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This Drugstore Concealer Is the Best Thing to Happen to My Under-Eyes Since Tarte Shape Tape

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Photo: Stocksy/Vera Lair
Up until this morning, I hadn't touched a tube of concealer since middle school. Not because I haven't had my share of blemishes and skin woes (oh, believe me, I have), but because using the stuff always leaves me looking like an over-iced cake. That is, until I got my hands on a bottle of L'Oréal Infallible Full Wear Waterproof Concealer ($13). I fully intend to use the product to dab, dab, dab my under-eye circles away for my remaining years on planet Earth.

Found in the beauty aisle of any drugstore, the concealer comes in 25 shades, ranging from "porcelain" (it me) to "espresso."

After making an emergency trip to Walgreen's for what Well+Good's beauty director calls "the Holy Grail of Concealer," I carefully read the instructions to recall how to apply the beauty staple. A little bit "goes a long way," and I took this to heart. I dabbed a small amount on my ring finger and began the application to my face.

The formula's smooth texture means it goes on without creasing and seamlessly blends away the blue and purple shades of sleepy under-eyes. Clearly on a roll here, I went ahead and concealed the acne scarring my BB cream never quite hides, as well as a very much alive pimple on my left cheek. I emerged from the bathroom with skin that looks ready for the day (not ready to crawl into bed). The best thing of all? The stuff sticks. I applied it at 10 a.m., and despite my habit of constantly wiping my eyes in exasperation, the makeup is still doing the good work of making my entire complexion a uniform color at 4 p.m.

Generally, I don't leave the house without a small list of items I "cannot live without." You know, headphones, wallet, keys, phone. Now, there just might be a fifth member to this squad.

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