The Best Thing That Will Happen to You in October, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Cosmically, October is set to deliver an energetic rush, or in the words of astrologer and author of The Complete Guide to Astrological Self-Care Stephanie Gailing, a strong sense of "let's go." That's because in this month alone, four planets—Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury—all station direct, shifting the celestial ethos away from the slow-moving retrograde vibe that's characterized much of the past year and toward forward motion. Paired with other planetary transits, these shifts will hold major sway over the best day in October, astrologically, for each of the zodiac signs.

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Perhaps the most potent of these shifts across the cosmos arrives on October 18, when Mercury (the planet of communication and transportation) and Jupiter (the planet of faith and optimism) each end their respective retrograde journeys and station direct. "Days before and after a planet appears to change directions like this, its archetypes feel loud in the collective," says Gailing. And in this case, that effect is magnified even further by Jupiter's naturally expansive energy.

"We may find ourselves experiencing breakthroughs, seeing more possibilities, and understanding things at a higher level." —Stephanie Gailing, astrologer

As such, you can expect to feel Mercury-esque themes of information and communication rising to the forefront with clear directives this October. "This energy can be productive and exciting," says Gailing. "We may find ourselves experiencing breakthroughs, seeing more possibilities, and understanding things at a higher level." But of course, that requires harnessing this actionable energy with care, she cautions, so as not to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of communicative momentum.

With that in mind, read on for Gailing's forecast for the best day in October, astrologically speaking, for your sign, plus her star-sanctioned insights on how to make the most of it.

Below, learn the best day in October, astrologically, for your zodiac sign, and what the cosmos may bring:


Best day: October 8

A new level of emotional connection is on the horizon for you, Aries. Your planetary ruler, Mars, conjoins the sun in your seventh house of partnerships, dialing up the importance and impact of one or multiple close relationships in your life. "You could find yourself especially energized by spending time with another," says Gailing. In other words, a successful date night—or friend-group outing—is in the stars for you.


Best day: October 28

You'll be all-systems-go when it comes to your work, Taurus. That's because, on this day, your ruling planet of Venus makes a harmonious sextile to the expansive planet of Jupiter, which resides in your 10th house of career. "If there's a collaborative project you've been interested in pursuing at work, look into it further to see how to proceed," says Gailing. "Alternatively, one that's been underway may bear fruit." Either way, you'll be in your groove and on top of your stuff.


Best day: October 9

A whole bunch of planets will conspire to make this day intellectually electric for you, Gemini. To get specific, the sun, Mercury, and Mars all move into your fifth house of pleasure and creative energy. "Not only could you find yourself thinking at a really quick clip, but you could also feel an urge to dive into a creative project or summon an audience for a project that's in progress," says Gailing.


Best day: October 6

Make way for some big moon energy on this day, Cancer: The new moon in Libra—which occurs in your fourth house of home and family—has a major ripple effect on your emotions, as the moon is your planetary ruler. As a result, you'll be inspired to spend a self-care-infused day at home, perhaps adding soft or sensory accents to your space in order to dial up the cozy factor, says Gailing. Separately, in the realm of family dynamics, you could find that acknowledging how you honestly feel about a relationship could catalyze a fresh start, she adds.


Best day: October 15

Positive-vibes Jupiter graces you today with its buoyancy, Leo. Celestially, it makes a harmonious trine to your planetary ruler, the sun, while residing in your seventh house of partnerships. This cosmic shift could ignite a desire to learn more and expand your world, says Gailing. "While other people are surely not the only route to growing your knowledge base, you may want to share an educational experience with someone today rather than doing it on your own," she says. "It'll be that much more enriching."


Best day: October 9

The same planetary pile-up that sparked intellectual energy for Gemini—the sun conjoining Mercury, and Mercury conjoining Mars—figures big in your cosmic forecast, too, Virgo. (Astrologically, that's because both Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury.) For you, however, all these planets are driving major money moves, as they all shift into your second house of finances. "You may discover ideas for how to enhance your financial status, and you could also be more likely to make a big splurge," says Gailing. Just be sure it's something you really want (you'll know) before you charge ahead.


Best day: October 6

Newness is in star-sanctioned order for you, Libra. The new moon on this day is in your sign—that is, your first house of identity and self-image—making its power that much more potent. "You might feel the drive to change things up in terms of the image you project," says Gailing, "which could mean buying a new outfit, dying your hair, or just changing your social-media avatar." The switch will likely leave you satisfied, though Gailing suggests proceeding with a bit of caution when it comes to anything permanent, as Mercury is still retrograde in your sign until October 18.


Best day: October 30

Inner power and strength is yours to grasp on this day, Scorpio. Your planetary ruler, fierce Mars, moves into your sign, where it will reside through December 13, and where it's also most at ease and at home. As such, you'll feel incredibly tapped in and turned on—perhaps even capable of moving proverbial mountains, says Gailing. She suggests riding the wave of this in-charge energy by writing down any aims or goals that bubble to the surface, in order to have a place to direct your will over the next month-plus.


Best day: October 18

Remember all that active, forward-moving energy linked to Jupiter stationing direct? Well, Sag, you're the sign destined to feel it the most, given your planetary ruler is none other than expansive Jupiter itself. When it goes direct, it'll be in your third house of education, neighborhood, and siblings, lending a boost to these realms in your life. To that end, you could find a new way to connect with a family member, uncover something new to learn, or happen upon a hidden gem in your area, says Gailing.


Best day: October 10

You stand to directly benefit from taskmaster Saturn, your planetary ruler, stationing direct this month. Specifically, it goes direct in your second house of resources, which could make for some auspicious richness. Perhaps an element of your recent frugality will pay off (quite literally), or you may simply encounter that rich feeling of empowerment that comes from working hard on your personal budget, says Gailing. Either way, something is due to come to fruition, money-wise.


Best day: October 10

You can expect Saturn stationing direct on this day to have a visceral impact on you, Aquarius. While Uranus is regarded as your modern-day planetary ruler, Saturn is your ancient ruler, and with its current location in Aquarius, you're destined to feel the forward momentum in a big way. "This is something you may have been waiting for throughout recent months," says Gailing. "You've been working hard to further understand what you're about—and what you want your life to be about—and clarity feels like it's arriving."


Best day: October 18

A greater sense of spiritual awareness could manifest on this day for you, mystical Pisces. While Neptune is considered your modern-day planetary ruler, faith-oriented Jupiter is your ancient ruler—and, in turn, Jupiter's direct stationing on this day is bound to have a profound effect on you, too. Because it resides in your 12th house of inner wisdom and ancestral ties, its forward movement could shift you toward a more trusting, positive relationship with yourself, says Gailing. It's a good day to spend some quiet time alone, reflecting or doing any activity that feels particularly soul-nourishing.

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