Here’s the Best Day of 2024 for Your Zodiac Sign, According to an Astrologer

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From a zoomed-out perspective, the only real constant in the 2024 astrological forecast is change. Certain generational planets—outer planets with influence over our collective consciousness—will move into new signs this year, including the re-entrance of Pluto into Aquarius (after last fall's Pluto retrograde) and Jupiter into Gemini. While that might sound chaotic, there’s certainly room for some chaotic good to come out of it. Indeed, the shakeup creates ample opportunities for lucky alignments, which underscore the best day of the year for folks of every zodiac sign.

According to astrologer Maria Sofia Marmanides, author of The Oracle Card Journal, we can expect “the vibes to shift, cycles to end, and new chapters to begin as the moving planets initiate new lessons for us to learn.” While these changes will affect every zodiac sign differently, some more positively or powerfully than others, each sign stands to benefit at one point or another this year.

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Even in the periods when things may feel more hectic, it’s important to remember that growth and progress comes from these changes. “It’s what makes life interesting,” says Marmanides, “and after the difficulties and challenges of the last several years, we should look forward to something new.”

Below, she shares what she predicts will be the best day of the year for every zodiac sign, based on the nature and timing of various auspicious planetary aspects. (And you can expect to feel the good-luck vibes for both your sun sign and your rising sign, so it's worth your while to read for both.)

Read on to learn the best day of the year for your zodiac sign in 2024


The symbol for the aries zodiac sign, which resembles a ram.

Best day: August 14

Perk up, Aries! Despite the sleepy dog days of summer, you’ll experience a burst of energy when action-oriented Mars, your sign’s planetary ruler, meets up with Jupiter on August 14. This planetary combo marries the passion of Mars with the luck and confidence of Jupiter. In other words, this’ll be a great day to just go for it—whatever "it" means to you.

“Plan a trip, launch a business, or otherwise do something exciting,” says Marmanides. “You’ve got the cosmic wind at your back.”


Best day: May 22

Jupiter and Venus—which rule over the realms of abundance and love, respectively—are considered two of the luckiest planets, astrologically speaking. Whenever they meet up with each other, joy and revelry is sure to follow. For you, Taurus, this fortunate union occurs in your sign on May 22, making this your best day of 2024.

“You can expect some kind of cosmic blessing to befall you that day: a compliment from a stranger, a bonus payout, a career promotion, or a generous offer or proposal,” says Marmanides. “Plan accordingly!”


Best day: June 4

With Jupiter entering your sign on May 25 (during your season, no less), spring is shaping up to be a stellar time for you, Gemini. But if there’s one day in particular you should look out for, it’s June 4.

It’s on this day that Mercury—your planetary ruler—will also enter Gemini. With the sun, Mercury, and Jupiter all in Gemini at the same time, you’ll be feeling on top of the world.

“The stars are shining their cosmic light on you, so expect some extra positive attention and affection to come your way on this day,” says Marmanides. “Your powers of persuasion are at an all-time high, so make the most of it.”


Best day: June 17

Don’t be shy—let a little love in your heart, Cancer! On June 17, Venus (the planet of love, beauty, friendship, and harmony) will enter your sign. Partake in acts of self-love, and look out for expressions of compassion and warmth that may be extended to you on this day.

“This is a great day to feel the love from family and friends by planning a special dinner or outing, receiving or exchanging gifts, or even taking a trip to the salon or spa for a day of beautification,” says Marmanides. “Treat yourself on this day, Cancer.”


Best day: August 4

It’s no secret that you especially thrive during your zodiac season, Leo, when the sun (your planetary ruler) is shining in your sign. But on August 4, a new moon in Leo will amplify that buzzy, feel-good birthday energy even more.

“This new moon is particularly special because it is sextile Mars and Jupiter, meaning there will be extra initiating energy to any new plans that Leo wants to get off the ground, plus some extra Jupiterian luck behind it,” explains Marmanides.

As such, August 4 will be a great day for a launch of some kind, whether it’s a career advancement, a new business venture, a new partnership, or even a new look, says Marmanides. On this day, the world is your oyster.


