The Best Thing That Will Happen to You in January, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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As a month, January always seems to pack endless potential, with its events and happenings setting the vibe for the year ahead. And in 2022, the universe is doubling down on that energy of upheaval and newness. The cosmic forecast for the month includes not only two retrogrades (Venus retrograde, which started in December, and Mercury retrograde, which kicks off on January 14), but also a couple of key aspects for transformative Pluto and innovative Uranus that signal change is on the horizon. Though these shifts could certainly deliver unexpected happenings, they’ll also play a role in shaping the best day in January, astrologically, for every zodiac sign.

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Because of the natural unsteadiness of a month with two relatively nearby planets—Venus and Mercury—in retrograde, astrologer Stephanie Gailing, author of The Complete Guide to Astrological Self-Care, suggests proceeding with caution, rather than charging ahead full-throttle. “This time emphasizes the power and awareness that comes from moving slowly, reviewing things, and looking to the past for insights and treasures,” she says.

“This time emphasizes the power and awareness that comes from moving slowly, reviewing things, and looking to the past for insights and treasures.” —Stephanie Gailing, astrologer

Moving at that thoughtful pace, you’ll also be set up well to expect the unexpected, as both Pluto and Uranus make significant moves. On January 16, Pluto unites with the sun, and on the next day, it opposes the full moon, all of which is followed by Uranus stationing direct (concluding a months-long retrograde) on January 18.

“As Pluto governs over transformation and cycles of life and death, and Uranus rules over revolution, chaos, and surprises, these few days feel like a time of big change,” says Gailing. “But while that might seem intense, the shake-up also brings hope.” In her eyes, it’s a sign of reassurance that even amid the ongoing trauma we’ve collectively faced the past couple years, nothing is forever and things can always change for the better.

Further supporting that onward-and-upward momentum are a few other celestial transits poised to deliver the best day in January, astrologically, for each sign. Read on for Gailing’s forecast of what you can expect for your sign, along with her cosmic insights for seizing the day.

Below, learn the best day in January, astrologically, for your zodiac sign, and what fortuitous events it may bring.


Best day: January 24

Sunday scaries? You don't know 'em, Aries. Or, at least not on the eve of this supercharged Monday, which will kick off your work week with a bang, says Gailing. With Mars, your planetary ruler, entering Capricorn—where the planet is both energetically exalted and resides in your 10th house of career—you can expect to feel totally on top of your stuff. "You may find yourself activated to finish that certain project, have that certain conversation with a colleague, or take that next step toward that certain career goal you've known would require some effort to achieve," says Gailing.


Best day: January 18

A transformative year is upon you, Taurus, and that all starts on this day in January when the north node—an astrological point linked with destiny and life purpose—shifts into your sign, where it will remain through mid-2023. "Things may seem like they just click on a deeper level," says Gailing. As this change represents a transit that hasn't been repeated since 2004 (and won't repeat for several years to come), you could also experience moments of déjà vu that serve as lessons, or even fated experiences that seem to point toward the next phase of your life's journey, she says.


Best day: January 2

You start the year with anything-is-possible energy and a wanderlust for traveling the world. And that's all thanks to your planetary ruler, Mercury, shifting into Aquarius and your ninth house of exploration, goals, and broad horizons. "You could find yourself sketching out plans for the coming year, taking note of the places you want to visit and the ideas you want to explore," says Gailing. And with your cerebral air-sign intellect, there's no doubt you'll outline a clear path to doing so, too.


Best day: January 2

Your moon rulership leaves you easily influenced by big moon moments, Cancer. And the new moon on January 2 is no exception. It happens in the sign of your zodiacal opposite, Capricorn, within your seventh house of relationships, putting you more in touch with your emotions and feelings as they relate to loved ones. In turn, you could gain some clarity on what you really need in order to feel fulfilled in a partnership; Gailing says to set that standard as your intention for the new month (and year) ahead.


Best day: January 1

This year, the stars are aligned to support your professional or work-related growth, Leo. And there's perhaps no day more potent for your career ambitions than the very first day of the year, when your planetary ruler, the sun, forms a supportive trine with innovative Uranus in your 10th house of career.

"On this day, you may find yourself inspired by looking at where you are in your work life and where you want to be," says Gailing. "The trick to riding this inspirational wave is taking a Uranian approach: Instead of assuming things will chug along as they have been, consider shaking up your perspective. There are numerous ways to move successfully from point A to point B."


Best day: January 13

You're in your natural element on this day, Virgo. It's the day right before your planetary ruler, Mercury, goes retrograde, meaning it will appear to move very slowly in the sky-scape, says Gailing. This, in turn, emphasizes its energy and archetypes. That supercharged Mercury will be in your sixth house of health and daily rituals, giving you the focus you need to prioritize your physical and emotional wellness. "Consider how you might want to boost your fitness level or make your work more efficient, so you can achieve more with less stress," says Gailing.


Best day: January 29

Things feel realigned and re-synced today as your planetary ruler, Venus, stations direct. It remains in Capricorn, the sign in which it was just retrograde, in your fourth house of home and family, allowing for positive breakthroughs in these realms. "All the internal work you may have done during the retrograde to find a greater sense of belonging and contentment at home is set to pay off," says Gailing. And as a result, you feel like you're moving forward into the year with a stronger foundation beneath you.


Best day: January 16

Mental clarity is yours today, Scorpio. With your modern-day ruler, Pluto, joining the sun in your third house of communication and education, you feel as though you're a problem-solving machine. "If you've been stumped by a communication issue, you now find yourself able to clear any obstacles that would've otherwise prevented you from seeing the path forward," says Gailing.

This is also a great day to explore your neighborhood, since the third astrological house rules over this realm, too. "Take a walk-about, and see what catches your attention," says Gailing. "An unexpected treasure might await."


Best day: January 3

An emotional period of release will soon wrap up for you, Sagittarius, as the south node will leave your sign later this month (bringing its transformative, let-go energy to Scorpio). In the mean time, on this day, your planetary ruler, Jupiter, squares the north and south nodes, adding its expansive and lucky energy to these last few days of your current growth cycle.

As a result, you could feel more in touch with your true wants and needs or have a realization about how to balance those with the desires of a loved one. And that person could also lend helpful support: "Sage counsel from a family member could have you remember that even if there's been a rocky road between you at times, they really do know you and have your back," says Gailing.


Best day: January 24

As with Aries, your best day in January, astrologically speaking, arrives when Mars enters your sign (where, again, it's "exalted," or energetically powerful). The shift fills you with productive fire, says Gailing: "If you've been wanting to check off things from your to-do list—in classic, get-it-done Capricorn style—today would be an excellent day to do so."


Best day: January 18

Of all the signs, you're most likely to feel the positive ripple effect of Uranus stationing direct on this day, given that it's your modern-day planetary ruler. In general, Uranus, the planet of revolution, moving forward through the sky again infuses everything with a sense of potential innovation and progress—but your breakthroughs, in particular, may be related to how you feel a sense of belonging at home. "You could be inspired to finally do that DIY project," says Gailing. "Or, on a deeper level, you could start investigating how your collective community does (or doesn't) serve you and your vision or values."


Best day: January 5

It's a warm and fuzzy day on the social front, Pisces. With your modern-day planetary ruler, Neptune, forming a supportive sextile with Venus in your 11th house of collectives, groups, and technology, it's likely you'll connect with people who bring out your best self—either through social media or IRL. "You might also be the recipient (or sender) of a sweet note that reflects a sense of great appreciation between you and a friend, client, or other acquaintance," says Gailing.

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