We Tried Nearly Every Gluten-Free Sourdough Bread on the Market—These 4 Are the Very Best

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Like many ‘90s kids in America, I grew up on flimsy grocery store white bread—so needless to say, trying sourdough for the first time was a revelation. I fell even harder for the stuff as I grew older and discovered its many health benefits—like boosting your gut microbiome and mental health, and even helping your body better absorb other nutrients. Plus, there is something so satisfying about making your own loaf of sourdough: The methodical, soothing process is the perfect balance of scientific and creative. (It's no wonder it became the most popular pandemic pastime.)

However, my doctor gave me the dreaded news recently that I might benefit from taking a break from gluten—not necessarily forever, but she wanted to see how I felt after 30 days. While I knew I could survive with my beloved Banza pasta and oat flour at my side, it would be difficult to go through the 30 days with a sourdough-shaped hole in my heart.

I’d been trying out various gluten-free breads and eating gluten-free for several years already, but to no avail—this time, however, I was overcome with determination to find a loaf of wheat-free sourdough that was truly satisfying. And in full transparency, I don't have much kitchen confidence when it comes to baking with alternative flours, which is why I was looking for a ready-made product I could enjoy anytime a sourdough craving strikes. After some major trial and error (hard pass on the Paleo versions), I found four delicious, tangy sourdoughs that taste like anything but a compromise. Just make sure you give these babies a little extra toasting time to achieve a traditional, crave-worthy texture.

The 4 best gluten-free sourdough bread brands

Young Kobras Original Gluten Free Sourdough Bread (2 loaves) — $30.00

I was thrilled to discover Young Kobras on Amazon, as the brand offers not only gluten-free sourdough, but their breads feature simple, wholesome ingredients—all of which are organic. The brand is based in the Bay Area where its breads are fermented for 12 hours and handbaked. Young Kobras is also dedicated to sustainability from the way they source ingredients to the packaging, as the bread bags are compostable.

I was seriously impressed with the texture, flavor, and ingredients of this bread, and I would recommend it to eaters of all kinds who are interested in organic bread options, gluten-free or not. Even better, Young Kobras has three other amazing sourdough varieties: Fig, Olive and Herb, and Seeded Buckwheat.

While I recommend shopping these breads straight from the source on Young Kobras’ website, you can also order them on Amazon Prime but just be aware that they are baked to order and only ship on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so plan your shipment accordingly! There’s also a Store Locator tool to help you find a retailer nearby.

Schär Artisan Baker Multigrain Bread (3 loaves) — $22.00

As someone who doesn’t live in a city where the previously mentioned products are widely accessible, it was important to find an everyday supermarket pick that I could snag in a hurry while still being able to enjoy some wholesome gluten-free goodness. That brand turned out to be Schär, a gluten-free artisanal bakery based in the Italian Alps (basically my idea of heaven) that has been producing top-notch baked goods for more than 100 years. While its packaging doesn’t advertise that all of Schär’s breads are sourdough based, you’ll notice on the labels that they are made with gluten-free sourdough starters and feature rice and corn starches, buckwheat flour, and flax and sunflower seeds.

Not only is this the best convenience and budget pick of the bunch as Schär is widely available in grocery stores nationwide (and on Amazon), the touch of sweetness and excellent texture makes this a wonderful option for families. The brand has a wide range of gluten-free sourdough breads from baguettes to rustic loaves to deli-style offerings, as well as an ample list of other gluten-free goodies. Check out the Product Locator tool or shop on the Schär website to snag all your favorites. I can find a loaf of the multigrain bread at my local Greenwise Publix for $6.09.

Bread SRSLY Classic Sourdough (3 loaves) — $39.00

After doing a bit of research, I discovered that Bread SRSLY is not only dedicated to sourcing the finest organic ingredients, but also creating a safe, empowering environment for employees and serving their local community in San Francisco. Similarly to Young Kobras, Bread SRSLY’s products go through a 12-hour fermentation to get its signature tang.

While the bread loaves are a bit small and come unsliced, the flavor and texture is fantastic. As with the Young Kobras pick, I often forget I’m eating a gluten-free sourdough. Bread SRSLY also offers delicious Cinnamon Raisin and Seeded varieties, for those interested in specialty breads, and you can also shop delightfully fluffy sourdough dinner and sandwich rolls that will impress even the biggest gluten fanatic in your life. You can shop the bread through Bread SRSLY’s online store or check out the Store Locator tool to see if there’s a retailer in your neighborhood.

Knead Love Classic Oat Gluten-Free Sourdough — $18.00

This was one of the first gluten-free sourdough breads I’d seen on the market. The founder of this New York-based company was inspired to start the brand after taking classes from the Queen of Sourdough, Sarah Owens, and these breads reflect that same artistry and quality Owens is famous for. Knead Love’s breads are fermented for 24 hours and made with a variety of ancient grains, like oat, buckwheat, millet, and teff.

This is definitely a great pick for fans of Ezekiel bread or other heartier whole-grain options. I wouldn’t serve it to a kid who’s used to your run of the mill supermarket bread, but I think it’s a wholesome and satisfying pick for anyone who prioritizes organic, whole-grain products. Those who are local to NYC can shop the bread at select pickup locations and greenmarkets in Manhattan and Brooklyn but the bread is also available for nationwide shipping.

Knead Love also sells bagels, cakes, pies, cookies, and donuts to satisfy all of your baked goods cravings—all of which are also available to shop online. However, it’s important to note that those who do have to follow a stringent gluten-free diet should know that Knead Love’s products are not made in a certified gluten-free facility, though the brand does not use gluten-containing flours.

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