The Absolute Best Day in December for You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Wrapping things up is December’s modus operandi—whether we’re talking gifts, end-of-year tasks, or your most-listened-to songs on Spotify. And from a cosmic lens, we can expect the month’s transits to have us wrapping up symbolic loose ends, too. While the Venus retrograde in Capricorn (beginning December 19) could push us to reflect on our loves and relationships, the final of three direct Saturn-Uranus squares in 2021 (on December 24) will tie the celestial bow, so to speak, on a year marked by heavy doses of push-pull energy. Both cosmic events will contribute a sense of greater awareness that’ll help shape the best day in December, astrologically, for every zodiac sign.

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To fully grasp that much-needed closure that December’s set to offer, however, you’ll need to first create some space for reflection. Thanks to the dominant square of structure-oriented taskmaster Saturn butting up against innovation-minded Uranus, it’s been a year in which we’ve yearned for traditions while simultaneously wanting to call in a whole new future, says astrologer Stephanie Gailing, author of The Complete Guide to Astrological Self-Care.

“The days around this last square may help us to synthesize more understanding as to this year’s invitation of honoring both the old guard and the vanguard.” —Stephanie Gailing, astrologer

That friction between great ideas for radical change and the need to approach them in a methodical or traditional way likely created challenges or confusion. But now, with the year's third and final Saturn-Uranus square upon us, we’re more empowered to look back at the course of the past few months and, in hindsight, tease out lessons. “The days around this last square may help us to synthesize more understanding as to this year’s invitation of honoring both the old guard and the vanguard, and realize what it takes to lay the groundwork for innovation,” says Gailing.

As this wrap-it-up, reflective energy washes across the cosmos, a few other celestial transits will influence the best day in December, astrologically, for each of the signs. Read on for what you can expect, along with Gailing’s star-sanctioned advice for making the most of the time.

Below, learn the best day in December, astrologically, for your zodiac sign, and what auspicious events it may bring.


Best day: December 13

Set your sights on a new horizon, Aries. As your planetary ruler Mars enters big-ideas Sagittarius on this day, you could feel a burst of inspiration to hit the road and explore new places, says Gailing. Or, perhaps you'll travel to new intellectual territory; Sagittarius, after all, rules your ninth house of higher learning and goal-setting, which could have you sketching out some new avenues for discovery at work or in your non-work creative pursuits.


Best day: December 19

Your planetary ruler is Venus, which oversees all things love and beauty, so it only follows that Venus retrograde this month will likely turn your attention toward matters of the heart. Retrogrades may have a reputation for being challenging, but just before Venus begins its backspin on December 19, it appears to slow down in the cosmos, which concentrates its energy, says Gailing. You could catch a glimpse of what you'll be called to reflect on and explore over the retrograde period, which could impart a sense of empowerment.


Best day: December 18

With the full moon on this day in your sign—while the sun resides in your seventh house of partnerships—something just seems to click in one of your relationships, Gemini. Whether it's the result of hard work coming to fruition or just a serendipitous string of events, it's essentially a lightbulb moment. "You could find yourself recognizing what you need to make a partnership work, and how to honor yourself, the other person, and the relationship itself," says Gailing.


Best day: December 16

Random moments of luck feel fated in the stars for you, Cancer. On this day, the moon (your planetary ruler) unites with the north node, an astrological point that's aligned with destiny and true purpose. "It may seem like situations are arising that are steeped in kismet," says Gailing. And all you need to do is lean in; whatever direction you're feeling pulled is the direction you'd be wisest to go.


Best day: December 19

Take a note from Beyoncé, and put your love on top, Leo. This day's transits are particularly aligned for romance: Your planetary ruler, the sun, which resides in your fifth house of creativity and pleasure, forms a supportive sextile with expansive Jupiter while it's in your seventh house of relationships. That auspicious setup makes it a great day to go out on a date with an S.O. or a good friend and indulge in all the things that you really love.


Best day: December 20

You might just feel inspired to step out of your comfort zone on this day, Virgo—which is saying something for the typically methodical, routine-oriented person you may be. That shift comes from a supportive trine between Mercury, your planetary ruler, and innovation- and creativity-driven Uranus, which resides in your ninth house of travel and intellectual pursuits. Gailing's advice? Let yourself be surprised by yourself. That is, choose any activity you might not normally do, and see how it makes you feel; you just might find a new hobby.


Best day: December 19

Similar to Taurus, you could feel your attention turned inward to heart-centric matters on this day, as Venus—also your planetary ruler—stations retrograde. In your case, however, Venus is in your fourth house of family and roots, pushing you to slow down and reflect on what you might do to feel even more at home in your home. "This is a great day to entertain at your place with a group of friends or family," says Gailing.


Best day: December 11

Whether it's picking up a new language or a new skill, you could find yourself making progress on mind-focused pursuits without any sort of friction on this day, Scorpio. Your planetary ruler, Pluto, conjoins Venus in your third house of education and learning (and will do so again on December 25 and March 3), supporting you on a lengthy journey toward a deeper level of understanding—in whatever arena you're taking it.


Best day: December 28

It's time to loosen your jaw and ease your shoulders, Sagittarius. Just before the year comes to a close begins one of the positive transits that'll come to define 2022: Jupiter, your beneficent planetary ruler, moves into its happy place of Pisces, where its energy and themes are most aligned. In your case, that means your fourth house of home and family is activated, which can spur your desire to feel more belonging—and inspire ways you might do that. (And if ideas within this realm bubbled up in mid-May through the end of July, this transit could resurface them, as Jupiter was briefly in Pisces during that time, too.)


Best day: December 21

Behold the winter solstice, Capricorn. This is your time to celebrate you being you, as the sun moves into your sign, and your birthday is imminently on the horizon. "You'll likely find yourself feeling more energized and wanting to be in movement," says Gailing. "And you could find that people notice you more, and begin to recognize you more for your strengths."


Best day: December 24

Remember that big Saturn-Uranus square? Well, it's most likely to send ripples your way on this day, Aquarius, as the square is direct, with Saturn in your sign. (Not to mention, both Saturn and Uranus are considered your planetary rulers, the former traditional and the latter modern-day). While there could be some tension, Gailing suspects this day will mostly be about resolution: Look back at the year (and the dates February 16 and June 14, in particular, when this transit was also direct), and consider where you encountered the competing interests of old and new, and how you navigated them. Now, in hindsight, clearer insights could emerge about whether you should continue on the path you chose at the time, or pivot.


Best day: December 28

The world is really your playground today, Pisces. As with Sagittarius, the expansive planet of Jupiter moving into your sign opens up new and positive possibilities—but in your case, these possibilities extend to your entire persona, with Jupiter, your traditional planetary ruler, in your first house of identity. "This may feel like a rebirth of sorts," says Gailing. "As Jupiter takes about 12 years to go through the zodiac, its full dive into your sign is a big deal, bringing with it a sense of starting a new chapter." And what better timing for that than just ahead of the new year?

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