9 Compelling Reasons You Absolutely Need a Fanny Pack

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Three years ago, "I'm going to make a compelling case in favor of fanny packs," would be the code I used to alert my loved-ones that I was being held captive by a serial killer. Now, it's an actual sincere argument I am going to make because fanny packs are awesome. They come in a variety of styles, from sleek leather iterations to sporty, colorful versions—and that's just the beginning. How do I love thee, fanny packs? Let me count the ways.

Here, nine best fanny packs plus all the reasons you need one.

1. Cuyana Mini Circle Belt Bag, $125

cuyana fanny pack
Photo: Cuyana

Fanny packs are hands-free: This is the most obvious benefit. We need to be able to throw our hands in the air like we just don't care (because we don't!) without being encumbered by a shoulder or crossbody bag.

Shop Now: Cuyana Mini Circle Belt Bag, $125

2. Caraa Small Sling, $98

caraa fanny pack
Photo: Caraa

Snack pouch: That's it, that's the reason.

Shop Now: Caraa Small Sling, $98 

3. Isabel Marant Skano Belt Bag, $695

isabel marant belt bag
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Fanny packs are great for flirting: Hear me out—when your crush texts you "wyd" you can hit them with  "buying a fanny pack so my hands are free when I walk my dog," which will not be what they're expecting. Inevitably, they will want to see your fanny pack, and then they will fall in love with you because you're so cute and practical. (I'm oh-for-two with this strategy so far, but I think that's because I haven't tried it on a Virgo yet.)

Shop Now: Isabel Marant Skano Belt Bag, $695

4. Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag, $38

lululemon fanny pack
Photo: Lululemon

Fanny packs stay in place better than other bags: When you run with a crossbody or handheld bag they just flop around on your side like a Magikarp out of water.

Shop Now: Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag, $38

5. Clare V. Grande Fanny, $325

clare v fanny pack
Photo: Shopbop

They're not the worst bags for your posture: Standards in 2021: Not the worst! According to a chiropractor, the previously-mentioned shoulder and crossbody bags are the first and second worst bags for your posture.

Shop Now: Clare V. Grande Fanny, $325

6. Dagne Dover Fanny Pack, $85

dagne dover fanny pack
Photo: Dagne Dover

They don't add as much strain on your back: We already spend most of the day sitting in bed, hunched over our computers (we've collectively decided that "desks" aren't a thing anymore, right?). Your posture needs all the help it can get.

Shop Now: Dagne Dover Fanny Pack, $85

7. Jacquemus La Ceinture Porte Monnaie Belt Bag, $188

jacquemus fanny pack
Photo: Shopbop

Shop Now: Jacquemus La Ceinture Porte Monnaie Belt Bag, $188

They go by many names: I think "fanny pack" is kind of whimsical, but it is admittedly not chic-sounding. That's where "belt bag" and "waist bag" come in. Try them in a sentence to get acclimated.

8. Guess Convertible Belt Bag Crossbody, $54

guess belt bag
Photo: Guess

They're low-effort: If you want to do things but also expend the least amount of energy, a fanny pack is right for you. Unlike a shoulder bag, you don't have to keep adjusting it as it slides down your arm. And, because they're typically small, theoretically you will spend less time and effort digging through 17 lip balms, CVS receipts, and scattered breath mints to find your keys.

Shop Now: Guess Convertible Belt Bag Crossbody, $54

9. Senreve Aria Belt Bag, $445

senreve belt bag
Photo: Farfetch

You won't accidentally forget it: If you've driven away with your coffee still on the roof of your car more than once, a fanny pack is a pretty solid investment.

Shop Now: Senreve Aria Belt Bag, $445

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