Best day: September 24

As the perfectionist of the zodiac, you likely prefer to make your own luck rather than wait for it to make an appearance, Virgo. But regardless of whether you believe in it, you’ll get an extra dose of good fortune from the stars come September 24, when a grand Earth trine forms in the sky, activating your planetary ruler Mercury.

“At this point in the year, Mercury will be out of its retrograde shadow and harmonizing with powerful Pluto and innovative Uranus, where some Virgos could be the recipients of some big, unexpected, but likely welcome news, or on the receiving end of a cash payout or bonus,” says Marmanides.


Best day: June 3

Thanks to a series of eclipses happening in your sign throughout 2024—including a lunar eclipse on March 25 and a solar eclipse on October 2—you’ll likely feel main character energy all year long, Libra. However, there's a good chance you'll be feeling like the best version of yourself come June 3.

It’s on this day that your planetary ruler Venus will meet up with the sun in an ultra-powerful astrological transit called a cazimi. With the sun shining upon it, love-planet Venus will become supercharged with solar energy.

“If things have been hard or challenging up to this moment, think of this day like your cosmic gift and watch for something special to happen, like either an external beneficial event or an internal positive mindset shift,” says Marmanides.


Best day: April 20

On April 20, lucky Jupiter will meet up with Uranus, the planet of bold and fresh inspiration. According to Marmanides, this rare planetary conjunction in Taurus spells extra success in the relationship department for you, Scorpio, as it occurs in your seventh astrological house of partnerships.

“If your love life has felt a bit in the doldrums, this transit is like a lightning bolt of love, luck, and new energy,” says Marmanides. If you're single, you might encounter someone totally new and unexpected, whereas if you're coupled up, you can use this energy to revitalize your current romantic relationship.


Best day: May 18

Feeling lucky? Try to hold onto your bets until spring, Sagittarius. Come May 18, you’ll be glad you did. This is when your planetary ruler Jupiter will form a conjunction with the sun, setting the stage for one of the luckiest days of the year for you.

“The energy of this day is special, with a lottery-winning kind of feel, [adding] a Midas touch to anything you say or do,” says Marmanides. “If you have a special favor to ask someone, this is the day to do it, as people will be swayed by your charm much more easily.”


Best day: July 11

For you, this year is about shaking things up in the name of personal growth, Capricorn. On July 11, your planetary ruler Saturn will assist you in this effort thanks to a beneficial aspect from the sun, says Marmanides. Saddled between *two* full moons in Capricorn (on June 21 and July 21), this day offers support and a welcome reprieve from the heightened emotions you may encounter during these lunations.

“The sun and Saturn can sometimes work at cross-purposes, but on July 11, there is more ease and harmony between what you believe you deserve (the sun) and what you’re willing to do to get or receive it (Saturn),” explains Marmanides. This day may present a boost of cosmic confidence, so watch out for good news or a positive mindset shift.


Best day: January 21

Is good fortune rooted in destiny? Or is just the result of a bunch of happy coincidences? After a serendipitous astrological transit on January 21, you’ll likely believe in the former, Aquarius.

Just after the sun enters your sign and kicks off your zodiacal season, an era-defining re-entrance of Pluto into Aquarius will take place on this day. Talk about timing—and kismet occurrences.

“This is a great day to watch for signs from the universe that you’re on the right path, or to do something as simple as making a wish,” says Marmanides. “A major transformation could start right now—one that sets you down a new and exciting path.”


Best day: May 22

With tough-love Saturn continuing to travel through your sign in 2024, self-healing and introspection will be front and center for you, Pisces. Come May 22, your traditional planetary ruler Jupiter will form an easy-flowing trine with powerful Pluto *and* a positive sextile with dreamy Neptune, your modern-day ruler. These aspects can inspire creativity regarding any and every element of your life, providing further insight into the inner work you’ve done so far.

“Your imaginative powers will be at an all-time high, so prepare for cosmic downloads that may give you a clearer idea of where you should focus your energy, or even a literal gift to arrive that brightens your days,” says Marmanides.

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