A Derm Swears by This $1 Cleanser for Her Face *and* Body in the Shower

There are very few things you can get these days for a dollar—even a lottery ticket will run you two whole bucks these days. But according to board-certified dermatologist Mona Gohara, MD, the best cleanser you can use on both your face and body costs less than what you'd spend on a single-serving bottle of kombucha.

In the latest episode of Dear Derm, Dr. Gohara breaks down all of her favorite under-$30 skin-care products that you can find at the drugstore. The one product she swears by in the shower for her own head-to-toe skin-care regimen is the $1-a-pop Dove Beauty Bar (okay, okay it's a dollar and some change per bar). "It's great because it's a non-soap cleanser, deposits moisture in your skin as it cleanses, and it keeps your skin barrier super healthy," she says, noting that she uses it in a warm (never hot!) shower to cleanse her body and face all in one fell swoop. "It's a great find, super affordable and definitely something to get."

And the beauty bar isn't the only drugstore skin-care product that will give you ample bang for your not-so-big buck. In the video above, she breaks down an entire 9-step routine that, in total, costs $110. And that includes two serums, a mask, one of the most effective and affordable retinoids on the market (which, it's worth noting, Dr. Gohara also uses in her own routine). "It doesn't have to be super expensive to work," she says. "You can walk into any drugstore and find a lot of efficacious options that can work really well for different skin-care concerns."

While there certainly are lots of skin-care products worth dropping some serious coin on— and you can find some of the others she uses in her own routine here—the beauty of the drugstore is that you don't have to spend more than a dollar (or thirty) to find something that really, really works. Check out the video above to see Dr. Gohara's picks.

This is the serum that Dr. Gohara calls the "little black dress" of your skin-care routine, plus she spills the tea on how to treat every type of acne scar you could be dealing with (because yes, there are five of them). 

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