5 Hoka One One Running Sneakers That Are Made for Every Type of Runner

Photo: Hoka
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Whether you're on the road, trail, treadmill, or just on-the-go, Hoka One One sneakers are the total package you need to crush your distance (...even if you're just strolling to the drugstore and back). Whether you want something cushiony, breathable, extra durable, stylish, or [name your criteria here], the brand has thought of it—and transformed your need into a must-have sneaker. Now, we've rounded up the best Hoka sneakers that are designed to take you far—all with that je ne sais quoi, cloud-like pep in each step the company has come to be known for.

If you're not sure where to start with Hoka's vast collection of killer shoes, don't worry: We've laced up all of the running-forward company's offerings and done the homework for you. Below, shop the best Hoka footwear for your trail runs, recovery (read: couch time), or your next road race. Happy bouncing, I mean, "running."

The 5 best Hoka sneakers for running, walking, relaxing—you name it

The latest and greatest: Hoka Clifton 8 — $140.00

There’s a reason runners and walkers alike are hooked on the Clifton series from Hoka. The brand’s latest offering, the Clifton 8, is celebrated for being soft with breathable mesh that’s great for most all types of movement. Plus, the new midsole compound is said to be the lightest, most energetic foam from Hoka yet.

For the trail lover: Hoka Zinal Trail Shoe — $160.00

Planning a spring getaway with ample access to hikes and trails to explore? Add the Zinal Trail Shoe to your packing list. This shoe packs a big punch. It’s nimble, lightweight, and colorful. Train on your favorite packed or paved trails with these on your feet, and you’ll see why it’s a favorite for speed and agility with extra grip for peace of mind.

Note that you may want to opt for a heavier duty shoe if you’re looking to hit trails with rocky features or longing to train longer distances. But this will be your best friend for speed while you’re exploring. Bonus points: Hoka’s mesh is made from recycled yarn, which does Mother Earth a solid.

The everyday fave: Hoka All Gender Bondi L — $170.00

Form, fashion, function—sign us up! The Hoka All Gender Bondi L is the shoe for your everyday. Its style points are high with a combination of sleek leather and mesh available in vibrant color combos or everyday neutrals. With the Hoka signature cushion and wide footbed, this sneak offers a smooth ride that will take you anywhere and everywhere during your busy day (all while showcasing your individual fashion taste).

For distance runners: Hoka Bondi 7 — $160.00

This sneaker is goals… and we mean hitting those goals. A cushiony favorite in the Hoka road lineup, the Bondi 7 is the must-have for running long distances on the road. If you’re ready to take your training up a notch or looking for a more durable ride mile after mile, the Bondi 7 is up for the test. This shoe is known for its memory foam collar that cradles the foot from ankle to ankle, along with an internal heel counter for a supportive midsole, full-length compression, and a beveled heel design to increase durability with smoothness in mind.

Extra impressive? This super sneaker has the American Podiatric Medical Association’s Seal of Acceptance.

For recovery: Hoka ORA Recovery Slide — $50.00

These aren’t the dated, uncomfortable slides of your youth. It’s time for a slip-on upgrade. The Hoka ORA Recovery Slide is just as stylish as it is comfortable. After you hit your PR or checked off every last errand on your to-do list, your feet need a break just as much as you do. So slip on the Recovery Slide and soak in the strategic groove placement for optimal comfort, a soft top layer, and dual construction that makes these babies cozy and durable.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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