9 of the Best Coffee Machines To Gift Your Loved Ones, According to Exhausted Editors Who Know

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The better the content on Well+Good is, the more exhausted editors are. And if you take a look around the site lately, we're putting out some cool things—these gift guides, an upcoming Trends package, and day-to-day content that answers all your need-to-know questions like WTF should you do if you've mistakenly eaten moldy bread (don't panic). It takes a lot of work, it sometimes keeps us up at night thinking of ways to tell stories in new ways, so needless to say, our editors are wiped. And we're probably the ideal testers for the best coffee machine options because we need coffee, and we need it right now, thank you very much.

What follows is the results of many cups of coffee. Our editors each tested out different pots to find the ones that we really believe are worth spending your money on—and gifting your loved ones. The long and short of it is that sometimes it does pay to spend more on the up-front. A few members of our team loved the Technivorm option, but you're not at all left out if you're looking for a less expensive option. One writer found a $35 coffee maker that brews ultra-concentrated (read: to her, just right) coffee that you can either drink hot or pour over ice.

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Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker — $35.00

Best for iced coffee

“I’m a 365-days-a-year iced coffee drinker—we’re a special breed—and this pot has made it easier than ever for me to keep up my habit without having to leave home. It brews a single cup of ultra-concentrated hot coffee, and when it dispenses over a cup of ice turns into the perfect cold concoction that somehow doesn’t feel watered down.”

—Zoe Weiner, Senior Beauty Editor

Cafe Smart SCA Drip Coffee Maker, Black — $280.00

Best smart machine

I was first drawn to this coffee maker because, frankly, it’s the prettiest one I’ve come across. But I’ve since grown to love it because it is so easy to use—just press a button for the number of cups—and makes better quality coffee than what I’d normally buy out. It’s also Wi-Fi-enabled and pairs with an app to allow for custom brewing, which is great for folks whose coffee orders sometimes sound like five-paragraph essays (guilty!).”

—Alexis Berger, Lifestyle Director

Technivorm Moccamaster KBGV Glass Brewer 10-Cup Pistachio Coffee Maker — $350.00

Best for people who really know coffee

“The Technivorm Moccamaster gets a lot of hype from coffee connoisseurs for its ability to brew a flavorful, balanced pot. I’m no expert, but after a week of use, I agree that this machine makes a good cup of Joe (and my coffee snob husband—I say it with affection!—is in love, too). The ‘superior’ taste is often attributed to the fact that the machine’s copper heating element allows it to brew at an optimal range of 196ºF and 205ºF. On a practical level, the Moccamaster KBGT is fast: 1.25 liters of coffee is ready to be sipped in just six minutes. And while I opted for the sleek chrome model, Technivorm is known for its eye-catching array of colorful options—like rose gold, red, or pistachio. It’s kind of like the KitchenAid mixer of coffee makers.”

—Abbey Stone, Executive Editor

Breville Precision Brewer Drip 12-Cup Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe — $300.00

Best for versatility

“I’m very specific—read: a pain in the butt—about how I like my coffee, which is why I love Breville’s Precision Brewer. The machine lets you choose whether you want to make a standard 12-cup carafe, a Specialty Coffee Association Gold Cup, an extra-strong pot, iced coffee, cold brew, or a completely customized brew; it even lets you select the precise water brew temp. It’s also chic, thanks to the digital screen and sleek stainless steel.”

—Betty Gold, Senior Food Editor


Stainless Steel Stovetop Espresso Maker — $49.00

Best for espresso

“I love espresso, but not enough that I want a big machine taking up valuable counter space. I use this stovetop espresso maker that is just as cute as it is functional. You add water and your grounds, set your stove to medium-low, and then place your cup on the ledge. Something scientific happens and then the maker dispenses espresso right into your cup. I have the single because I’m a caffeine wimp, but for an extra $10 you can get the double to make two shots at once.”

—Kara Jillian Brown, Beauty Writer

Chemex Pour-Over Glass Coffee Maker with Wood Collar — $47.00

Best for pour over

“I have an electric coffee machine that I use most mornings because I am a zombie until I’ve had my first cup. But on a trip up to the Catskills, I brought my Chemex with me, and was reminded of the exceptional coffee that you get when using this analog pour-over device. It’s no-frills and really delivers every single time. I highly recommend it.”

—Ali Finney, Deputy Editor, Brand Initiatives

Mr. Coffee 5-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker — $22.00

Best for the price point

“Call me old fashioned, but I love my classic Mr. Coffee. Is it the fanciest thing on the market? Nope. But does it give me a hot, tasty cup of joe every time? Yeah, and for that alone, I love it. It’s consistent, affordable, and perfect for your everyday coffee drinker.”

—Francesca Krempa, Commerce Writer


Keurig K-Duo Essentials Coffee Maker — $200.00

Best pod-based option

“I know Keurig is known for their single-use K-cups—not the most environmentally-friendly—but their Duo coffee maker gives you the option to also brew a regular pot of coffee, which I mainly use because I end up drinking at least three cups before lunch. And can I just say, it makes a really tasty carafe of coffee! It’s hot, flavorful, and a no-brainer to use, which is helpful, because my brain is oatmeal before 8 a.m. Plus, it’s easy to clean, and has an auto-shutoff feature so you won’t run the risk of obliterating your leftover brew. On days I don’t consume as much caffeine, usually the weekends, I’ll use K-cups, just so that I don’t waste coffee. It’s just nice to have options!”

—Gina Vaynshteyn, Senior Commerce Editor

oxo coffee machine
Photo: OXO
OXO Brew 9 Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker — $210.00

Best at keeping your coffee hot for hours

“This is the coffee maker that got me through 2020, and I’ll be forever grateful. Its single-piece design—only the carafe is separate—means there is zero assembly required; it’s ready to go right out of the box. (Just be sure to follow the first-time-use instructions and run it through with water a couple times before brewing any coffee.) This machine works quickly—it can brew over a liter of coffee in eight minutes—and quietly. But its best feature, in my opinion, is that the carafe keeps your coffee hot for hours, which is great when someone in your household is itching for a cup when you’re still finishing your morning workout-and-shower routine. That can’t be just me.

—Abbey Stone, Executive Editor

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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