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1.5 Billion Toothpaste Tubes Are Thrown Away Each Year—Try These 13 Eco-Friendly Toothpastes Instead

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You might not realize it, but your dental hygiene routine might not be as sustainable as you think. If you're flossing (which, you totally are, right?!), that used string piles up in the trash. Plastic toothbrushes and electric heads do, too, each time they're replaced. But the biggest culprit is that plastic tube of toothpaste and all its packaging, which, more likely than not, will eventually sit in a landfill forever and ever and ever. According to Forbes, 1.5 billion toothpaste tubes are thrown away each year, contributing to a ridiculous amount of unnecessary waste.

Fortunately, there's been a surge in eco-friendly toothpaste innovation over the last few years, with many DTC companies (and the few traditional players) exploring sustainable alternatives to squeeze tubes and their plastic caps. Many companies are skipping out on the tube altogether, formulating "toothpaste tablets" that you pop in your mouth and swirl around, almost like a mint. Others are designing aluminum tubes that can be recycled once emptied, or packaging their product in recyclable glass and aluminum jars.

With the amount of eco-friendly toothpastes on the market—most of which are dentist-approved and made with natural ingredients, might we add—you've got plenty of options to choose from. Scroll to give your teeth-cleaning regimen an upgrade that's good for your body, and the planet.

13 of the best eco-friendly toothpastes for you and the planet

Huppy, Toothpaste Tablets (62 count) — $12.00

Your teeth and Mother Earth will both be “huppy” you made the switch to these tasty toothpaste tablets. Forgo the squeeze and just pop one of these in your mouth, swirl it around, and brush as normal. There’s no plastic packaging, as they come in a trendy aluminum can (kinda like mints) that can be recycled or upcycled. Plus, they do all the things you want in a toothpaste (think: whiten, freshen breath, remove plaque and tartar) all with more natural ingredients. If you want to round out your sustainable dental routine, the brand also sells eco-friendly floss and toothbrushes, too.

Hello, Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste (Pack of 2 — $15.00

Hello also makes an excellent chewable toothpaste you can pop in your mouth, minus the plastic. Its whitening formulation is made with activated charcoal, coconut oil and fresh mint—there’s no artificial sweeteners, flavors, fluoride, dyes, sulfates, or gluten. It’s about as minimalist as you can get in a toothpaste, and for $15, you can snag a pack of two (there are 60 tabs in each) for four months of eco-friendly brushing.

Unpaste, Toothpaste Tablets with Fluoroide — $9.00

Unpaste also makes a minty fresh alternative to traditional toothpaste tubes. They’re the same concept as the others—pop ’em in your mouth, chew ’em up, and brush it around for a plastic-free, pretty smile. Only these swap the aluminum packaging for a compostable wrapper you can toss in with other compassable, organic materials. Choose from mint, cinnamon, and a fluoride-free option.

Davids, Spearmint Toothpaste — $10.00

If you’re not too sure about toothpaste tabs, they do make recyclable toothpaste tubes, too, like this one from Davids. Rather than using plastic packaging, these toothpaste bottles are made from recyclable aluminum that won’t clog up landfills. As for the ingredients, they’re only natural and cruelty-free. And thanks to the metal tube key included in every purchase, you’re sure to get every last drop. Also available in peppermint, charcoal, and herbal citrus.

Dr. Noah, Toothpaste Tablets (30 Tabs) — $10.00

Dr. Noah markets these toothpaste tabs as travel-friendly, which they are. But they also look good right on your bathroom counter, too. They come in an aluminum tin that does make stashing in toiletry bags and carry-ons a breeze, and that can be refilled once emptied. But the star of the show is that citron mint flavor which leaves you smelling fresh and clean.

Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Toothpaste — $6.00

Dr. Bronner’s also makes a tube option if you’re not feeling the toothpaste tab. Just like its legendary soaps, this toothpaste is made using the best of the best natural ingredients that leave your teeth, gums, and tongue healthy and happy with every brush. When you finish it up, both the tube and the cap can be recycled through the TerraCycle program. Also available in cinnamon and spearmint.

The Humble Co., Toothpaste Tablets — $8.00

Another eco-friendly bet comes from The Humble Co., which is dedicated to making all-things sustainable and earth-friendly. These toothpaste tablets are portable, easy to use, and effective, tackling plaque and tartar while you brush. There’s also a fluoride-free option and a charcoal option.

Georganics, Tooth Powder — $10.00

Move over, tooth tablets. Georganics swaps the bite-sized design for a completely different powder that’s simple and effective to use. When you’re ready to brush, dip a wet toothbrush into the jar and scrub onto your teeth for two minutes—it’ll foam up and get you squeaky clean. Also available in peppermint.

Bite, Toothpaste Bits — $12.00

Bite into Bite’s toothpaste bits, which keep the planet and your teeth clean. Between the natural ingredients, teeth-loving formulation, and glass packaging that’s practically begging to be upcycled, adding these to your dental regimen is a no-brainer. Available in mint and charcoal mint.

Smile Natural Products, Toothpaste Sampler — $30.00

Can’t decide on a toothpaste flavor or type? Get a 4-pack from Smile Natural Products, the small self-care business dedicated to making vegan, natural, and sustainable wellness products. These toothpastes come in four 2-ounce tins that you dip your brush into. But the flavors are the real superstar—there’s mint + charcoal, cinnamon + clove, vanilla + lavender, ginger + turmeric. Yum.

Hey Humans, Natural Toothpaste — $4.00

On a budget? Add this natural and recyclable toothpaste to your cart. The tube is made from aluminum which is “infinitely recyclable,” so the only single-use plastic is that little cap. It’s vegan, cruelty free, and free from any harmful chemicals that might hurt your teeth in the long run.

T-brush, Whitening New Generation Toothpaste Tablets — $12.00

For $12, you can get 90 of all-natural, vegan toothpaste tablets packaged neatly in a reusable jar. Like the others, they’re easy to use, designed to be crushed in your mouth and brushed around with a wet toothbrush. Available in four flavors: mint, charcoal mint, orange, and a kid’s strawberry, all available with or without fluoride,

Viva Doria, Natural Tooth Powder — $10.00

Another tooth powder to try. This one comes from Viva Doria and is powered with a minty breath freshener to get you cleaner with every brush. When you’re done, upcycle the glass jar as food storage or another organization tool. Or recycle it with your other glass recyclables.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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