The 8 Best Gifts for Leos at Every Price Point, According to an Astrologer

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We're right in that post-Fourth of July, pre-Labor Day pinnacle of summer, which can only mean one thing: Leo season—which falls from July 23 to August 22—has arrived in all its sparkling glory. It's only fitting that this showstopper sign calls the sun its planetary ruler. The sun represents the creative expression of our individuality and our core identity, which translates to Leos' typical affinity for center-stage roles. The best gifts for Leos, then, play up this appreciation for scene-stealing creativity and big-hearted passion.

Just as the planets circle the sun, everyone else, well, revolves around Leos. Okay, not actually, but this sign is noted for its magnetism. "Leos have a reputation for loving attention," says Alex Caiola, an astrologer, psychic, and founder of the spiritual-wellness platform High Priestess of Brooklyn. "But really, the reason we do tend to gravitate toward them is because they typically have this big personality and are super generous."

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  • Alex Caiola, astrologer, tarot card reader, and founder of High Priestess of Brooklyn

That often comes across in group settings, in which Leos are highly conscious of social dynamics, and often take it upon themselves to make sure everyone's having a good time. To that end, many Leos would love an experiential gift—and would swoon over a party thrown in their honor, says Caiola.

Because the sun is the planet of 'see and be seen,' adds Caiola, Leos are also inherently conscious of how they show up in the world, physically, and they're unapologetic about their appearance. In that vein, many of the best gifts for Leos fall in the realm of the body, whether that means clothing, accessories, or jewelry. "They're proud of how they look, in a good way: They have a bright presence that's like, 'This is who I am,' and it's for the benefit of others, but also for themselves," says Caiola.

Below, find the 8 best gifts for Leos at any price, so you can lift up every lion in your life with ease.

Maybelline Total Temptation Eyebrow Definer Pencil — $11.00

Leos are on top of trends, and full eyebrows fall squarely within that camp. To help the Leo in your life achieve that look, consider this brow-enhancing tool. It has over 51,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, and is notable for its versatile teardrop-shaped tip that allows you to draw on thin and thick strokes with ease, and it comes in four shades.

Girlfriend Agave Bucket Hat — $38.00

While we’re talking about trends, all hail the chic return of the bucket hat. This particular one from Girlfriend Collective is a simple accessory that your Leo loved one might not think to buy for themselves—but it delivers big-time on both style and function. It offers 360-degree protection from the sun, both in terms of keeping you cool and shielding sensitive scalp skin from UV rays. Not to mention, it’s made of breathable cotton canvas and it’s machine-washable, so it just gets better and softer with every wear.

Food52 IVV Italian Retro Cocktail Glasses (Set of 2) — $49.00

Creativity is big for Leos, as is entertaining—they’re classically the life of the party, after all—so anything that can allow them to both express their creativity and entertain a group at once is a win. Consider these colorful old-school cocktail glasses for any Leo in your life who loves to host. They’re handmade with lead-free blown glass in Tuscany, and they have the unique textural surface to show for it.

Alo Pixie Bra — $58.00

Leos are often active people, thanks to being in touch with their physicality (remember that see-and-be-seen sun energy?). With this in mind, activewear is a safe bet when it comes to a gift for a close friend or loved one for whom you feel comfortable buying clothing.

Rather than sticking to the basics, which they likely have covered, go out on a limb with a piece that’s trendy and colorful, like this one-shoulder number. The yellow color makes sense for sun-oriented Leo, and it’s made with Alo’s super-soft Airbrush fabric.

Anthropologie Composite Agate Cheese Board — $62.00

Talk about making an entrance—to your table. This cheeseboard doubles as a centerpiece that’s almost too beautiful to cover in cheese or charcuterie. It’s made with pieces of natural agate stone and sports a glimmering brass rim. Gift it to your favorite, already-has-it-all Leo host.

Wolf Circus Glass Hoop Earrings — $78.00

Accessorizing is one way that Leos tap into their naturally creative flair, says Caiola. And you can’t go wrong with big, dramatic hoops in that realm. This chunky pair from Wolf Circus are a modern take on the acetate earring trend, made instead with translucent glass and a swirl of color that’s unique to every set—just like your Leo friend. A bonus: They’re on sale at Nordstrom right now for 40 percent off.

Kendra Scott Addison Triple Strand Necklace In Gold — $78.00

“I really see Leos in gold more so than any other metal,” says Caiola, “simply because it speaks to their appreciation of glitter and glimmer and their sun energy.” This triple-strand necklace brings the ease of a single clasp and the drama of a layered look all at once for maximum impact.

Nroda Summer Princesa — $122.00

Sunglasses for the sun-oriented Leo? Groundbreaking. But in all seriousness, what’s a Leo without some cool sunnies to block out all the shade in their life? And even though the lenses of this Nroda pair are sheer, they provide 100 percent UVA and UVB protection.

They’re also adorned with a unique sprinkling of light-catching crystals for a look that pops any time of the day. If you’re looking to splurge on a gift for a Leo, they’re an unmatched option.

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