The Best Hobby for Each Zodiac Sign To Pursue, According to an Astrologer

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Pleasure and leisure are key components of a balanced life, and having hobbies can contribute to a sense of purpose and passion, or simply provide us with some tools to help us unwind. It may sound counterintuitive to the conceit of downtime, but planning it out and including a sense of structure can be helpful. With so many activities from which to choose, narrowing the options can be tricky. But according to astrologer Maria Sofia Marmanides, author of The Oracle Card Journal, astrology can help by providing some insight into the best hobby for each zodiac sign.

According to Marmanides, to find the hobby best aligned to your natal chart, you want to start with your rising sign rather than sun sign (which is what you'd typical use to read your horoscope). Your rising sign dictates the location of the 12 houses in your chart. Each house corresponds to a different realm of your life, like home, money, and travel. The fifth house is connected to "fun, creativity, and pleasure,” Marmanides says, and “the sign and planet that rules that house can point to activities we naturally gravitate toward or have a natural affinity or talent for.”

"The sign and planet that rules [the fifth] house can point to activities we naturally gravitate toward." — Maria Sofia Marmanides, astrologer

To determine which sign rules your fifth house, count five signs ahead of your rising sign, which rules your first house. So, for example, if your rising sign is Capricorn, you would count five signs ahead and find that Taurus is in the fifth house. (You can learn what your rising sign is by inputting your birth location, date, and time into a free natal chart generator).

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With that in mind, Marmanides provides intel below about the best hobby for each zodiac sign. From there, you can shop corresponding products to help you kick off the habit.

The most aligned hobby for each zodiac sign to pursue, according to an astrologer


Leo brings its flair for the dramatic and desire for praise to Aries as it rules the ram's fifth house. Marmanides says this might translate to sharing your own story more, and that “a small investment in a great microphone or even a ring light can add a professional touch to your personal stories.” Equip yourself with the tools to make this easier.

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Virgo, a sign that Marmanides says is “known for meticulousness, process, and harvest,” rules Taurus in terms of creativity. Already a grounded sign, Taurus would benefit from being even closer to the Earth. Folks of this sign should take up a hobby that combines sustainability and creativity, and puts them in touch with nature. Cultivate your green thumb through gardening or flower arranging.

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Retooling their wardrobe is in the cards for Gemini in 2023, as Marmanides says they could “use this time to give their wardrobe a major upgrade and overhaul.” Try new things with your look, and don't be afraid to change it frequently. Libra, “known for its symmetry, balance, and artistry,” rules Gemini’s fifth house, so be sure to do some decluttering as well and then have fun refilling your wardrobe.

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Cancer can spend 2023 “getting deep and getting to know themselves better,” Marmanides says. Scorpio brings its “intensity and mystery” to Cancer as it rules its fifth house, and she says to lean in by learning to read and interpret tarot. Pick a deck and guide book, and start practicing.

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Sagittarius rules Leo’s fifth house, bringing its desire for knowledge with it—this means it’s time for Leos to actually read the book club book. “It’s time for Leos to tackle their TBR—that’s the 'To Be Read' list,” Marmanides says. Crack open those spines, whether they're digital or physical, and get lost in fiction or learn more about the world with nonfiction.

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Detail-oriented Virgo's fifth house is ruled by ambitious Capricorn, and that influence is present in the scale of what they hope to do. "It makes them prone to creating art that stands the test of time," Marmanides says. She recommends picking up a creative hobby, like photography. Get all the tools you need, then go out in the world and start capturing images either alone or with friends.

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Game night is Libra’s hobby for this year. “With Aquarius ruling their fifth house, it makes Libras the zodiac’s social butterfly, as they have a penchant for group activities,” Marmanides says. Grab some snacks and friends, and pencil in a regular date. She also suggests rotating through games to keep it interesting.

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Scorpio shrugs off its intensity and takes on some of its fifth-house ruler Pisces’s childlike and dreamy qualities. “A perfect activity for combining their ability to fully immerse their imaginations is video gaming,” Marmanides says. Pick your favorite console, and treat yourself to a new game.

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Strengthening the mind and body is on the docket for fun-loving Sagittarius, whose fifth house is ruled by forceful Aries. Look into ways to get moving, like group exercise classes. And don't forget about your noggin, either: “Mental strength and acuity is equally as important, so this might also be a great opportunity for Sagittarius to download a meditation app and start some mindful meditation,” she says.

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Taurus rules Capricorn’s fifth house of creativity, which Marmanides says means it’s “time for Capricorn to practice a little pampering” by looking toward cultivating beauty and luxury. Eschew some of that trademark Cap practicality, and lean in to some opulent self care. Start experimenting with expressive makeup, or build your personal perfume wardrobe.

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This is the year for Aquarius to journal, Marmanides says. Already deep thinkers, with wordsmith Gemini ruling their fifth house, they should take to the page. “It’s going to be a year that marks the start of a lot of personal transformations, so it will be helpful to them to have a way to document all those changes and see how far they’ve come,” she says.

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Creating magic in the kitchen is in the cards for Pisces this year. “With Cancer as the sign ruling their fifth house, this is a great year for Pisces to stop simply saving recipe videos and actually start making them,” Marmanides says. Whip up something tasty.

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