12 Best Faux Plants That’ll Make You Do a Double-Take

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There's a lot you can do to help your houseplants thrive, but if your home doesn't have a perfectly bright, south-facing window, you might be out of luck with some varieties. Without the right amount of light, there's no way that fiddle leaf fig is going to survive. The good news is when it comes to plants, you can definitely fake it 'til you make it. Some of the best faux plants will fool even the most seasoned gardener.

Artificial plants have come a long way over the years. What was once a plastic, lifeless product in a pot is now the star of any living space. You can buy faux plants from just about everywhere, too. Wayfair, The Sill, and even Target have options that'll make you do a double-take.

I have plenty of real plants near my brightest windows, but the darker corners of my apartment are home to some of the best faux plants available. And because they're not getting any direct light, you can't even tell the difference.

If you're ready to become a (fake) plant lady, these are the best faux plants to choose from.

The 12 best faux plants you can buy

1. Real Touch Dracaena Silk Plant, $68


This faux dracaena looks so real you'll have to remind yourself not to water it.


All that needs to be said about this faux snake plant is that I have two in my apartment... and after seeing them in real life, all my friends bought it, too.


Whether you set this faux pothos plant on a shelf or in a macrame hanging planter, the handcrafted plant will add a realistic touch of green to your space.

4. Wayfair Artificial Cactus in Pot, $77

best faux plants

This faux cactus comes complete with spines, making just about anyone believe it's the real deal.

5. Nearly Natural Giant Yucca Artificial Tree, $170

It's the small details—like the different colors and textures—that make this yucca plant look super real.

6. CB2 Potted Faux Bird of Paradise, $299

This bird of paradise might be pricey, but it's one of the best faux plants around. It's not only 6 feet tall, making it a great statement plant in your space, but it also has realistic details like the glossy green leaves.

7. Joss & Main Donkey Tail String of Pearls Succulent, $45

How cute is this plant? Since it already comes in a pot and stand, it's ready to pop right onto a shelf the second you take it out of its box.

8. World Market Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, $180

best faux plants

Fiddle leaf figs are notoriously fickle, so why not skip the heartbreak and get one of the best faux plants available?


Unless you have bright light in your home, palms are a no-go. But this one will continue to look great in even the darkest of corners.

10. WANGYANG Artificial Monstera Deliciosa Plants, $40

All bunched up like this, this monstera plant doesn't look very real. But once you bend the branches and leaves in different directions and put it inside a bigger pot, you're golden.

11. Wayfair Artificial Potted Grand Floor Philodendron, $48

This plant is the perfect size to put in a floor pot for some added greenery.

12. Kurrajong Farmhouse Green Plant in Gray Cement Pot, $28

You can't beat a realistic-looking fake plant that also comes in a cute pot.

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