‘I’m a Food Scientist, and This Is the Best Coffee Creamer’

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It used to be that there was just one type of coffee creamer: cow's milk. Now, it's exploded with a wide variety of options made from plants, including nuts, grains, and even fruits and veggies. With that, one question remains: Which is the best creamer for your coffee?

While you can always drink your coffee black, it can be a little bitter. Also, TBH, a little boring. That's where creamer comes in: "It balances the coffee’s acidity, adds body, and adds flavor," says Makenzie Bryson Jackson, MS, food scientist and product development manager at Panaceutics. And when you choose your creamer wisely, you can find healthy options that don't contain added sugar (or are lightly sweetened), and even flavorless options that keep the focus on the taste of the beans.

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With all the different options available at the grocery store, Jackson says traditional half and half still comes out on top: "The fat and natural sugars in the milk pair perfectly with the sharp, strong acidity of an espresso shot," she says. The good news is you can still find a dairy-free creamer that takes your coffee to the next level. While soy and oat-based options are always wins, companies have expanded beyond the basics in order to recreate what makes dairy creamers so good. "They're blending different 'mylks' together to create a balanced option," she says. And there are three picks in particular that she says will pair perfectly with your morning brew.

The best creamer for your coffee, according to a food scientist

1. Mooala Vanilla Bean Creamer, $15 for 4

best creamer for coffee

This organic and plant-based creamer is made with almonds and coconut cream, giving it a smooth, creamy, and milk-like texture Jackson loves. It's also shelf-stable and flavored with real vanilla beans.

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2. Califia Farms Unsweetened Creamer, $11 for 2

best creamer for coffee

Aside from being made with better-for-you ingredients than regular creamer, Jackson also loves how this option doesn't contain any added sugar. And, of course, how nicely it pairs with coffee.

Shop now: Califia Farms Unsweetened Creamer, $11 for 2

3. Good Karma Plant Based Flaxmilk, $29 for 6

Jackson also loves using flaxmilk as a creamer, and this option is extra creamy. Just one thing to note: "it's not very heat stable, so don’t attempt to steam it," she says.

Shop now: Good Karma Plant Based Flaxmilk, $29 for 6

Now that you've likely settled on your favorite one, it's important to know what to do next with it (aside from splash it into your cup of coffee). So, how long does coffee creamer last? You may be wondering, we've got you covered.

How to make boosted coffee for optimal morning energy:

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