The 7 Best Gifts for the Libras in Your Life, According to an Astrologer

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Gravitating toward all things harmonious and just, Libras have a strong eye for aesthetics—a trait that's helpful to keep in mind if you're shopping for a Libra's birthday gift. "They're highly attuned to style and also to balance in all senses," says Alex Caiola, an astrologer, psychic, and founder of spiritual-wellness platform High Priestess of Brooklyn. In that vein, the best gifts for Libras—those born between September 22 and October 23—will embody a beautifully balanced ethos, whether in looks, function, or inspiration.

Given that Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, and is also associated with the seventh house of partnerships, this sign is relationships-driven and highly social. In many cases, their appreciation for fairness across interactions makes them conflict-averse, perhaps even to a fault. "Libras are able to envision all the sides to every story," says Caiola, "and they revel in the comfort of finding a middle ground in most scenarios." So, if your gift for a Libra comes from the heart (regardless of what it is, or whether it's what they wished for), they'll be able to see that intention and appreciate you for it, full-stop.

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  • Alex Caiola, astrologer, tarot card reader, and founder of High Priestess of Brooklyn

Even so, a few gifts will likely rank high on the list for a Libra—namely anything that encapsulates their ideals of harmony and beauty, at a surface level or beyond, says Caiola.

Below, find the 7 best gifts for all kinds of Libras, the even-keeled charmers of the zodiac:

West Elm Metallic Rimmed Glassware - Platinum (Set of 4) — $42.00

Ever the aesthete, a Libra who loves to entertain will flip for a cute addition to their bar cart, like these metallic-rimmed wine glasses. By contrast to their Virgo neighbors on the zodiac wheel, Libras don’t mind having a few extra things in their life that are purely beautiful. “While they probably have a set of nice glasses already, they’ll love having another—even if it mostly sits there and looks pretty,” says Caiola.

Cooseon Mini Cosmetic Fridge — $70.00

For the Libra who’s already well-situated in a beauty routine, consider this handy sidekick: a mini portable cosmetics fridge that’ll chill makeup or skin-care products to their crisp ideal. There’s a level of balance that a Libra can appreciate in having everything put away in its place, and this little number will help them do just that. Not to mention, it sports a touch-activated LED light and mirror—and thanks to their Venusian nature, a Libra can never have too many mirrors, says Caiola.

GBGC Facial Steamer — $15.00

Given Libra’s ruling planet of Venus, they’ll be partial to anything rooted in beauty, like a facial steamer. This device delivers eight uninterrupted minutes of skin-loving steam in micro-fine particles designed to open pores. So when they go to apply their usual regimen afterward, the products will soak that much deeper into their skin for max efficacy.

Fenty Beauty Bomb Posse Mega Mix + Match Eyeshadow Palette — $48.00

“Libra loves to play around with their style,” says Caiola, “so they’ll appreciate any product that allows them to add some versatility to their look.” Enter: this Fenty Beauty showstopper. With 12 shades in matte, shimmer, and metallic tones, this palette is ideal for a touched-up daytime look or a dramatic full-face.

While Justice Sleeps: A Novel — $17.00

As an air sign, Libra has a naturally cerebral, intellect-focused bent and will appreciate anything that gets them thinking, like a good book, says Caiola. You could go simply for an Audible subscription (if you know they don’t have one already, that is), or choose a thought-provoking recently released novel like this one, from activist Stacey Abrams. Even the title hints at a Libra’s natural appreciation for justice in all ways.

Gypsum Jewelry Display — $11.00

Equal parts functional and romantic, these gypsum jewelry stands are a unique way for a Libra to turn their accessories collection into something of real aesthetic value. “They’ll enjoy anything that lets them display what they love,” says Caiola. Gift your Libra friend a few of these in different sizes, and they’ll have spots for rings and earrings galore.

Yield Minimal Candle Snuffer & Wick Trimmer — $32.00

A real candle lover can burn through a few wax beauties a month—but this snuffer and wick trimmer set will be with your Libra loved one for life. Not to mention, it serves the helpful purpose of allowing their beloved candles to burn that much brighter for that much longer: When you snuff instead of blow out a candle, you keep the wick from getting buried in melted wax, and when you trim the wick regularly, you keep ash from forming on the insides of the container.

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