Get Ready to Buy a Magic Bra That Can Shift up to Two Sizes As You Fluctuate

Photo: House of Anesi
#Realtalk: Bras can essentially just feel like a cage for your boobs. Recently though, a crop of thought-leading companies have begun the noble mission of offering a wider array of body-inclusive options that treat your ta-tas with the comfort and respect they so deserve. Latest to join those ranks is House of Anesi, a Toronto-based fashion-tech start-up, currently raising funds on Kickstarter to release the Anesi bra that—wait for it—actually adjusts its fabric to fit you.

According to a press release, the state-of-the-art intimate comes in 90 sizes ranging 30B to 42I, and solves oh-so-many typical bra agonies. First and foremost, the product's fabric is designed to anticipate the natural, hormone-induced fluctuations of a woman's breast size and adapts to the body within a two-cup- and band-size margin. For sweaty folks (present!), the bra features cooling-gel strips that mold to shoulders for no slippage, and the whole bra features antimicrobial material that wicks sweat that forms between the boobs and on the upper back. Plus, there's no underwire in sight. Instead, Anesi uses a 3-D lightweight nylon material that moves with you as you go about your day.

“We want 100 percent of women to feel supported and empowered by the bra they wear." —Stephania Stefanakou, CEO and co-founder of House of Anesi

“Although there are some innovative bra brands on the market, they only cater up to a DD cup. A 34DD is the average North American bra size, so in other words, that’s 50 percent of women who are being ignored by the current lingerie industry. We want 100 percent of women to feel supported and empowered by the bra they wear," says the brand's CEO and co-founder Stephania Stefanakou.

Right now, early birds can preorder the garment for just $64, but it will retail at $98 when it hits the online store in early 2019. So if you feel so inclined to, *ahem*, support a future of cradle-like comfort for your bosom, backing the Kickstarter by pre-ordering your bra is a really good way to show it.

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