These $22 Fuzzy Slippers Are Single-Handedly Combatting My Winter Blues

Photo: W+G Creative
Once the temperature starts to plummet, you won't see me trying to figure out if that dress I bought in August could still work with a pair of thigh-high boots and a jacket. Nope. I abandon all breezy fabrics and immediately start pulling out my collection of oversized sweaters, flannel pajamas (yeah, I have multiple pairs), scarves, and pom-pom hats. "Cozy" is the watchword, my friends.

And while this California expat has successfully figured out how to keep nearly every body part warm during an East Coast winter, there is always one place that has consistently stayed frozen: my feet. I don't know if this is just because I'm tall and thus have poor circulation or what, but my feet are basically always cold. My boyfriend calls them "witch feet." I wear socks to bed even in the summer, that's how cold they are all the time.

But I have officially solved my "witch feet" problem—well, while I'm indoors, at least—thanks to my impulse purchase of Muji's fuzzy slipper boots. They're "so ugly, they're cute," cost $22, and I'm obsessed with them.

These bad boys are the perfect kind of slipper. They're fuzzy on the outside and the inside thanks to the boa fleece fabric, keeping my feet toasty warm while making it look like my legs end in teddy bear paws. (The dream!) The softly padded sole gives your feet a bit of extra comfort and insulation from potentially cold floors. And they come up to your ankle, a boon for someone like me whose pants are always slightly too short and thus constantly has a little bit of ankle exposed.

I also love how they're booties that cover the entire foot, rather than the traditional slipper model where the heel is exposed to the elements. My entire foot is frozen, not just my toes. I can't leave my heels flapping in the cold breeze! These solve that problem...well, not elegantly per se, but extremely effectively.

I now come home from work and immediately pop my feet into my slippers, and it feels like giving them their own warm hug. After a few short seconds, my normally-frozen toes are filled with warmth, and that feeling makes those cold, grey winter days a little bit less bad. It's my new favorite winter ritual and I'm never going back.

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