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7 of the Comfiest Cotton Undies To Wear In Every Cut and Style

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The fabric of our lives is also the fabric that—to put it simply—is your vagina's BFF. According to experts, the material your underwear is made of makes a huge impact on your vaginal health. Some fabrics, like synthetic blends, are confining and nonbreathable and can cause a host of down-there worries from infections to odors. Others can cause irritation and lead to rashes and redness.

According to renowned women's health expert, Jennifer Wider, MD, "cotton is an excellent choice when choosing the right underwear because it's a more breathable fabric and will not trap moisture the same way synthetics fabrics might." This breathability makes it the most recommended for everyday wear. Scroll down for eight of the best cotton underwear on the market that are light and breathable.

1. Knickey Low-Rise Bikini, $13

best cotton underwear
Photo: Knickey

If barely-there comfort with a little bit of fabric is your undie of choice, these low-rise bikinis fit the bill. Made with breathable GOTS Organic Certified Cotton, these knickers come in six core colors and three limited edition emerald shades.

Shop now: Knickey Low-Rise Bikini, $13

2. Skims Cotton Rib Thong, $20

best cotton underwear
Photo: Skims

This Insta-famous thong truly lives up to the hype. As a self-proclaimed thong girl, this high-cut number is just as sporty-sexy as it is comfy. Reviewers tout its thick, stay-in-place band and durable fabric that says goodbye and good riddance to the dreaded front-wedgie forever.

Shop now: Skims Cotton Rib Thong, $20

3. Pact Boy Shorts, $14

best cotton underwear
Photo: Pact

If you're a full coverage kinda gal, then these boy shorts are made for you. The low-rise cut eliminates any chance of pinching or feeling trapped in your underpants, and the extended-leg provides a smooth, panty-line-free look under clothes.

Shop now: Pact Boy Shorts, $14

4. RicherPoorer Boxer Brief, $26

best cotton underwear
Photo: RicherPoorer

Find yourself stealing your partner's briefs on a daily? These boxer briefs are the perfect sleep undies. With a little bit more coverage, they have a total "I'm wearing short shorts" feel, and the faux-button design at the front provides a cute, elevated look.

Shop now: RicherPoorer Boxer Brief, $26

5. ThirdLove Pima Cotton Hipster, $15

best cotton underwear
Photo: ThirdLove

Reviewers love the fact that they've finally found a hipster that doesn't ride up. These stay-in-place, moderate-coverage wonders are totally no-fuss and nearly invisible under any outfit.

Shop now: ThirdLove Pima Cotton Hipster, $15

6. Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Short, $22

best cotton underwear
Photo: Calvin Klein

With the classic logo waistband and a full cotton gusset, these hipsters are nothing short of historic. Instagram loves them, billboards tout them, celebs pose in them. What are you going to do in #mycalvins?

Shop now: Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Short, $22

7. Aerie Cotton String Thong, $9

best cotton underwear
Photo: Aerie

When wearing leggings or a tight dress, we all need that pair of undies that looks and feels like you're just not wearing any. This Aerie G-string is the answer to all of your panty-line woes. The breathable cotton is more practical than lace, but the barely-there coverage will make you feel beyond sexy.

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