The Best Thing That Will Happen to You in February, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Astrologically, January was a bit of a tease, with Mercury retrograde and Venus retrograde asking us to review, reassess, and reevaluate rather than take action and start anew, the way you might expect to move forth into a brand-new year. But now? We can finally use whatever intel we've gleaned to move the heck on with our lives. "I've recently been saying that #FebruaryIsTheNewJanuary because after February 3, Mercury will be in direct motion again, marking a time when no planets will be retrograde," says astrologer Stephanie Gailing, author of The Astrological Self-Care Journal. Along with other auspicious planetary transits, this positive shift will influence the best day of February, astrologically, for each zodiac sign.

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Because of the cosmic clarity that comes with all planets appearing to move forward in their orbits, February is well-aligned for launching new projects or setting new goals. "It feels like a month of fresh starts and forward movement," says Gailing. And as the month continues, that expansive energy will only be magnified when the beneficent planet of Jupiter forms a supportive sextile with innovation-centric Uranus on February 17. "This transit signals great potential for growth if we shake up our vantage point," says Gailing. "I wouldn't be surprised to see breakthroughs in technology, science, and even space travel."

"It feels like a month of fresh starts and forward movement." —Stephanie Gailing, astrologer

Down here on Earth, that just means it's high time to lean into new patterns for new kinds of progress. And a few additional celestial transits will support that energy, in particular, as they help shape the best day in February, astrologically, for each zodiac sign. Read on for what to expect on your sign's best day, along with Gailing's star-sanctioned advice for seizing the moment.

Below, learn the best day in February, astrologically, for your zodiac sign, and how you can expect it to come to fruition.


Best day: February 16

You could feel positively abundant, as if you're "glistening with a sense of success," on this day, Aries—and others in your sphere are bound to notice, says Gailing. That's all thanks to your planetary ruler, fiery Mars, joining forces with love planet Venus in your 10th house of career and reputation. "This is a day to recognize your own gifts and not to overlook how much goodness you bring to your clients, your company, or your team," says Gailing. And yes, if it feels right, this is also the time to make the big career move or ask for that raise or promotion.


Best day: February 9

Taurus, meet Taurus. On this day, you can expect to feel like your deepest, truest self, as the moon in your sign unites with the destiny-oriented north node, also in your sign. "Today may be a very powerful day for getting glimpses of who you really are and how you want to carve your life's path," says Gailing. As a result, you could have the sense that the things you're doing or thinking are very much in alignment with your greater purpose—or if not, you could gain clarity into how you might need to make a life change in order for that to be the case.


Best day: February 3

Clarity and ease of communication are yours on this day, Gemini. With your planetary ruler, messenger Mercury, stationing direct and highlighting your eighth house of collaborations, intimacy, and taboo subjects, you could gain a deeper understanding of where you stand and how you feel about an intimate relationship, in particular, says Gailing. You'll be able to voice any fears that have held you back from being truly vulnerable and express eloquently what you need from a partnership to feel secure.


Best day: February 1

An opportunity for a more fulfilling partnership could be on the horizon, Cancer. With this day's new moon activating your eighth house of intimate relations, you could gain insight into your connection with someone who you "get in bed with," says Gailing. "Perhaps that manifests literally, and your focus is on your sex life, and how to bust through an intimacy block that you and your partner may have recently encountered. Or, maybe it happens figuratively, and your attention is on a business partner or someone with whom you've pooled your resources," she says. In either case, this day could illuminate how you might take the next step forward with this person.


Best day: February 4 

Your romantic partnership(s) or your love life, more broadly, is your source of strength today, Leo. As the sun, your planetary ruler, joins Saturn in your seventh house of partnerships, you could either feel empowered by the foundation of trust and integrity you've built with a significant other, or alternatively, just as empowered to find or rebuild that kind of foundation by way of a meaningful conversation, says Gailing. In both cases, it's a romantic relationship (current or prospective) in your life that'll serve as a springboard for you to act and feel like your most radiant self today.


Best day: February 3

Expect a happy rush of creativity, Virgo. As with Gemini, your best day in February, astrologically, will arrive when Mercury (also your planetary ruler) stations direct on February 3—but in this case, it's activating your fifth house of self-expression and passion. "If you've been at an impasse the past couple weeks in terms of a creative project, family issue, or romantic desire, then this shift is good news: Today, you may begin to find the traction that'll help you move forward," says Gailing, adding: "It's a great day to do whatever activity makes your heart sing."


Best day: February 24

You're in a state of ease and flow today, Libra. With your planetary ruler, love-oriented Venus, forming a positive sextile with dreamy Neptune in your sixth house of health and everyday rituals, you're feeling comfortable at home and compassionate toward yourself and others. "You may find yourself wanting to help a friend or even a complete stranger, or perhaps lingering while doing a self-care activity of your own," says Gailing. "Maybe you spend a few more minutes in a bath, steep a pot of tea rather than going for your usual tea bag, or carve out more time to read on the couch." Whatever you enjoy doing could feel especially luxurious on this day.


Best day: February 11

Words come easy for you on this day, Scorpio. In fact, you're basically a communicative wiz, as your planetary ruler, transformative Pluto, connects with messenger Mercury in your third house of communication, neighbors, and nearby communities. "Don't be surprised if you feel a sense of greater ease while working through an issue or getting down to the bottom of something that's been challenging you for some time now," says Gailing. "You could very well be able to capture the essence of a message you've been wanting to deliver, personally or professionally."


Best day: February 17

As Jupiter is your planetary ruler, you won't be surprised to learn that its aforementioned sextile with revolutionary Uranus will bring your best day in February—a day suited for expanding your horizons (as you're already known to enjoy doing). "It's a great day to experiment, meet new people, and try on different viewpoints for size," says Gailing. "Do something that will have you going off the beaten bath and beating to your own drum."


Best day: February 4

A return on an investment could be in the stars for you, Capricorn, as the radiant sun meets up with your planetary ruler, taskmaster Saturn, in your second house of resources, values, and money. "On this day, people may further recognize you for the authority that you are, appreciating all the gifts and skills you bring to the table," says Gailing. As a result, they could be highly receptive to your ideas tied to maximizing profits or even your own worth.


Best day: February 14

Thanks to Mercury bouncing in and out of your sign during its recent retrograde transit, things may have felt a little mucky the past few weeks for you, Aquarius. But on this day, with Mercury once again moving forward in your sign (until March 9), the clouds begin to clear. "You're likely to feel emboldened by more courage and clarity, which could offer you a greater sense of purpose and focus toward a new direction," says Gailing. With loose ends tied up, you'll feel as though you can finally move forward.


Best day: February 18

Say hello to your season, Pisces. With your birthday coming up soon—technically called your solar return in astrology, or when the sun returns to the place where it was when you were born—the universe is supporting you from all angles. "The stars will feel aligned, your inspiration will be elevated, and your compassionate heart could be even more open than usual," says Gailing. Astrologically speaking, this really is your moment in the sun.

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