The Best Thing That Will Happen to You in April, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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April serves as an annual reminder to slow down, stick your nose in a flower, and marvel at all the beauty that nature can hold. Its allure could feel particularly magnetic this year amid the upcoming conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces—a harmonious meetup of both of Pisces’ planetary rulers in the dreamy, spiritual sign. Together with a few other poignant astrological transits, this positive confluence sets the scene for the best day in April, astrologically, for each zodiac sign.

Though beneficent Jupiter and mystical Neptune come together once every 13 years, they haven’t met up in their shared home sign of Pisces in more than 150 years—since 1856, to be exact. This once-in-a-lifetime occurrence on April 12 magnifies the strength of each of their spheres, lending Jupiter’s expansive, optimistic nature to Neptunian matters of art, dreams, and the psyche. “The beauty of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces is beauty—utter and otherworldly beauty and experiences of beauty that take your breath away,” says astrologer Stephanie Gailing, author of The Astrological Self-Care Journal.

“The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction this month expands our capacity for compassion and empathy toward others.” —Stephanie Gailing, astrologer

And just as beautiful art (of the gallery or natural sort) can bring diverse people together, this Jupiter-Neptune conjunction also inspires a deep sense of connectedness. “It expands our capacity for compassion and empathy toward others,” says Gailing. This energy could allow you to forge deep spiritual bonds with people in your life, which can be soul-nourishing—so long as they don’t limit your ability to care for yourself. “Remember that being kind doesn’t have to equate with a dissolution of your boundaries,” she adds.

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Underscoring this positive cosmic shift are a few other transits poised to deliver the best day in April, astrologically, for each zodiac sign. Read on to find Gailing’s forecast for your sign’s best day, along with her star-sanctioned advice for enjoying it to the fullest.

Below, learn the best day in April, astrologically, for your sign, and what you can expect it to hold


Best day: April 1

It may be part-way through your season, but the opportunity to focus on yourself will feel fresh and new on this day, Aries. The first day of the month brings a new moon in your sign, which connects with the asteroid Chiron, known as the "wounded healer," in your sign, too. As a result, you could be equipped with the energy to heal whatever hurts within. Perhaps you try a new fitness regimen or herbal tea, or you lean into emotional or spiritual self care, says Gailing. "Since you may have stronger healing powers at this time, the conversations you have with friends or loved ones may just be the medicine that they need, too," she says.


Best day: April 19

Today's the time to embrace your truest Taurean self. On this day, the sun enters your sign, reflecting the start of your season, and granting you a boost of energy. "You could find yourself wanting to show up in a bolder and brighter way," says Gailing. "This could be why others notice—and appreciate—you more."


Best day: April 29

Arguably the most adaptable, flexible sign, you know a thing or two about going with the flow, Gemini. And on this day, nothing will stand in the way of your most natural flow state: Mercury, your planetary ruler, shifts into your sign, lighting up your sense of intellect and strong communication skills. "Let yourself research that topic about which you've been really curious, or share an important message with others," says Gailing. "You'll be able to do so with confidence and clarity, making it all the more likely that your message lands."


Best day: April 1

The new-month, new-moon energy of April 1 is particularly supportive of your reputation, Cancer. Occurring in your 10th house of career and public role, it sets the scene for you to consider what your next big work or life goal might be, and what success within that role might look like. It's a good time to set an intention with regard to career progress, and begin looking for opportunities that may support it, says Gailing.


Best day: April 2

The world feels like it's your oyster on this day, Leo. Thanks to your planetary ruler, the sun, meeting up with intellect-oriented Mercury in your ninth house of exploration and travel, you feel a drive to expand your horizons. "Honor that desire by planning that trip you've been meaning to take, visiting a new museum, or enrolling in classes on an unfamiliar philosophical or spiritual topic that you know will broaden your understanding of the world," says Gailing.


Best day: April 23

A fated moment could be in the stars for you, Virgo. On this day, your planetary ruler, Mercury, aligns with the north node, a point in the sky associated with destiny and life purpose. Because both are in your ninth house of exploration and higher learning, you may need to push beyond your comfort zone to find it. Perhaps it's a conversation with a stranger or a chance encounter that leaves you with the feeling of, "there's something important here," says Gailing. Following that thread could change the course of your future.


Best day: April 30

If the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is turning our attention to the ephemeral beauty all around us, it's the Jupiter-Venus conjunction on April 30 that highlights beauty in its most material form. For you, in particular, Libra, Venusian themes of aesthetics and pleasure will be on potent display on this day, given that Venus is your planetary ruler. That could mean your relationships feel elevated, and perhaps even the ones you might not normally connect with pleasure, like those at work, says Gailing. "It's a great day to grab coffee or a drink with a colleague, as you may discover more camaraderie than you previously thought existed," she says.


Best day: April 29

For most people, the intensity of Pluto stationing retrograde (or appearing to move in reverse) on this day will make things feel a little out of whack. But you thrive on intensity, Scorpio. And this particular retrograde, happening in your third house of communication and education, could certainly create some upheaval, unearthing something from your past—perhaps from a conversation or a book you've read, says Gailing. As it turns out, though, that information could lead you toward something you've been seeking.


Best day: April 30

As with Libra, your best day in April, astrologically, arrives when Jupiter meets up with Venus, given Jupiter is your planetary ruler. In your case, the conjunction highlights your fourth house of family and roots, making it a beautiful day to create soul-nourishing experiences at home. "Buy yourself flowers, take a leisurely bath replete with candles or music, or invite your friends or partner(s) over for a meal," says Gailing. Whatever you choose to do, it's a day to honor aesthetics and lean into beautiful details.


Best day: April 4

Your financial status could be on your mind on this day, Capricorn. Your planetary ruler, taskmaster Saturn, joins with intense Mars in your second house of personal resources and possessions, motivating you to get your finances in order and own your worth, says Gailing: "Take advantage of the extra energy and drive you have in this department to make a plan that will help you elevate your earning power."


Best day: April 18

On this day, you could feel particularly at home and at ease among family members, Aquarius. Thanks to your planetary ruler, innovative Uranus, uniting with messenger Mercury in your fourth house of familial roots, your conversations with family members could offer both joy and useful clarity on your identity. "You may develop a greater appreciation of yourself as a result, perhaps even because of the ways in which you took a different approach to life than some of your relatives," says Gailing.


Best day: April 12

You won't be surprised to learn that the aforementioned Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in your sign will most definitely bring your best day in April, astrologically speaking. In fact, the significance of this alignment can't be overstated, says Gailing, given it, again, hasn't happened in more than 150 years. "It may feel like everyone is singing your tune," says Gailing. People may look to you for guidance or empathy, and you'll feel confident providing both in a way that promotes more beauty and healing all around. "Go with the flow—of which there will be a lot—and let yourself float in the resulting sea of love and compassion," says Gailing.

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