I’m a Sephora Beauty Director, and I Just Can’t Hide How Great These 4 Concealers Are

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In the best of skin times and the worst of skin times, I have always, always swiped on a concealer. The beauty product is one of those that stands the tests of acne, aging, sleepless nights, and every reality in between. And when I talked to Sephora beauty director Jeffrey English, I learned that he, too, has a long and loving partnership with the best concealers.

"I've always had a really strong relationship to concealer because I feel like—as a male, when you start getting into grooming and you really look into makeup—I think concealer is one of the first products that you grab for because you know you really want quick results, fast," he says. Over his years as a makeup artist, English has narrowed down the five concealers that never (never!) leave his makeup kit. Curious about what they are?

Sephora beauty director Jeffrey English names the 4 best concealers at Sephora

1. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, $30

best concealers at sephora

"I would be remiss not to talk about the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. I think that that is the tried-and-true. It's a Sephora favorite, and it's really been living and breathing at the Sephora beauty studio," says English. The formula's velvety texture makes it stand out among the rest, and once it's on, it dosen't budge. "I like this particular product because it's great for self-setting, so you don't have to put any powder on top of it to kind of keep it in place," adds English.

Shade range: 30

2. Hourglass Vanish Airbrush Concealer, $34best concealers at sephora


This cruelty-free, vegan formula is a favorite of the Well+Good office, and English can't rave enough about it. "I've just found that I really love the texture. It's almost a serum-like-formula that dries down beautifully on the skin and wears like a dream. It's so flexible. It's so beautiful," English says.

Shade range: 22

3. Sephora Collection Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer, $14


"I love this particular product for a lot of reasons. For one, I feel like it's really versatile: you can use it all over the face and you never really experienced any dryness or any texture problems with it. For two, it's really affordable at only $14, which is awesome. It's great for anybody that's been on a budget, or that really just wants a quality product and doesn't necessarily want to spend so much," English says.

Shade range: 20

4. Becca Light Shifter Brightening Concealer, $28

If you're planning on spending the day snapping pics, English says this product will make you absolutely luminescent. "I'm really loving sheer formulas that have a lot of light reflection. I think of it almost like building coverage under the eye or on top of the cheekbone but building it with light. So instead of adding a lot of pigment in the skin, you're adding a lot of reflectiveness," he says. In other words: the camera will love you.

Shade range: 8

Make sure your skin-care routine is primed before adding any makeup:

Now that you're equipped with new concealer, here's how to use it as a foundation (it's possible!). And some pro tips from making artists on how to use the product. 

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