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These $6 Earplugs Are the Only Way an Off-Duty Flight Attendant Catches Zzzs on a Plane

Kells McPhillips

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Photo: Getty Images/Leren Lu
Traveling on a plane is a lot like being stuck in a wind tunnel—along with screaming babies, loquacious seatmates, and redundant in-flight safety videos that make me want to eject myself. Airplanes are loud. And the only way I can get some shut-eye is to drown out all that noise. Who better to ask for the very best earplugs for sleeping than a flight attendant?

On the trip home from her honeymoon in Hawaii, a coworker overheard the flight attendant's sage advice. According to the air travel pro, a pair of wax earplugs is the best solution she's found for blocking out the cacophony of the cabin. A pack of 12 plugs is $6, so you can get silence high in the sky for just a buck.

Somehow, it has never before occurred to me to bring earplugs in my carry-on. (Note to self: DUH.) However, I know for sure that wax/silicone earplugs are far superior to foam versions. Thanks to noisy roommates and the general audible upheaval of living in New York City, I've made every effort to turn the volume down on my surroundings—and the wax plugs really, really work. Unlike the foam variety, you can mold them exactly to fit your ear shape without shoving them too far down your ear canal. They cover all the nooks and crannies other earbuds miss and I imagine that's true by land—or by sky.

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