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In the realm of astrology, celestial transits can play a role in everything from how we communicate to how we travel and even when we have our best days. Within that sphere of influence also falls dating and compatibility, and while several elements of a person’s chart (like their Venus sign or the sign of their seventh house) can make them more or less likely to get along with someone else, certain celestial shifts also help set the scene, so to speak, for romantic connection. And we can expect several of those transits to hold sway over the best days for love and dating this fall based on astrology.

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  • Breane Trotte, Breane Trotte is the resident astrologer for the astrology-based dating app Stars Align. She is also a numerologist, writer, and a kundalini and vinyasa yoga instructor, as well as the editor in chief of The Mystic News. Her work has...
  • Maria Sofia Marmanides, astrologer, tarot reader, and intuitive

You can think of these auspicious dates as days when the stars and planets seem to sanction love—or when the vibe just feels primed for a romantic spark, a deepened emotional experience, or a positive relationship breakthrough. Below, astrologers share the cosmic happenings that shape this dating forecast for the coming months, and offer tips for making the most of each uplifting day.

Here are the best days for dating and romantic connection this fall, based on astrology:

September 5

The vibe is balanced and harmonious this Labor Day weekend, as the love-oriented planet of Venus is in Libra, which is its home sign and where it’s most comfortable, says astrologer Maria Sofia Marmanides. To that end, the energy swirling around romance is just that much more prominent. “On this day, Venus is also conjunct with Spica, which is one of the luckiest fixed stars in the sky,” says Marmanides.

You could feel more loved and supported by your partner or friends than usual, and perhaps you'll even feel drawn to demonstrate that love with a thoughtful gift. “This day is a great reminder that when there is equal give-and-take in a relationship, everyone prospers,” says Marmanides.

September 6

On Labor Day, Jupiter in Aquarius shifts into a positive trine to Venus, which remains in its happy place of Libra. “The expansive energy of Jupiter just enhances anything it’s around,” says Breane Trotte, resident astrologer for the astrology-based dating app Stars Align. As such, the energy of love and connection is hot for a party, so to speak, says Trotte: You’re destined to feel more radiant in a crowd and more likely to seek out new connections amid a group on this day.

September 26

“I’m calling this the ultimate Sunday fun day,” says Trotte, referencing the free-flowing energy of the day's grand trine: The sun, the moon, and Saturn are all in air signs on this day, with the sun in Libra, the moon in Gemini, and Saturn in Aquarius. “This is a trine of protection and grace, and many astrologers believe it provides good past-life karma,” says Trotte.

As for the dating forecast? You can expect a “beautiful sense of connectivity,” says Trotte. “You may feel the desire to reach out in search of love, and you’ll certainly want to be out and about on this day.” In a more general sense, the sun and the moon also reflect outer and inner life, so you’re going to feel this sense of balance between your emotional life and your personality, too, adds Trotte—all of which is supported by the stable, mature energy of Saturn.

September 30

If you have a romantic partner, consider this day star-sanctioned for deepening your sense of emotional or physical intimacy, says Marmanides: “Venus is in Scorpio, a sign of depth and intensity, and will be receiving a harmonious trine from the moon in sensitive, nurturing Cancer.”

You could feel pulled to open up about your feelings or become vulnerable with a partner in new ways. And should you do so, expect a reciprocal level of support and vulnerability. Both Mars and the sun are in Libra—which rules over the seventh house of partnerships—on this day, making us all the more likely to be gentle and kind in self-expression, says Marmanides.

October 5–6

Relationships in all forms will take a firm stand in the collective consciousness on October 5, as the day ushers in a “planetary pileup in Libra, the sign associated with our commitments and partnerships,” says Marmanides. To be specific, the moon, the sun, Mars, and Mercury are all conjunct in this air sign, channeling conversations about how we might compromise, work together, and support each other, says Marmanides.

On the next day, October 6, the new moon in Libra brings start-fresh energy, heightening the possibility of a hot new fling—in particular because the existing quartet in Libra (that is, the moon, the sun, Mars, and Mercury) trines Black Moon Lilith on this day, too. “That adds a primal, raw emotional feel to this day, which bubbles up this powerful sexual energy, too,” says Trotte. “You won’t be afraid to drop your inhibitions and let your hair down.” That’s your cosmic cue to hop on that dating app or schedule that first date.

October 13

After a lengthy retrograde period starting back in May, Saturn will have just stationed direct by this point and will meet Venus in Sagittarius in a supportive sextile on October 13. “This means that whatever you’re trying to make work—whether it’s figuring out weekend plans, finding a time for a date, or even laying new groundwork for the next phase in a partnership—will have an easier time coming to fruition,” says Marmanides. Essentially, it’s a day for forward progress: You can expect to take next steps within a relationship with lightness and a sense of flow.

November 6–8

If there’s someone at work whom you feel some type of way about, that feeling could skyrocket to new heights during this time, as Venus shifts into Capricorn. Alternatively, that Capricorn energy could also infuse a new level of seriousness into an existing romantic commitment and lead you to conversations surrounding your shared goals and ambitions, says Marmanides.

On November 8, the moon joins Venus in Capricorn, activating this bold relational energy at work even further, says Trotte. That is, you could very well feel sparks fly during a water-cooler chat (or in that Zoom happy hour), also thanks to Venus in Capricorn moving into a harmonious sextile with Mars in Scorpio. “This puts both Venus and Mars matters—which are, broadly speaking, love and sex—top of mind, as these two planets enter into a proverbial dance with each other,” says Marmanides. In other words, the cosmic stage will be definitively set for all things fun and flirty, just as we inch closer to the holiday season.

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