10 Pairs of Fuzzy Socks So Snuggly That Your Feet Feel Like Teddy Bears

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Now is the time of year when I dive deep into the the back of my closet and dig out my embarrassingly large bin of fuzzy socks. I've never specifically requested socks (is that something people ask for?), it's been a go-to birthday present from my family and friends for years. And I'm not complaining.

My collection is proof that you can never have too many pairs of fuzzy socks. So what makes for the best fuzzy socks, you may ask? First, they have to be comfortable. (Obviously.) Next, they need to make your feet and ankles feel as though they're being bear-hugged in a soft, fluffy cloud. And finally, the finest ones look cute and appropriately grown-up. Now that you know, don't let your toes freeze for another second—and get yourself a bin, because you're going to want to buy every pair below.

The best fuzzy socks to snuggle up in this season

best fuzzy socks
Yoicy Super Thick and Warm Socks — $16.00

If you need some extra warmth, these socks are a must. They have a thick cotton outside and cushioned terry fuzzy lining.

Dr. Scholl's Spa Socks — $12.00

Because of the stretchy-yet-snuggly feel of these socks, they’re not only great for wearing around the house—they’re also perfect for sleeping in.

Azue Fuzzy Warm Microfiber Socks — $14.00

Five pairs of soft microfiber socks for $14? Sold. Not only are the neutral colors pretty, but they’re also highly-rated for being extra warm and comfy.

Banana Republic Fuzzy Socks — $16.50

With longer fibers than most, these super-cozy socks make a stylish statement—especially when paired with ankle boots.

Toconffon Cozy Fluffy Socks — $15.00

If you’ve ever wanted to embrace your inner Goth through hosiery, now’s your big moment. These fuzzy black socks visually represent the gloom of a Bauhaus-loving sullen teen, but they’re as soft and fluffy as an ittle-wittle baby bunny—so really, how can you go wrong?

UGG Women's Cozy Chenille Sock — $20.00

These chenille socks are as fuzzy as they come, and they’re made by Ugg—so you can double your cozy factor if you’ve got the boots to match.

Barefoot Dreams Cozychic Heathered Socks — $23.00

Barefoot Dreams’ fabric is so soft that Oprah has featured the brand’s products in her Favorite Things—we’re talking more than once, people. Naturally, these socks are almost unimaginably fluffy and absolutely perfect for a day curled up with a good book.

Karen Neuburger Super Soft Cozy Fluffy Warm Lounge Chenille Sock — $15.00

These fuzzy socks have a Breton-stripe thing going for them, but if you somehow find the French pattern passé, you can always go with polka dots or a zany ’70s stripe. Options are good to have.

Peoaieh Over Knee High Fuzzy Socks — $26.00

These over-the-knee socks aren’t exactly subtle, and unless your workplace has a very open-minded dress code, you’ll probably wear these only at home. But imagine that first frigid Friday evening in January, and how good it would feel to slip these on right before bed, and you’ll understand the appeal of wrapping your feet and calves in soft, fuzzy warmth.

L.L. Bean Fireside Gripper Socks — $40.00

Finally, if you want durable and warm socks, invest in these from L.L. Bean. On the outside, they look like cable-knit socks. No big whoop. But inside, they’re lined with thick, plush fleece to insulate your toes from bitter cold. That’s right, they’re stealth fuzzy—and better still, the bottoms have grip to keep you from slip-sliding across smooth floors.

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