The Best Thing That Will Happen to You in August, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The sunny vibrance of Leo season is fully upon us, but the month of August is bringing so much more in terms of cosmic happenings. And many of these astrological transits and events have fortuitous implications for certain zodiac signs. Perhaps most notable is the complementary synergy of Leo and Aquarius themes—the signs are opposites on the zodiac wheel—as the full moon occurs in Aquarius on August 22, while the sun spends its last day in Leo. "This invites us to share our unique talents so that they benefit the collective," says astrologer and author of The Complete Guide to Astrological Self-Care Stephanie Gailing, of the meshing between individual-oriented Leo and community-focused Aquarius. Alongside other celestial transits, this placement will play a role in determining the best day in August, astrologically, for each sign of the zodiac.

"We create for creation's sake, but in a way that not only lets us feel lit up, but that has us feel more connected to others, knowing we are part of something bigger than ourselves." —Stephanie Gailing, astrologer

In general, this year has delivered lots of big-idea Aquarius energy (it's the sign's emerald year, with Jupiter, the planet of luck, remaining in its court). But this vibe will feel particularly poignant with the upcoming Aquarius full moon because it's the second occurrence within a short window of time; the last full moon, on July 23, was also in Aquarius. "We create for creation's sake, but in a way that not only lets us feel lit up, but that has us feel more connected to others, knowing we are part of something bigger than ourselves," says Gailing, of this energy.

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So if initial insights about a heart-centered project or goal surfaced around last month's full moon, you can also expect to come to a more evolved understanding of those concepts this time around. As such, you might consider the month of August an ideal time for self-reflection, with summer quickly coming to a close and fall (which brings busier, methodically oriented Virgo season) just around the corner.

With this in mind, keep reading to get Gailing's forecast for the best day in August, astrologically, for your sign.

Below, learn the best day in August for your zodiac sign, and how to make the most of it:


Best day: August 18

Expect a helpful burst of laser Virgo focus, Aries. Your planetary ruler, Mars, and communication-centric Mercury conjoin in Virgo on this day, in your sixth house of work, service, and health. "It's a great day to investigate new ways to get and stay in shape," says Gailing. And beyond just wanting to be on the move, you'll find that this day offers clear insights into how or why a certain fitness approach will bring benefits.

Similarly, in terms of work, you may find that certain details about how you might get your job done more efficiently are illuminated. "And because this day falls on a Wednesday, this will definitely make for a more-interesting-than-usual hump day," adds Gailing.


Best days: August 17 to 21

Uranus, the planet of disruption and innovation, has been transiting in Taurus since 2018 (and will continue to do so until 2026). But on August 19, it stations retrograde, and the effects could ripple into the couple of days before and after.

For Taureans, in particular, this would be a good timeframe to expect the unexpected, says Gailing. And if you do, your adaptability will work to your advantage. She suggests getting ahead of some potential changes in your life by doing some of the changing yourself: Look for and pursue out-of-the-box solutions, and you'll be rewarded accordingly.


Best day: August 1

Right off the bat this month, Mercury, your planetary ruler, makes a conjunction with the sun in your third house, which represents education and your neighborhood, or locales familiar to you. As a result, you'll be feeling more cerebral than usual, Gemini.

"You're infused with ideas and interested in learning as much as you can," says Gailing. But given Mercury's strong energy and an opposition to rigid Saturn on this day, as well, you'll want to take things slowly and communicate with care. "This way, you'll feel steady in whichever direction your intellect leads you, and you'll confidently own your sense of authority," says Gailing.


Best day: August 22

The second full moon in Aquarius will raise feelings of sensitivity and activation in you, Cancer, as you are ruled by the moon.

"It's also the second of two full moons in the past month that have highlighted the money and resources sectors of your chart," says Gailing. (The last full moon was in your eighth house—which covers sex, birth, and death, as well as other people's resources and property; the current full moon is in your second house, which is traditionally the house of personal possessions and money.) "As a result, you may find yourself having breakthroughs related to money matters, and you may get new insights related to when it makes sense for you to act solo, and when it’ll be easier for you to collaborate with others," Gailing says.


