The Best Thing That Will Happen to You in November, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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November is a bit dramatic in its own right: It's the opening act for the big show that is the holiday season. This year, however, the universe is bringing its fair share of drama, too, with a lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 19 kicking off the final eclipse season of the year. Known as celestial wild cards, eclipses bring surprise, change, and newness—and because "they cast a hue for weeks before and after their occurrence, the whole of the month could feel eclipse-y," says astrologer Stephanie Gailing, author of The Complete Guide to Astrological Self-Care. Paired with a handful of other celestial transits, this upcoming eclipse will play a part in determining the best day in November, astrologically, for each zodiac sign.

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As an astronomical refresher, a lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth moves directly between the sun and the moon in its orbit, casting its shadow on a full moon, which appears reddish-orange as a result. This essentially obscures or eclipses the moon, which can translate astrologically to things seeming similarly obscured or unclear in our lives, says Gailing: "Changes are happening and new ground is being broken, but while you may certainly feel this, you might not have all the details quite yet."

"Changes are happening and new ground is being broken, but while you may certainly feel this, you might not have all the details quite yet." —astrologer Stephanie Gailing

Rest assured, however, that the shifts prompted by eclipses are designed to propel you forward in the direction that you ultimately need to go. Given this particular lunar eclipse will happen along the Taurus-Scorpio axis (with the moon in Taurus and the sun in Scorpio), we can expect to feel these ripples of change most definitively within the realms of resources and money, as well as sensuality and sexuality, says Gailing.

With these collective themes in mind, read on for Gailing's forecast for the best day in November, astrologically speaking, for your sign, plus how you might make the most of it.

Below, learn the best day in November, astrologically, for your zodiac sign, and just how it could manifest:


Best day: November 10

Expect to really find your voice on this day, Aries. Your planetary ruler, Mars, conjoins communication-oriented Mercury in your eighth house of shared resources, creating a potent platform for you to open up. "Don't be surprised if you're more apt to connect to your feelings regarding intimacy and what it is that makes you feel vulnerable," says Gailing. Because both planets also form a powerful square with taskmaster Saturn, however, Gailing suggests taking a slow, methodical approach to this communication.


Best day: November 19

You won't be surprised to learn that the above lunar eclipse in your sign will be your biggest moment of the month, Taurus. When it occurs, the sun will be in your seventh house of partnerships, putting a strong target on any relationships that could use a boost: "You may find yourself open to large-scale understandings when it comes to a partnership, whether personal or professional," says Gailing. "Something significant may come to light that feels like it's about to move that relationship into its next chapter."


Best day: November 28

As with Taurus, a relationship or two of yours may be poised for a lift this month, Gemini. On this day, your planetary ruler, messenger Mercury, conjoins the sun in your seventh house of partnerships. And because you thrive on sociability, you're going to feel quite energized as a result. "Shower others—whether your friend, partner, colleague, or client—with attention, communicating how special they are to you," says Gailing. "Not only will that make them feel great, but it will also add to the juiciness of your day."


Best day: November 4

Anticipate a heart-centered day, Cancer. November 4 brings the new moon, which always holds more sway over your emotions than that of other signs, given the moon is your planetary ruler. In this case, it's happening in your fifth house of love and romance, both of which you could find yourself seeking, says Gailing. Because Uranus shifts into Taurus, directly opposite the moon in Scorpio, you could also feel taken by creativity and inventiveness. "Coloring outside the lines could bring you great delight," says Gailing.


Best day: November 16

The energy and inspiration you've been craving to complete that big project may be on the horizon, Leo. Your planetary ruler, the sun, shifts into a supportive sextile with intense Pluto, which rules over the deeply psychological and the subconscious. Because the sun is currently in your fourth house of home and family, that undertaking could come in the form of a big home re-organization or, perhaps, a research project into your ancestral roots, or something else entirely; in any case, it'll prove transformative, says Gailing.


Best day: November 18

Intuition comes easily for you today, Virgo. You'll be able to shake off your usual conventions in favor of a more go-with-the-flow outlook, as your planetary ruler, Mercury, makes a harmonious trine to dreamy Neptune. Whether you decide to socialize—which is supported by Neptune moving into your seventh house of partnerships—or spend time solo, you'll feel a sense of peace and comfort within your own skin.


Best day: November 6

It's a beautiful day for you to nest at home, Libra. Your planetary ruler, pleasure-oriented Venus, is in your fourth house of home and family, and forms a supportive sextile with Mercury, which resides in your second house of skills and resources. As a result, you could feel inspired to do something at which you're skilled or wish to become skilled—whether it's designing a new home accessory, arranging a bouquet of flowers, or cooking for an impromptu dinner party.


Best day: November 4

As with Cancer, the new moon holds particular sway over you this month—in this case, because it's in your sign. And with new moons typically comes newness: You could feel like shaking up some part of yourself, perhaps even one that others might see as very "you." That could mean buying new clothes, chopping off (or getting extensions for) your hair, or even just portraying yourself differently on social media. Whatever you choose, it'll feel like a powerful refresh.


Best day: November 21

Say hello to your season, Sagittarius. The sun moves into your sign on this day, and with it, you get into your groove. "Use that extra dose of energy you feel to go on an adventure," suggests Gailing: "Explore a new neighborhood, hit up the hotspot you've been wanting to try, or start planning a big getaway." In general, with your birthday on the horizon, the cosmic energy is aligned in your favor.


Best day: November 5

You feel empowered to invest in yourself, Capricorn. The love and pleasure planet of Venus moves into your sign on this day, and will stay there for a while—almost four months (first, moving forward through it, and then backward in retrograde). As a result, you may feel an urge to declare your value and the values that you stand for, says Gailing. And that makes it a good day to lean into any activity that really resonates, whether that's heading to a museum, hanging out with family, or becoming involved in a local community program that speaks to your heart.


Best day: November 10

Expect some tough love from the cosmos on this day, Aquarius. The moon unites with your regimented planetary ruler, Saturn, in your sign, and forms a tense aspect with Mercury and Mars, both of which reside in your tenth house of career. As a result, you could brush up against authority in the workplace—but, it's important to remember that positive growth often requires growing pains. You could learn a great deal about yourself in the process, and develop a renewed sense of agency, adds Gailing. "Taking stock of your aspirations on this day could also help inform how you might proceed along your career path," she says.


Best day: November 12

The possibilities within your reach may feel practically limitless on this day, Pisces. Your planetary ruler, mystical Neptune, is not only in your sign, but it also forms a harmonious trine to the sun, which resides in your ninth house of philosophy, travel, and goals. As such, your naturally poetic and soulful self may feel even more enlivened, says Gailing: "Let yourself wander, exploring any area or subject matter that you know how the power to expand your horizons."

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