best gold clip

The Hair Edit, Gold Loop Claw Clip — $8.00

Looking for a metallic clip to dress up your office or special event ensemble? Rivera recommends the best-selling The Hair Edit Gold Loop Claw Clip. “This is a great clip not only for functionality but its creative design makes it an accessory piece that can add that extra something special to your style,” she says. “It’s beautiful to look at and functional as well. It’s a win/win.”

Colors: 1 | Sizes: 1


  • More formal looking
  • Stays in place
  • Great for half-up styles


  • Slimmer silhouette which may not hold as much hair

Best mini clips

Anthropologie, Speckled Mini Hair Clip Set (Pack of 6) — $24.00

Here we have my all-time favorite mini hair clips. I have bought more sets of these clips over the years than I care to admit. The reason? They’re sold in multi-color variety packs that make it fun to mismatch your hairstyle. I like to use them to pull back my face-framing strands and find that they work very well to do so since they’re lightweight. That said, since they’re glossy and my hair is super fine and straight, I find that they stay put best when I spray dry shampoo or dry texture spray into my strands before clipping them in.

I’m not the only fan of Anthro’s mini clips, BTW. Rivera is, too! She points out that the Aimee Claw Hair Clip Set ($24) is another great iteration of the itty-bitty clips, due to their delicate, lightweight design. “These are small clips that work great for half up half down styles plus they won’t slip so they are great for fine hair,” she says. “These come in a pack of 3 clips with unique fun designs so if wearing multiple clips at once is part of your style, this is the set for you.”

Colors: 4 | Sizes: 1


  • Sold in sets
  • Designed to be worn mismatched
  • Work well for half-up styles


  • The glossy nature makes them slip a bit

Best half-up clip

Free People, Fine Claw Clip — $24.00

Generally speaking, classic long barrel claw clips are too heavy and too large for fine hair to work well with them. That’s what makes the Free People Fine Claw Clip so special. It’s long, but incredibly slim and lightweight, so it grabs plenty of hair and stays put in the process—hence why Chin is such a big fan. “Can we talk about how cute these are?!” she exclaims, pointing out that the slim grip and colorful design is giving retro vibes. “The closure is a smaller and tighter grip for fine, thinner hair. It really does a great job securing to the hair and tight to the head without any hairs falling out… She’s definitely is real cute on.”

FWIW: I agree! I have this clip in Orange/Turq and love that it lets me secure my hair into beautiful half-up and full styles that feel like there’s nothing in my hair—it’s that gentle and lightweight.

Colors: 3 | Sizes: 1


  • Slim silhouette
  • Thin hinge makes it ideal for fine hair
  • Lots of teeth keep it in place


  • Expensive
  • Only sold in 3 colors

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