The Best Thing That Will Happen to You in May, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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If, cosmically, April was a month of dreaming and planning—thanks to a handful of planets transiting in the mystical sign of Pisces—May will be all about action. That’s mostly thanks to Jupiter moving into the sign of fiery Aries on May 10, and in its classically expansive nature, dialing up that high-intensity energy all-around. Paired with a few other celestial transits, this Jupiterian shift will play a role in determining the best day in May, astrologically, for every zodiac sign.

Because Aries is the first sign of the zodiac calendar and a cardinal sign at that, we can expect Jupiter’s shift into the sign to push us not only into action but into initiation, more precisely. That could mean we feel the motivation to rev up or start new projects with a “leap before you look” vigor, says astrologer Stephanie Gailing, author of The Astrological Self-Care Journal.

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All that said, it’s essential to be sure “we’re not just acting for action’s sake, without considering the potential consequences,” says Gailing. That intention will be particularly important to maintain throughout the second half of the month, as Mercury also goes retrograde in Gemini on May 10 (through June 3), and there’s a lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 16; both retrogrades and eclipses are generally known for a wonky vibe and a lack of clarity.

“You could have an ‘I made this happen’ feeling that transforms your life in a practical way.” —Stephanie Gailing, astrologer

Still, equipped with the strong energy of Jupiter in Aries, you can use this time to look for positive revelations. Perhaps Mercury retrograde allows you to “revisit and re-examine old ideas in order to invariably strengthen them,” says Gailing. And at the same time, the lunar eclipse—which also activates taskmaster Saturn—could illuminate something related to your resources, possessions, and money that’s tied to your past actions. “If you’ve been putting in the work, you could reap something beautiful and concrete,” says Gailing. “You could have an ‘I made this happen’ feeling that transforms your life in a practical way.”

Doubling down on that transformative vibe are a few other cosmic transits set to deliver the best day in May, astrologically, for each sign. Below, find Gailing’s forecast for your sign’s best day this month, along with her advice for enjoying it to the fullest.

Below, learn the best day in May, astrologically, for your sign, and how you can expect it to unfold


Best day: May 29

Luck is on your side at the very end of the month, Aries. On this day, your planetary ruler, fiery Mars, meets up with larger-than-life Jupiter in your sign, giving you the power to meaningfully expand your identity. "It's a time for growth and new opportunities, wherever you can find them," says Gailing. In your realm, that means dropping any semblance of a "less is more" mentality—and embracing a "more is more" outlook instead.


Best day: May 28

Everything tends to feel aligned and well for you when your ruling planet of harmonious Venus enters your sign—and that's precisely what happens on this day. Because it's known to be "exalted" in your sign, or able to function at its prime, Venusian themes will be elevated. "Say hello to beauty, to pleasure, and to all those bubbly feelings of wanting to be social," says Gailing. "Schedule some time with close friends to go to an art museum, check out the newest cocktail bar in your neighborhood, or just whittle away the evening, enjoying each other's company."


Best day: May 20

It's (almost) your birthday, Gemini! This day ushers in your season, as the sun shifts into your sign. "With that, you may sense that you're more in your element than usual, or you feel able to more readily portray who you are to the world," says Gailing. "Let yourself be led by your curiosity—which is one of your most stellar GPS systems—and you can expect to find experiences that add more luster to your life."


Best day: May 30

You could feel deeply at peace and connected to your sense of self on this day, Cancer. It brings the new moon in Gemini, which resides in your 12th house of spirituality and inner wisdom, says Gailing, noting the particular effect of this lunation on your psyche, thanks to your rulership by the moon. She suggests scheduling some time alone to practice self care: "Choose activities that allow you to invite quietude and feel like you're on retreat from it all—like a walk in nature, a long and luxurious bath, or just a day lounging on the couch with a good book."


Best day: May 13

Prepare for a career boost, Leo. On this day, your planetary ruler, the sun, meets up with a point in the sky called the north node, which is associated with fate and destiny—and it all happens in your 10th house of work and public reputation. "Look out for signs that point the way forward on your career path," says Gailing. "What you envision may feel like a stretch, and yet, at the same time, it may feel like its pursuit will allow you to live your life in a more meaningful way." In any case, this is a time to "lean in" when it comes to work-related goals.


Best day: May 19

Sure, Mercury may be retrograde on this day, but it also forms a supportive sextile with expansive Jupiter—and given that Mercury is your planetary ruler, that's bound to work in your favor. In particular, this aspect happens while Mercury is in your 10th house of career, meaning you could see smooth collaboration or public recognition for your contributions at work. To help set this in motion, look to the nature of career wins in your past, suggests Gailing. During retrogrades, it's always helpful to look backward for "treasured insights into how to move forward," she adds.


Best day: May 24

You have a clear opportunity to expand your horizons on this day, Libra. As your planetary ruler Venus forms a positive sextile aspect with Saturn, both your seventh house of relationships and ninth house of travel and exploration are activated. That means you could find the people in your life to be a source of motivation or inspiration to stretch beyond your comfort zone, says Gailing: "Some good activities for today include talking with friends about trip ideas, eating at a restaurant you might not normally try, or having a deep-dive conversation on a topic of philosophical nature."


Best day: May 3

Let loose, Scorpio. This is a day for fun and games as Pluto, your planetary ruler, forms a happy trine with Jupiter in your fifth house of creativity and romance. "Hanging out with kids or letting the kid within you out to play will be nourishing and transformative," says Gailing, who also suggests using the energy of the day to approach even the not typically joyful things in your life from a standpoint of play and pleasure.


Best day: May 10

Given your planetary ruler is Jupiter, you won't be surprised to learn that the lucky planet's aforementioned shift into Aries is also the force behind your best day in May, astrologically. "As Jupiter charges into the initiatory sign of Aries, you may find yourself with more energy," says Gailing. "You could feel more confident tapping into your desires and more readily able to marshal your moxie." As for what to do with all that energy? She suggests visiting a favorite place in your community; with Jupiter activating your third house of siblings and your local neighborhood, you could find growth opportunities nearer than you'd think.


Best day: May 24

You could feel positively valued and valuable on this day, Capricorn. That's because your planetary ruler Saturn aligns with value-oriented Venus in a supportive sextile, highlighting your second house of money, resources, and talents. "It's a day to revel in the richness of yourself and that which you share with others," says Gailing. Doing so will not only shift your mindset toward abundance and self-worth, but also "bring you new opportunities, including ones that may yield financial rewards down the road," Gailing adds.


Best day: May 5

Anticipate surprises (of the happy sort), Aquarius. On this day, out-of-the-ordinary Uranus, your planetary ruler, aligns with the sun in your fourth house of home and family. And this conjunction could bring just the kind of innovation-oriented energy you've been craving, perhaps when it comes to matters of reconnecting with family members or sprucing up your space, says Gailing: "Revel in the 'a-ha's' and the surprising solutions that may surface, as well as any changes you undertake as a result."


Best day: May 18

April may have really been your month, with so many planets lining up in your sign—but all that Piscean energy is not lost in May. On this day, your planetary ruler, mystical Neptune, meets up with intense and energetic Mars in Pisces, pushing you toward action and progress. "You could feel ready to be in movement and pursue something that's held your interest for some time now," says Gailing. "Where this energy takes you and what you learn will help redefine how you move through the world and how other people perceive you."

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