The Best Thing That Will Happen to You in July, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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While we may still be cosmically in the midst of a retrograde whirlwind, we can at least revel in the fact that with July comes the end of the post-Mercury-retrograde shadow (aka retroshade), placing us in the clear when it comes to communication and transportation. (Consider this your star-sanctioned permission to book that trip and go.) A slate of other July transits, though, stands to affect every sign in the zodiac with one-after-the-other alignments—not unlike the hectic vibe of "shot girl summer" itself. Thankfully, there's an upshot to many of those interstellar shifts, which will play a role in determining the best day in July astrologically for each sign.

"This is a time of realizing that the nature of nature is, in fact, change." —astrologer Stephanie Gailing

Mostly in relation to the Saturn-Uranus square that's stirred us all this year, the overarching cosmic forecast for July is one of push-pull energy, says author of The Complete Guide to Astrological Self-Care, Stephanie Gailing. "We're experiencing tension between the conservative and the radical, following tradition and being innovative, honoring the old guard and the vanguard," says Gailing. "This is a time of realizing that the nature of nature is, in fact, change."

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This particular alignment is highly activated in the first week-plus of July, because during July 1 to 3, warrior Mars interacts with it (opposing Saturn and squaring Uranus), and from July 6 to 8, lover Venus connects with it, too, opposing Saturn and squaring Uranus, as well. Because both Mars and Venus are considered to be relationship planets, we're all likely to feel that uncertainty—the question of whether to stay as is or shake it up—most potently in our connections with friends and significant others.

But of course, the opportunity for growth is always strongest with a bit of turbulence—meaning the cosmic outlook for July is rosier than these Saturn-Uranus interactions may make it seem. In fact, many of the other alignments this month will prove harmonious, bringing exploratory and energetic pursuits to the forefront. With that in mind, read on for Gailing's predictions for the best day in July, astrologically, for your sign, and her insights on how it's most likely to manifest.

Below, learn the best day in July for your zodiac sign, and how to enjoy it to the fullest:


Best days: July 1-3

Because Aries is ruled by warrior Mars, the interaction described above between Mars and the Saturn-Uranus square will bring fiery Aries's most potent time of the month—which is, fittingly for the starting sign of the zodiac calendar, the month's first few days. "This time may feel tense, but there's a dynamic way to transform this energy to your benefit, notably when it comes to creativity and romance," says Gailing. You'll have the opportunity to look back on your past and gather insights on how to make choices that best honor your individual needs. And be prepared to do so solo, adds Gailing: "Sometimes, taking a mini-break from a friendship or relationship is actually just what the doctor ordered."


Best day: July 13

Sensory-oriented Taurus will experience a surge in interest in all things home, as your planetary ruler Venus unites with Mars in your fourth house of home, family, and roots. "Whether it’s researching new window treatments, diving into that DIY furniture-refinishing project you’ve put off, or buying new cookware, you may find yourself exceptionally motivated to make your house or apartment more of a home," says Gailing. And the boost of energy you'll feel in this space on July 13 will give you the focus you need to do just that.


Best day: July 24

A harmonious trine between your planetary ruler, Mercury, and Neptune, the planet of poetics and compassion, allows your mind a clear passageway to new inspiration. Of particular note is how this might manifest in your work, as Mercury will be in your second house of resources and Neptune in your 10th house of career and reputation during this alignment. Allows yourself to use your imagination to your benefit, says Gailing, in the search for solutions to problems at hand. "What you tap into may prove quite valuable, even if you don't get accolades right away," she says. "What you think up now may very well lead to some key recognition later."


Best day: July 9

Caring Cancer, give a warm welcome to new-moon energy: The new moon is, in fact, in your sign this month, which makes it the perfect time to put any number of new things on your horizon. "You may find yourself feeling a greater sense of alignment, and it could seem like people are more on your wavelength than usual," says Gailing. Because the new moon is happening in your first house, which governs identity and how you navigate life and your body, it may be a particularly potent moment to prioritize your physical health. "If you've been wanting to set a new fitness goal, this new moon can help you sharpen and ground your intention," says Gailing.


Best day: July 22

It's your month to shine, Leo. As your birthday approaches and the sun enters your sign, take all the liberties to be bold, connect to your sense of childlike wonder, and have pride in who you are and what you do, says Gailing. With the full moon approaching on July 23, and another one in Leo season on August 22, it would also be wise to take special note of your relationships. "Consider that what you learn now about what you crave in a partnership may evolve over the coming month," says Gailing. "Invest in this part of your life."


