8 Wellness-Boosting Gifts for the Practical Yet Polished Virgos in Your Life

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Whether or not you or a loved one is headed back to school this year, Virgo season (which runs from August 22 to September 22) carries with it a certain new-school-year vibe, reflecting that undeniable energy of a refresh and restart. It's a time to slow down, check in on your goals, and consider more deeply what's truly serving you. These qualities are all popularly embodied by the levelheaded, buttoned-up Virgo. And that's precisely why the best gifts for Virgos will elevate the everyday routines they've come to love.

"Both Gemini and Virgo are ruled by the communication-oriented planet of Mercury, but in Virgo, that influence is more driven by practicality," says Alex Caiola, an astrologer, psychic, and founder of the spiritual wellness platform High Priestess of Brooklyn. "Virgos are concerned with rituals and routines, and with working diligently toward a goal with a level of dedication and organization often tied to perfectionism."

"Virgos are concerned with rituals and routines, and with working diligently toward a goal, with a level of dedication and organization often tied to perfectionism." —Alex Caiola, astrologer

With that in mind, when considering the best gifts for Virgos, bypass anything that feels overly showy, purely aesthetic, or like a gift for gift's sake in favor of something legitimately useful. And if the gift you choose contributes to their sense of well-being, too, even better; Virgo rules over the sixth house in astrology, which is not only the house of daily routines and responsibilities, but also, of health and wellness.

Below, find the 8 best gifts for Virgos, the wellness-oriented pragmatists of the zodiac:

Yamazaki Home Steel Organizing Trays (Set of 2) — $36.00

Organization-geared anything is almost sure to please any Virgo. Pair it with their interest for nesting in their home—as these chic little trays do—and you have yourself a zodiac-sanctioned win. “I often interweave tarot interpretations with my astrology work,” says Caiola. “In tarot, Virgo is associated with the hermit card, which reflects inner discipline and an appreciation for neatness at home.”

These stackable trays will make tidy landing pads for any of a Virgo’s knickknacks or workspace essentials, and they have a slim profile that works well atop a desk or inside a drawer.

Hoka Women's Clifton 8 — $130.00

These good-looking sneaks from Hoka fit right into that distinct category of things that are both attractive and highly functional. And it’s likely the fitness-oriented Virgo in your life will always appreciate another pair of sneakers, anyway. This pair, in particular, reflects the latest running-focused launch from Hoka, and it’s somehow both cushy and supportive yet ultra-lightweight.

Lunarly Self-Care Gift Box — $50.00

Like all Earth signs, Virgos tend to appreciate the soothing power of plants, says Caiola. Cater to your beloved Virgo’s green thumb with a Lunarly self-care box, which includes a houseplant themed to the new moon of that month, alongside a smattering of other self-care items destined to appeal to their ritualistic nature. In keeping with the new-moon focus, these other elements, which vary in each month’s box, are always aligned with positive intention-setting and self-love; previous boxes have featured items like a journal, candle, singing bowl, and facial oil.

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Café Drip 10-Cup Coffee Maker with WiFi — $300.00

For the Virgo in your life who likes their coffee to their exact specifications, this high-design, Wi-Fi-enabled coffee maker from Café by GE fits the bill. Its smart-device capabilities allow for a voice-to-brew function, so they can simply say their order aloud to the machine—including number of cups to brew, and at which strength, temperature, and time—and know it’ll come out just right.

Wool Couture Linda Chunky Scarf Knit Kit — $46.00

Unleash your favorite Virgo’s inner Tom Daley, and prep their wardrobe for fall with this beginner-friendly knitting kit, which comes with three balls of chunky, 100-percent merino wool yarn; a knitting pattern and how-to-knit manual; and needles.

It’s an easy win: The process of knitting a scarf is nothing if not detail-driven and aligned to a particular end goal—just like Virgos themselves. “They tend to be crafty and love a project that involves time and care to create a polished result,” says Caiola. Not to mention, knitting falls into that category of crafts with major mental-health perks—including serving as a tech-free diversion and boosting levels of the happiness hormone serotonin—which aligns this gift with Virgo’s overall focus on wellness.

Grove Collaborative Ultimate Laundry Essentials Set — $60.00

Sure, ‘laundry products’ might not be the first thing that comes to mind in the realm of gifts—but there are a few reasons you shouldn’t sleep on a laundry upgrade like this set from Grove Collaborative when it comes to gifting a Virgo. Not only is laundry a regular ritual that a Virgo may be interested in perfecting and streamlining, but it’s also an area in which little details make all the difference for a polished result.

This set contains everything they might need for ultra-clean, static-free clothes with every wash and dry, including detergent packs, wool dryer balls, stain spray, wrinkle-release spray, and a cotton laundry tote. And as a bonus, it’s all eco-friendly and made with plant-derived ingredients, too—which Earth-minded Virgo is sure to appreciate.

Skillshare Subscription (1 month) — $32.00

Taking on a new skill that involves regular effort to nail is right up the alley of a Virgo, whose intellect-driven mindset leads them to enjoy learning in a class setting, too. Enter: the gift of a Skillshare subscription, which will give them access for a month to a wide array of classes covering topics ranging from graphic design to sewing to business analytics.

As a mutable sign, your Virgo friend may switch gears often, tapping into a few different workshops to maximize their subscription—but it’s also likely they’ll focus on topics centered around self care and wellness. (Hot tip, Virgos: New offerings on the platform from Jonathan Van Ness include calming drawing exercises, creative collage, and meditation, to name just a few.)

The Anti-Anxiety Notebook — $38.00

Virgos tend to have a sense of witty neuroticism, says Caiola, which can turn into anxious or spiraling thoughts when they hit roadblocks on the journey toward a goal. She suggests this psychologist-created—and now, Instagram-famous—journal as a helpful modality for Virgos looking to channel and process those thoughts when they arise, in order to avoid getting bogged down in the details.

Its methodology is rooted in cognitive behavioral therapy, with the guided entries designed to help its user identify and improve negative thought patterns and develop a greater sense of self-awareness with time—which caters perfectly to the ever-evolving vibe of a mutable sign like Virgo.

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