Here’s the Best Day of 2023 for Your Zodiac Sign, According to an Astrologer

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From a zoomed-out perspective, the only real constant in the 2023 astrological forecast is change: Several generational planets—planets with influence over our collective consciousness—will move into new signs this year, including Pluto into Aquarius, Saturn into Pisces, and Jupiter into Taurus. While that might sound chaotic, there’s certainly room for some chaotic good to come out of it. Indeed, the shakeup creates ample opportunities for lucky alignments, which underscore the best day of the year for folks of every zodiac sign.

According to astrologer Maria Sofia Marmanides, author of The Oracle Card Journal, we can expect “the vibes to shift, cycles to end, and new chapters to begin as the moving planets initiate new lessons for us to learn.” While these changes will affect every zodiac sign differently, some more positively or powerfully than others (we’re looking at you, Aries and Taurus), each sign stands to benefit at one point or another this year.

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And even in the periods when things may feel more hectic, it’s important to remember that growth and progress comes from the changes. “It’s what makes life interesting,” says Marmanides, “and after the difficulties and challenges of the last several years, we should look forward to something new.” Below, she shares what she predicts will be the best day of the year for every zodiac sign, based on the nature and timing of various auspicious planetary aspects.

Read on to learn the best day of the year for your zodiac sign


Best day: April 11

Chances are, you’ll have lots of best days in the first part of this year, as beneficent Jupiter is smiling down upon your sign, Aries. But on April 11, the sun also aligns with the expansive planet at nearly the same degree of Aries, which is “a harbinger of luck, good fortune, and serendipitous occurrences or kismet meetings,” says Marmanides.

To make the most of it, she suggests launching something new—for example, signing a contract, incorporating a business, or getting a marriage license. (Keep in mind that, zero planets will be retrograde on this day, too.) “Any ventures started on this day have great initiating energy and tons of auspicious vibes,” she says.


Best day: May 17

You’ve likely had a rough go of it these past couple years with the eclipses rocking your sign, Taurus. But on May 17, the tides will turn as lucky Jupiter enters your sign, heralding a period of “extra blessings, unexpected gifts, and cosmic rewards,” says Marmanides. This is essentially the cosmos choosing you as its favored sign for the time being (through mid-2024), which Marmanides says is cause for major celebration. “With the eclipses moving out [and Jupiter moving in], you can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy some hard-earned rewards,” she says.


Best day: June 16

Near the end of your season, you could get a dose of good luck when the moon meets up with communicative Mercury (aka your planetary ruler) in your sign, Gemini. “This could have you on the receiving end of some delightful news, a sweet message, or hot gossip,” says Marmanides.

The Mercurial vibes are extra strong on this day, meaning communication, information, and transportation work in your favor. “If you’re hoping to make a big announcement, this is the day to do it,” says Marmanides. And to get more specific, it's very possible that the news you share or receive today will level up your love life: The moon and Mercury also form a supportive aspect with Venus, planet of love, “giving you even more reason to attract love, luck, and positive news,” she says.


Best day: May 8

As the caretaker of the zodiac, you thrive when the people around you can feel your love. But on this day, you’re going to get some of that loving energy coming right back atcha. Venus, planet of love and beauty, enters your sign, “gifting you with her lush and lovely presence and possibly even literal presents,” says Marmanides. “Wherever Venus goes, blessings tend to follow, so you can expect extra doses of love, friendship, peacemaking, harmony, and beauty.”

To embrace this energy, plan to have a conversation or do an activity with a person with whom your relationship may be strained. The day presents a rich opportunity for compassion and for healing rifts and ruptures, adds Marmanides.


Best day: August 16

You may not be surprised to learn that your best day of the year comes in your season, Leo. After all, Leos always shine the brightest during the sun’s annual jaunt through their sign, according to Marmanides. But on August 16, you get additional cosmic support for things to go your way: The new moon in Leo arrives on this day, granting you some extra magic. “Any wishes made this day or intentions set are extra luminous, so you’d be wise to plan ahead and make your wish list really count,” says Marmanides.


Best day: September 6

While it’s true that Mercury, your planetary ruler, is retrograde in your sign on September 6, it also forms a particularly lucky planetary aspect: It aligns with the sun in a perfect conjunction, creating a configuration known as cazimi. Though the typical Mercury-retrograde mishaps may be ensuing around this time, on this day, you could experience a sense of clarity and direction for where you'd like to go when the retrograde ends. “For you, wishes made on this day have a greater chance of harmonizing and coming true,” says Marmanides.


Best day: March 1

Ruled by aesthetic Venus, you can really appreciate life’s luxuries, Libra. And on March 1, you’ll be happy to learn that the vibe is luxurious to the max. On this day, Venus meets up with abundant Jupiter, which is known to expand whatever it touches, granting this day a powerful energy of “over-the-top extravagance,” says Marmanides. “Venus and Jupiter are considered the two luckiest planets in astrology, so any meetup between them is only a good thing,” she says. And to you, no amount of a good thing is ever too much, she adds.


Best day: October 12

Expect to be energized toward action on this day, Scorpio. Your high-intensity traditional ruler, Mars, enters your sign on October 12, granting you the “drive to stick to whatever you set your mind to,” says Marmanides. In turn, this is an excellent day to start something new—like a new routine, workout, or any other physical or mental activity, she suggests. As Mars also forms a supportive trine with disciplinarian Saturn, you’ll be extra-motivated to see this activity through and reap all its potential benefits.


Best day: November 25

The weekend following Thanksgiving could be positively blissful for you this year, Sagittarius. And it’s not just because your season will be in full swing; on November 25, Jupiter, your fortuitous planetary ruler, meets up with the moon, making it an ideal day to lean into what you want for yourself, says Marmanides. At the same time, the sun in your sign will form a supportive aspect with powerful Pluto, giving you a certain “it” factor, she adds. “This extra oomph will make your natural charm that much more noticeable to those around you.”


Best day: February 15

As the diligent disciplinarian of the zodiac, you thrive amid public recognition for your talent and work ethic, Capricorn. And that’s exactly what you can expect from this day, which is essentially the cosmic equivalent of hard work meeting the spotlight: Your planetary ruler, taskmaster Saturn, forms a positive aspect with the sun. “This could be a time where you assume a higher status, get a promotion, or take on some other kind of increased responsibility,” says Marmanides. “In any case, expect karmic rewards to be doled out on this day for all your hard work.”


Best day: March 23

With Saturn ending its multi-year tenure in your sign in early March (freeing you from its tough-love vibes), you’re given a new opportunity to level up on March 23, when transformative Pluto begins its own decade-long transit in Aquarius. “The reverberations of Pluto’s movement will be intense for every sign, but none more than Aquarius,” says Marmanides. “You should take note of anything that occurs on this day, as it’s the start of a major evolution,” she says. Something fortuitous or fated could very well kick off this next chapter in your cosmic journey.


Best day: February 14

The lovey-dovey vibes this Valentine’s Day are on point for you, Pisces. As an emotions-driven water sign, you’re naturally prone to romance, but on this day, your planetary ruler, dreamy Neptune, meets up with love planet Venus in conjunction, dialing up the romantic energy. “This is a great day to fire up a dating app or plan a night out, if you’re eager to meet someone special, or if you’re happily single, to embrace self-love and appreciation by taking a bath or buying yourself flowers,” says Marmanides. And if you’re in a partnership, consider planning an extra-special date night to “feel the magic of this auspicious moment,” she says.

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