Best day: July 24

Process-oriented Virgo's planetary ruler, Mercury, makes a harmonious trine to Neptune, planet of dreams and imagination. This is a wonderful day to partake in any activity that aligns with your broader passions and goals—for example, going to an art opening or a soul-soothing yoga class, or participating in volunteer work that makes you feel deeply of service, says Gailing.

Because Mercury resides in your 11th house of community and technology, while Neptune is in your seventh house of partnerships during this alignment, it would be all the more fulfilling to do any of these activities with a group of people who share your visions or values—or, to scout out a new collective of people in this vein. "Whether it's someone you meet or a new understanding you're able to gain of a particular group's mission, you may find yourself inspired by the compassion and empathy you experience," says Gailing.


Best day: July 13

Expect to feel a sense of activation on this day that is perhaps atypical of your usual balanced, easygoing nature, Libra. Your planetary ruler, Venus, unites with warrior Mars in your 11th house of community and technology on this day, and with the influence of Mars typically comes an activating force, says Gailing. It may inspire you to be in movement, champion an important cause, or adopt a new technological device or platform. Another note: The community element of the house where both planets reside during this alignment may inspire you to get together with like-minded individuals in any of the above pursuits. "Remember that there's strength in numbers," adds Gailing.


Best day: July 17

Hold tight, Scorpio—there's a powerful opposition in store for you in July when one of your planetary rulers, Pluto, opposes the sun on this day. While this may not seem like the "best" day for you, Gailing suggests reframing your outlook: "If anyone has the drive to transform a potential obstacle into a learning moment, it's you, Scorpio." She suggests digging beneath the surface to find the missing pieces of your biggest goal—and turning to those in power to find answers. In this alignment, Pluto is in your third house of education, neighbors, and siblings, while the sun is in your ninth house of higher learning and exploration, so you may uncover a particular opportunity for gaining new knowledge that changes how you fundamentally show up in the world, says Gailing.


Best day: July 12

Your ruling planet, beneficent and expansive Jupiter, is in your corner, Sagittarius: On this day, it makes a harmonious trine to messenger Mercury, which is in your eighth house of shared resources. "Your mind may feel more bright and curious than usual," says Gailing. Because Jupiter is in your fourth house of home, family, and roots, it may be smart to look around for beneficial collaborations with people who feel like family, even if they're not blood relatives, says Gailing: "These connections may be rewarding on many levels."

Given your passion for travel and exploration, it's worth considering new connections in terms of people to vacation with, too. You might find new ways to pool your resources and have an even more fulfilling journey as a result.


Best day: July 9

Let's go back to the new moon in Cancer, on July 9, as it'll also have a profound impact on methodical Capricorn—which lies directly opposite Cancer on the zodiac wheel. In this case, the moon resides in your seventh house of relationships and alliances, which means it may be time for newness in that realm. "This could manifest as the potential for a new partner or could also just feel like an inspiring moment to recalibrate an existing alliance, so that it better meets your needs," says Gailing. And if you're feeling extra-social, lean into that, too. Heading to a bustling location with a group of friends could be just the thing you need to meet new people who could fill a profound role in your life down the line.


Best day: July 29

Optimistic and expansive Jupiter moves back into your sign as it transits in retrograde, making now a great time to tap into all your manifesting powers and take steps toward pursuing your biggest dreams. "You’re embarking upon a several-month period in which you may find yourself feeling more confident to make your world larger and let yourself shine," says Gailing. Consider big-picture questions, like where you want to go, who you want to be, and what you want to learn when all is said and done, she adds. With the positivity inspired by Jupiter's presence, you could feel practically limitless.


Best day: July 15

Dreamy Neptune, one of your planetary rulers, makes a harmonious trine to the sun, which resides in your ninth house of higher learning and exploration. "Talk about the potential for really feeling like you're in a flow state," says Gailing.  To stick with the metaphor, she suggests following the stream and letting it transport you toward new inlets of inspiration and learning. To be specific, you could find fodder for a new project at work or, perhaps, envision a new creative side gig. And you may also feel encouraged to share your newfound wisdom with others, perhaps by hosting a workshop or volunteering your talents.

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