The Best Day of the Fall Season for Every Zodiac Sign, According to an Astrologer

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The fall season may bring with it more cloudy days and long nights than summer, but its cosmic vibe is no less bright this year. Over the course of the next few months, a bunch of planets wrap up their retrograde cycles, stationing direct and symbolizing a return to forward motion for us all, says astrologer Stephanie Gailing, author of The Complete Guide to Living by the Moon. These shifts, alongside a few other fortuitous astrological transits, will play a role in determining the best day of the fall, astrologically, for every zodiac sign.

Much of the positivity this season is tied to those aforementioned planets returning to apparent forward motion. To be specific, Mercury ends its retrograde on October 2, Pluto on October 8, Saturn on October 23, Jupiter on November 23, and Neptune on December 3. As a result, we’ll be given the cosmic go-ahead to initiate new projects and take new steps toward personal growth. “Everything we learned in recent months by reviewing and reflecting on the past may now better serve us as we carve a path for progress,” says Gailing.

“Everything we learned in recent months by reviewing and reflecting on the past may now better serve us as we carve a path for progress.” —Stephanie Gailing, astrologer

In particular, Jupiter’s stationing direct on November 23, the day before Thanksgiving, is bound to bring a “bounty of positivity and fresh-start energy,” says Gailing. Not only is Jupiter, the planet of luck, returning to its forward path, but also, it’s doing so in Pisces, one of the signs over which it traditionally rules and with which it is energetically aligned. On the same day, there’s also a new moon in Sagittarius, ushering in “a new chapter related to adventures, travel, and the expansion of our horizons,” she adds. All together, this energy won’t just feel like glass-half-full vibes, says Gailing. Rather, “it’s more like a glass so full, it’s nearly overflowing,” she says.

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Beyond this day, though, there are plenty of other auspicious ones on the celestial forecast for this season. Below, find Gailing’s predictions for the best day this fall, astrologically, for each zodiac sign, along with her star-sanctioned advice for making the most of it.

The best day this fall, astrologically, for every zodiac sign


Best day: December 23

It may be at the very end of fall (okay, a couple days into winter), but this day is worth highlighting for Aries because it brings powerful healing energy destined to uplift this sign's holiday-season vibe. Chiron, a planet-like asteroid known as the "wounded healer," ends its months-long retrograde in your sign, returning to forward motion and "granting you potential breakthroughs in understanding what's been holding you back from showing up as a powerful agent in your life," says Gailing. You could also uncover a new self-care or healing method around this time—perhaps one that supports you and others in your sphere, she adds.


Best day: November 15

Your fall highlight comes in the form of people you love—and lots of opportunities to be in great communion with them. Your planetary ruler, values-oriented Venus, forms a supportive trine with beneficent Jupiter, and both planets touch your relationship houses; Venus in your seventh house of partnerships, and Jupiter in your 11th house of friendships. You could feel a strong desire to gather with those most important to you, perhaps arranging a friend get-together and a romantic date, says Gailing. Also, she adds, don't be surprised if a friend or colleague introduces you to a new community or collective whose mission aligns with your values.


Best day: October 6

Expect mental clarity to arrive on this day, Gemini. Your planetary ruler, intellect-oriented Mercury, forms a flowing trine with deep, psychic Pluto, while activating your fourth house of home and familial roots. Not to mention, Mercury will have also recently ended its retrograde, so its messaging feels direct and clear: "You may find yourself accessing greater awareness of how your family system impacted your views toward money matters," says Gailing. "This could manifest in a windfall, whether for the future or the present moment."


Best day: November 23

Remember the aforementioned extra-positive day when Jupiter ends its retrograde and there's a new moon in Sagittarius? Well, that day will bring you a particular dose of good fortune, Cancer. When Jupiter goes direct, it'll touch your ninth house of exploration, spirituality, and cross-cultural understanding, pushing you to "expand your definition of what's possible, and set your sights on new goals," says Gailing. "Conversations with family members around this time—perhaps at the next day's Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving gathering—could be revelatory, leading to breakthroughs that help you see how you might be of meaningful service to others."


