The Best Thing That Will Happen to You in September, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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While the refresh-and-reset vibe of fall is almost upon us, the stars might just signal another reason to slow down and get your affairs in order this month: Mercury stations retrograde on September 27 (and remains in its apparent backspin until October 18). But despite its reputation for creating chaos, this upcoming Mercury retrograde isn't necessarily one to fear, but rather to lean into, says astrologer Stephanie Gailing, author of The Complete Guide to Astrological Self-Care. "It's a time when we can see the riches inherent in the power of pause," she says. Alongside other transits on the cosmic forecast, in fact, it'll play a role in determining the best day in September astrologically for many of the zodiac signs.

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In the few days leading up to the Mercury retrograde during the last week of September—a time cheekily called retroshade by astrologers, when things may feel off-kilter—it's worth re-investigating elements of your life from different angles, says Gailing, just as Mercury will be angled differently in our line of sight. "Revisiting old sources of information and turning back to discover skipped steps can bring you greater understanding," she says.

To get equipped for this time of re-discovery, however, you might consider the bright spots to be illuminated by a few more auspicious transits throughout the month. (That is, because Mercury's retrograde journey is far from the only happening on the celestial map for September.) Read on for the details on how these cosmic shifts will lay the groundwork for each zodiac sign's best day of the month.

Below, learn the best day in September astrologically for your zodiac sign, plus how to enjoy it to the fullest:


Best day: September 14

You could find yourself on the lookout for your other half on this day—or perhaps re-energized to deepen the connection with the significant other to whom you're already devoted. Either way, a vibrant energy bubbles up surrounding partnerships on this day, as your planetary ruler, Mars, shifts into Libra and your seventh house of relationships and alliances. "Sparks could seem like they're flying," says Gailing. "If you opt for a date night, channel your fiery energy into something active, like roller-skating or walking, or even an artistic craft like pottery that involves heat."


Best day: September 10

A deep, emotional kind of love is in the air for you, Taurus. On this day, you'll be drawn to spend heart-centered time with a best friend or significant other, as your planetary ruler Venus moves into your seventh house of relationships and partnerships. With this shift, however, Venus also moves into Scorpio, adding a sense of depth and intuition to the vibe of the day. "You'll want to make sure that whatever time you spend with a loved one isn't just fun, but has meaning, too," says Gailing. Do something that lets you dive below the surface, she suggests, like seeing a thought-provoking documentary or reading tarot cards together.


Best day: September 20

In the relative calm before the retroshade, Mercury, your planetary ruler, makes a harmonious trine with Jupiter, channeling a sweeping expansion to your horizons. While Mercury will be in your fifth house of creativity and self-expression, Jupiter will be in your ninth house of goals and travel—and the combination surfaces a wealth of opportunities for growth. You could gain clarity about how to bring more love and light into your life (and Gailing suggests translating that optimism into a vision board) or, if you're traveling, you could feel inspired to embrace new-to-you art or performance.


Best day: September 6

Early in the month comes the new moon in Virgo, during which you'll feel the biggest ripple effect thanks to your rulership by the moon. "You could be filled with a sense of greater vitality and zest for life," says Gailing, adding that the moon's location in Cancer's third house of community could re-focus your interests on reconnecting with a sibling or co-worker, too. In general, however, novelty is on the horizon this day: "Browse the shelves of a local bookstore for new reads or take a class to feed your interest in picking up something new," says Gailing.


Best day: September 29

Mercury may be retrograde by this date, but at the same time, there's a more powerful force for good stirring in the cosmos for you, Leo. The sun, your planetary ruler, makes a harmonious trine to routine-oriented Saturn, inspiring you to invest some elbow grease for a worthy return. In particular, that effort could go far in the realms of your family and neighbors, as the sun is in your third house of local community, while Saturn is in your seventh house of partnerships and alliances. To that end, it's a good day to level up your relationship with either siblings or neighbors via a nice gesture: Pick up the phone, send flowers, or leave home-baked goods at their doorstep, and you'll be rewarded in due time.


Best day: September 6

This month's new moon occurs in your sign, placing it squarely in your first house of self-image and persona. As such, you'll be destined for newness on this day, perhaps even in terms of your appearance. You could be inspired to buy that new outfit you've been coveting, get that bang trim, or even apply a temporary or real tattoo to show yourself and the world more of who you truly are, says Gailing.


Best day: September 22

Naturally, the start of Libra season brings your most fortuitous day of the month, in a big way. When the sun enters Libra, which also marks the autumnal equinox, you may find that you want to radiate more of yourself to the world and take up more space than usual, says Gailing: "Your inherent sense of justice, penchant for social experiences, and love of beauty may all feel magnified on this day." To embrace that feeling to the fullest, you might even organize an equinox celebration with friends, during which you could all swap big ideas for making the world a more equitable place in the coming year, suggests Gailing.


Best day: September 10

A glorious cosmic shift has you feeling yourself today: Venus moves into your sign of Scorpio, bringing its high-pleasure, high-beauty energy right into your sphere. "Even if you haven't changed anything lately about your appearance, people will take more note of you today," says Gailing. "You're radiating an extra sense of beauty and mystique that has people feeling a greater affinity toward you." Tap into this magnetism by grabbing friends for a night out or serving up confidence on a first date.


Best day: September 6

Expansive Jupiter, your planetary ruler, shifts into a harmonious trine with love- and beauty-oriented Venus on this day, placing either the desire or the real possibility of a romantic relationship more squarely in your view. Separately, you might also feel pulled to gather friends and rally around a cause you believe deeply in, adds Gailing, as Jupiter resides in your third house of education and neighborhood, while Venus is in your eleventh house of companionship and humanity at large.


Best day: September 4

Money may be on your mind on this day, Capricorn. And not just in the sense of your usual pride for your work, but more broadly, in terms of how you're being valued. Your planetary ruler, taskmaster Saturn, makes a harmonious trine with Mercury, with the former in your second house of finances and resources and the latter in your 10th house of career and reputation. You could gain key insights into whether there might be an opportunity to do more of what you love to a higher return. Journaling or talking it out with a friend could help you uncover just what that opportunity may be, says Gailing.


Best day: September 4

The same cosmic transit as above—Saturn making a harmonious trine to Mercury—affects you differently than Cap, but to similarly positive effect. With Saturn in Aquarius (that is, your first house of self-image and persona) and Mercury in your ninth house of goals and expansion, this trine positions you well to adopt a bigger, more imaginative worldview. "Don't be surprised if this day has you thinking about your life in a different way, as you gain new perspective about how you move through the world," says Gailing. As such, consider it a time to learn something new: Go to a museum, watch a travel show, pick up a book on philosophy, or dive into anything new to you in order to embrace your open mindset.


Best day: September 20

A realization or revelation is in the stars on this day, Pisces, with regards to what did or didn't work in a previous relationship. That's all thanks to the full moon—known to manifest brushed-over insights from the past—in your sign on this day, set against the backdrop of a Virgo sun in your seventh house of partnerships. As such, it may be a great day to spend time with someone important to you, with a sharp eye for what makes you both tick and how you might bolster your connection.

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