These 6 Dame Sex Toys Are Sexy-Time Staples, According to *Very* Happy Customer Reviews

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Shopping for a quality sex toy these days can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. There are simply so many out there to choose from (rabbit and suction vibrators, wands, dildos, glass toys, and toys for couples…the list goes on) from a deluge of brands. It's overwhelming for even the most seasoned shoppers, but if you're new to using sex toys in general, finding the right one for you can get intimidating real quick.

Thankfully, we have Dame. Founded in 2014 by sexologist Alexandra Fine and MIT engineer Janet Liberman, the Brooklyn-based sexual wellness brand designs approachable (and chic) sex toys designed to close the pleasure gap. (Because even with all the sex toys on the market, there's still a staggeringly real disparity between women’s pleasure during sexual activity versus men’s.)

Dame's toys are simple, stunning, and most importantly, effective. No matter what you're on the hunt for, Dame is a one-stop shop for orgasmic goodies, making finding your new sexy-time companion a walk in the park. But don't take our word for it—here are the top six Dame sex toys that reviewers say are worth every penny.

Best Dame sex toys at a glance:

More about Dame

Not only is Dame’s minimalist lineup of user-friendly sex toys refreshingly easy to navigate, it totally looks the part—with sleek silhouettes and soft colorways that you’ll be proud to display on your bedside table. And most importantly, the toys feel oh so good. Every gadget is developed in collaboration with the brand’s clinical board of physicians and is extensively researched through Dame Labs, Dame’s community hub of 10k+ real people who help ideate new products, foster safe discussions around intimacy and pleasure, and test prototypes. So it’s really no wonder why Dame sex toys have become a sexy-time staple for so many happy customers.

But which ones are worth adding to your shopping cart? Good question. If you’re looking to get in on the fun for yourself, do it with one of these toys below. Whether you're buying your very first sex toy ever or are adding another gizmo to your extensive pleasure chest, customers say *these* are the toys worthy of your time and attention.

The best Dame sex toys, according to reviews

Best for beginners

dame dip sex toy, one of the best dame sex toys
Dame, Dip — $35.00

Approval rating: 4.2 stars

Colors: Periwinkle and Plum

For sex toy beginners who are just starting to experiment with what feels good in the bedroom, Dame’s best-seller, Dip, is a fail-proof basic vibrator that fuels erogenous exploration. Featuring a curved, flexible body made of 100-percent silicone, the multipurpose toy can be used both internally and externally for maximum pleasure. It’s also the quietest toy of the bunch, which means you can enjoy any of the five buzzy intensity levels without risking awkward eye contact with your roommates or neighbor the following morning (a convenient bonus.) What’s more, the vibe is fully waterproof, so you can take the party into the shower if you’re so inclined. Tl;Dr: The Dip is so well-loved by Dame shoppers that it’s currently sold out—but don’t worry, you can still pre-order it to ship when it comes back in stock.

What reviews say: “This is absolutely the BEST vibe Dame has come up with so far. The constant vibrations with five levels of pleasure creates an incredibly powerful orgasm. I am thrilled with its contoured tip. My action-packed pleasure puts this one in a league of its own. Discrete, quiet and my new bestie. [It’s] worth buying more than one!”

Best for couples

dame eva 2 sex toy, one of the best dame sex toys for couples
Dame, Eva II — $135.00

Approval rating: 4.3 stars

Colors: Papaya (coral) and Ice (light blue)

If you’re looking to level-up sexy time with a partner, the Eva II is the sex toy for you. Fun fact: the Eva was the brand’s very first wearable couple’s vibrator, the first Dame product ever, and the most crowdfunded sex toy in history. A triple crown winner in customers hearts and vulvas alike.

The small but mighty clitoral vibrator is ingeniously designed to be worn comfortably in the vulva during sex—so you can set it and forget it (though it’s pretty unforgettable, if we’re honest). The tiny little arms keep it in place while you’re being intimate, so you can go hands-free and feel good doing it. The Eva II touts three intensity levels, is fully waterproof, and is made of the medical-grade silicone Dame uses for all of its toys. Needless to say, its *chef’s kiss*.

What reviews say: “Little Eva packs a big punch! I’ve only used her a couple of times, but every time I learn a new way to position to maximize her power. My husband likes it even more than me! Definitely worth the money!”