Best day: October 22

You typically thrive in a social setting, Leo. But, on this day, you can expect to be a total magnet for other people's adoration, says Gailing. Your planetary ruler, the sun, meets up with love-oriented Venus in your third house of communication and education, lending an affectionate, supportive vibe to the day. "Activities that expand your knowledge base—like going to a museum or attending a poetry reading, for example—may not only enrich your mind but may also help you further develop important relationships," says Gailing.


Best day: October 2

As the month of October begins, you could find yourself feeling in your element, Virgo. That's because your planetary ruler, communicative Mercury, shifts out of retrograde and does so in your sign, granting you a dose of clarity and confidence in decision-making. "Throughout the past month, you may have felt like delays and miscommunications were afoot, but all of the reviewing and re-assessing you've done now contributes to a greater level of understanding," says Gailing. "People may even be seeking you out for counsel and advice."


Best day: October 22

Just like Leo, you're bound to feel positively radiant on October 22, thanks to the conjunction of the sun and your planetary ruler, love-oriented Venus. And the fact that this meetup occurs in your sign makes the whole thing even more special, says Gailing. "Expect things in your life to be infused with flow and feelings of additional grace," she says. "Surround yourself with art, make social plans, or plan a romantic evening—love and beauty are in the stars for you today."


Best day: October 8

Your emotions and intuition could feel particularly strong on this day, Scorpio, as your modern-day planetary ruler, transformational Pluto, ends its retrograde and returns to forward motion. "If you've been waiting to transform some element of your life or psyche on a deeper level, you may feel more empowered to do so on this day," says Gailing. And others might be able to sense that power, too: "You could find that people turn to you for help navigating the emotional complexities of situations that they are moving through," she adds.


Best day: November 23

You may not be surprised to learn that your best day is, in fact, the aforementioned return of your planetary ruler, lucky Jupiter, to its forward orbit, along with the new moon in your sign. "The fact that both happen on the same day could bring big positive changes for you," says Gailing. In particular, expect for revelations on the home front, as Jupiter activates your fourth house of familial roots as it shifts direction. "If there have been any situations with family that have felt like they've been on hold, that's about to change," says Gailing. But even beyond that, this day brings "new year, new you" vibes at the start of your season: "Definitely set a new moon intention, as the horizon for which you're aiming may seem clearer than ever," she says.


Best day: October 23

Whether you've been re-organizing your budget ahead of the holidays, saving for a big expense, or just totally killing it at work, your tenacity and endurance is about to pay off, Capricorn. (Holiday bonus, anyone?) Your planetary ruler, taskmaster Saturn, ends its retrograde on this day, highlighting your second house of personal resources and finances. "Clarity around money matters—whether that's how to make more or spend less—will also abound," says Gailing. "Additionally, this is a day to take stock of your skills and talents, perhaps exploring ways to develop them further."


Best day: October 23

Like Capricorn, your lucky day arrives when Saturn goes direct—but in your case, it happens in your sign, which supercharges your first house of identity and self. All of which is to say, this is a day for making forward strides on any important work or personal projects. "Over the past few months, it may have seemed as if you were wading through a vat of molasses, unable to gather much momentum," says Gailing. "But now, that changes, and you sense that the things that have been holding you back—whether your attitude or limitations imposed by others—start to melt away." This will leave you with greater resolve to make your aims a reality.


Best day: December 3

Honestly, this whole holiday season is your time to shine, Pisces, with Jupiter (your traditional planetary ruler) having turned direct on November 23, and now, Neptune (your modern-day planetary ruler) turning direct on December 3—both of them in your sign, too. And this is just par for the course for the stellar year you've likely been having. "You could find that your perceptive skills are on fire, and you're able to pick up on things more easily than others in your orbit," says Gailing. You're also able to tap into a deeper well of empathy and compassion, she adds: "Enjoy the sweetness and magic, and let yourself follow the flow."

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