Clarisonic Is Going Out of Business—Here Are 5 Facial Cleansing Brushes to Buy Instead

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In today's edition of "sad news from the beauty world," Clarisonic is going out of business. The beloved facial device brand announced that it would be ceasing operations at the end of this summer, leaving a cleansing brush-shaped hole in all of our hearts. "After more than a decade of game-changing innovation and industry-leading technology, the Clarisonic brand will be shutting down as of September 30, 2020," reads a statement on the Clarisonic website.

While this is undoubtedly the end of an era, the news does come with a silver lining: From now until September, all Clarisonic merch will be 50 percent off on the brand's website and at major retailers like Ulta and Amazon, which means you can score one of the usually pricey tools for under 50 bucks and stock up on replacement brush heads for only $15. Why invest in a facial brush at all? [It's] a great tool to use two or three times a week, depending on your skin’s sensitivity,” Kathryn Dickinson, founder of clean beauty shop Aillea, previously told Well+Good. “It gives an added exfoliation and a deeper cleansing. It’s especially great for keeping breakouts at bay and for its anti-aging benefits, since it helps with cell turnover.”

If the thought of cashing in on a Clarisonic right before they're discontinued feels a little dicey (admittedly, it may make replacement brush heads challenging to find in the future), there are plenty of other facial cleansing devices on the market that are just as worthy of a place in your routine. Scroll through for a few of our faves.

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  • Kathryn Dickinson, Kathryn Dickinson is the founder of clean beauty retailer Aillea.

Best luxury: PMD Clean Pro Rose Quartz, $179

Photo: Sephora

Consider this device a cleansing tool and an integral part of the rest of your skin-care routine. Start by using it on one of its two exfoliating settings to cleanse your skin with the brush side, then flip it over and use the rose quartz side on one of its massage settings to apply your serums and moisturizers. It vibrates at 7,000 pulses per minute to firm, tone, and lift skin, and uses active warming technology to help your serums permeate the skin more deeply.

Best drugstore: Facial Cleansing Brush by Olay Regenerist, $25

Photo: Olay

For only $25, this derm-designed tool is the closest thing you'll find to the OG Clarisonic in the aisles of your local drugstore. It offers two speeds—"gentle exfoliation" and "deep clean"—so that you can give your skin exactly what it needs on any given day, and it's water resistant so that you can use it in the shower.

Best for sensitive skin: Foreo Luna 3 For Sensitive Skin, $199

Photo: Foreo

If you've got sensitive skin, this is the pick for you. One of our writers with sensitive skin credits this device with completely transforming her complexion for the better. It's ultra gentle, and instead of harsh bristles, it uses silicone tough-points and sonic pulsations to remove dirt, makeup, dead skin, and blackheads without any sort of irritation.

Best for face and body: Fabuday Electric Facial Cleansing Brush 7-in-1, $12

Photo: Amazon

Think of this device as a "choose your own adventure" for your skin-care routine. It comes with seven (!) different heads, including three brushes with different types of bristles to offer different levels of exfoliation: one pumice and one polishing head for removing dead skin on your body, and two sponge heads meant for removing makeup and general facial massage. It's also got two speeds, which means there are literally dozens of different ways you can work it into your routine.

Best Lo-Fi: Sephora Collection Cleaning Me Softly Facial Cleansing Brush, $6

Photo: Sephora

Forget all the bells and whistles. This $6 brush doesn't come with any sort of "on" switch, but still offers a great—albeit manual—exfoliating facial. Apply product directly to the brush, wet it, and gently massage your face using slow, circular motions.

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