Best for G-spot stimulation

dame arc vibrator, the best dame sex toy for g-spot stimulation
Dame, Arc — $115.00

Approval rating: 4.6 stars

Colors: Plum and Ice (light blue)

Dame’s G-spot vibrator features an ergonomic, curved handle and a bulbed head to hit the right spots every. single. time. The bulb’s contoured ridge allows for more targeted pleasure on the vulva or clitoris, giving you the freedom to warm up externally before going for deeper G-spot stimulation. Equipped with a strong motor and five different intensity levels and patterns, the Arc puts in some serious work in the bedroom, and can last a full 1.5 hours (at highest settings) on a full charge, aka, you can enjoy its good vibrations for longer.

What reviews say: “Your G-spot’s best friend. Great vibrator, unique shape, and hits the spots that other vibrators only dream about. Lots of fun and I thought the vibrations levels were nice and strong.”

Best for external stimulation

dame pom vibrator, one of the best dame sex toys for external stimulation
Dame, Pom — $99.00

Approval rating: 4.7 stars

Colors: Plum and Ice (light blue)

With over 800 5-star reviews, the Dame Pom vibrator is a customer favorite for external stimulation. The compact, handheld silicone vibrator touts a squishy, pebble-like shape that hugs and bends in all of the right places, giving you full control in the “Pom” of your hand. Complete with five whisper-quiet vibration patterns and intensities, it gives you the flexibility to play your way, whether it’s in bed or in the shower (yep, it’s waterproof!).

What’s more, Dame shoppers love the Pom’s discreet design that travels well and looks super unassuming on your nightstand. And like all Dame sex toys, the Pom is USB-rechargeable, which means you can recharge your battery in a pinch from your laptop or any USB outlet for maximum convenience.

What reviews say: “This is an incredible product that has an amazing battery life, is easily charged, and maximizes comfort. If you are looking for something small and quiet but efficient I recommend this product!”

Best suction toy

dame aer suction toy on a white background
Dame, Aer — $99.00

Approval rating: 4.5 stars

Colors: Periwinkle and Papaya (coral)

The Dame Aer suction toy uses pressure wave technology to mimic the fluttery feelings of oral sex—and according to reviews, it really works. The compact, silicone sex toy creates a soft seal around the clitoris and delivers pulses of air in five different patterns and intensities, so you can work your way up to ultimate pleasure. Dame shoppers say it works like a charm for fast and reliable orgasms, though it could also be used at a low setting for a slow and steady build. Some shoppers say the Aer pairs well with other Dame sex toys for a mix of clitoral and internal stimulation. Plus it’s waterproof, so there’s basically no limit to the ways you can enjoy this small and sensual toy.

What reviews say: “Listen, I’ve never tried a toy of this design, shall we say, and let me tell you. The vibrations [are] 10/10. The vibe patterns themselves are exquisite. The quality is phenomenal. Since I’ve purchased it, I haven’t stopped using it and experimenting. And it never fails to get me there fast. If you were hesitant at first, just go for it. She’s amazing.”

Best wand vibrator

dame com vibrator, one of the best dame sex toys, on a white background
Dame, Com — $89.00

Approval rating: 4.3 stars

Colors: Periwinkle and Quartz (light pink)

If you gave all the wand vibrators of yester-year a modern, ergonomic makeover, and you’d get the Dame Com. A tried and tested W+G favorite, the Com features user-friendly upgrades like a longer, curved handle and a flexible neck that make using it on all kinds of bodies a way more pleasurable experience. The large, bulbed head offers total coverage of the clitoris and vulva for full external stimulation, and can even be used to release tension elsewhere on the body, doubling as a personal massager.

Even more impressive? There’s no wires like some popular other wands that keep you tethered to an outlet. A quick plug of the USB cable will charge up its motor (the brand’s most powerful motor yet) that fuels five different toe-curling intensities and patterns. Is it the most unassuming and travel-friendly? No, it’s pretty large. But, if an earth-shattering orgasm is what your after, you’ll get it with the Com—a fair trade, in our opinion.

What reviews say: “Com was my first vibrator and I love it! I love the different power and patterns settings. I ended up buying another one on the site but I enjoy this one the best, mostly because of the curved handle and the fact that it is larger and focuses on the external areas. I have the most intense orgasms and am so happy. Super easy to charge, clean, and store away.”

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