Best day: August 8

You're doing a lot of shining and spotlight-rocking this month (it's your season, after all), but this day is a particularly radiant one for you. The new moon is in Leo on this day—which means, yes, both the sun and the moon are in Leo. "As a result, you may find yourself with an extra dose of boldness and desire to express yourself," says Gailing.

Given it's a new moon (aka generally a time for setting new goals), it'd be wise to outline your intentions with all that boldness you're feeling. "Envision what you want to invite into your life, and then consider a new moon-based ritual or affirmation to anchor that manifestation," says Gailing.


Best day: August 11

Your planetary ruler, Mercury, enters Virgo—which you should basically take as permission to fully vibe out. "You're in your groove on this day," says Gailing, so lean into whatever it is you love. If you've felt overlooked or overshadowed during the past couple weeks, that's about to change, with your energy shifting into the forefront of the collective consciousness. In whatever you pursue—anything from a new work project to a new hobby—you'll find a greater sense of ease moving forward.


Best day: August 16

Much like Virgo's vibe on August 11, yours on August 16 will be one of harmony and synchronicity: Your planetary ruler, beauty-oriented Venus, moves into your sign of Libra, where it's most at ease. Essentially, you're feeling on top of the world and at your most attractive. "You may find that you're infused with an extra dose of joy and grace, and that people in your sphere recognize it," says Gailing. This is the day to have a social outing, date night, or any other experience that connects you to pleasure.


Best day: August 11

Anticipate a day of fruitful soul-searching, Scorpio. Mystical and psychological Pluto, your modern-day planetary ruler, forms a harmonious trine to pleasure- and beauty-directed Venus. "It'll be a day in which you feel inspired to dig deep into love," says Gailing. "Consider having in-depth conversations about the things that are really important to you with friends and family members," she adds, "and see how you might claim your desires to live a more enriched life."


Best day: August 19

At first blush, it may not seem like a celestial opposition would bring good fortune, but on this day, as Jupiter (your beneficent, luck-centric planetary ruler) opposes the sun, you feel a push toward expanding your identity.

The sun essentially provides a burst of radiance, confidence, and creative energy, making this day a great one to tap into your artistic side, says Gailing: "But remember, you don't have to be an artist to live your life artistically. Let whatever you do—whether it's painting a picture, or just setting the table—have your own unique stamp." Just be cautious not to go overboard with the activities on this day, as there is the potential for getting burnt out.


Best day: August 23

Success is in the air on this day, high-achieving Capricorn—and let's be real, we know there's nothing you enjoy quite so much as tangible payoff for your hard work. The injection of positivity is thanks to your planetary ruler, taskmaster Saturn, making a harmonious trine to pleasure-oriented Venus. "No promises that your boss will give you a raise or your business will mark a stellar sales day, but it does feel like the right energy for a work-related win," says Gailing.

Venus relates to how we feel valued, and on this day, you're bound to feel valued more than usual, which may present you with a clearer path forward for your career, as well.


Best days: August 17-21

A change is a-brewing in matters of home for you, Aquarius. Your modern-day planetary ruler, Uranus, stations retrograde on August 19 in Taurus, residing in your fourth house, which covers the home, family, roots, and grounded-ness. (And you'll likely feel the effects of this transit a few days before and after, as is the case with planets stationing retrograde, generally.)

Because Uranus is the planet of disruption, you could feel a sense of freedom from your family or separation from your roots, but as a naturally against-the-grain type of person, you could very well revel in this newfound independence. With regard to your home, specifically, this could also be the time to shake things up design-wise, adds Gailing, perhaps changing your décor or re-arranging your furniture for a fresh reset.


Best day: August 9

Relationships and relationship-building will be at the forefront for you on this day, dreamy Pisces. Cosmically, it brings a poignant opposition between your modern-day planetary ruler of Neptune (which deals with mystical inclinations and inspiration) and loving Venus—and though oppositions can be challenging, this one presents an opportunity to deepen your connections, with Venus residing in your seventh house of partnerships. "Consider who in your life really helps you feel seen and heard, and reach out to share with them how much you appreciate their presence," says Gailing. "This gesture of love, even platonic love, will certainly go a long way."

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