The Definitive Guide to Los Angeles’ One-Stop Holistic Health Havens

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Living in Los Angeles as I do, rarely does a day go by without a friend enthusing about their holistic health care—like, "My acupuncturist got me pregnant," or "My Reiki healer transformed my life," or "My clairvoyant fixed my dog's digestive problems." (True story.)

In some ways, my hometown has become the epicenter of alternative health. It's now totally normal for generations-old Chinese medicine practices to share clients with new studios presenting ancient wellness modalities in chic, modern settings.

While it would be impossible to list every great space in the city dedicated to holistic health, I've selected some of the most comprehensive and well-respected spots in town. These destinations don't just offer a single specialty, but multiple treatments, practices, practitioners, and even ethos under one roof. (Of course LA's slashie mentality would extend to wellness...)

Keep reading for a list of the top holistic health destinations in Los Angeles.

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Integrative Medicine

Parsley Health

This buzzy, membership-based functional medicine clinic has an outpost tucked into a WeWork space in the city's Playa Vista neighborhood. In this unlikely setting, the practice's MDs and nutrition pros take a mind-body, holistic approach, handing out prescriptions that include meditation, exercise, and supplements. They marry it with cutting-edge medical technology to troubleshoot specific issues or provide you with better health outcomes overall.

The Hall Center

Prudence Hall, MD—who you may recognize from appearances on the Oprah network, Dr. Phil's show, and more—is considered a pioneer in women's health by some. She leads her team in what the center's termed "mindful medicine," working with patients to address the root causes of symptoms. Many visit the Santa Monica clinic specifically to treat hormonal issues. I have friends who evangelically swear by The Hall Center's services—however, cost is a barrier to entry here.

The Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine

Based in Santa Monica, The Akasha Center offers an integrative approach to physical and mental health issues, with a staff of medical doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, nutritionists, acupuncturists, and physical therapists. This comprehensive care team helps patients with a range of difficult-to-diagnose conditions, while offering alternatives to western drugs.

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Women's Health


Loom is a Mid-City space dedicated to women who are looking for resources, education, and community before, during, and after pregnancy. They offer classes and other such services around menstruation, sex, fertility, pregnancy and pregnancy loss, parenting, family planning for same sex couples, and overall wellbeing.

WMN Space

Doula Paula Mallis envisioned this wellness center as an extension and expansion of the women's circles she'd long been hosting. Available services include sexological bodywork, Ayurveda consultations, Reiki facials, and more. Regular women's circles are also on offer at the Culver City loft, as are specific circles geared towards issues like trauma and postpartum challenges.

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Alternative Health

Be Hive of Healing 

This Agoura Hills clinic, led by Gwyneth-approved doctor Habib Sadeghi, focuses on taking a multi-disciplinary approach to curing disease and imbalance in the body and mind (as well as in relationships). Services are myriad and include anthroposophical medicine, healing magnetic field therapy, integrative medical facials, conscious completion therapy (AKA conscious uncoupling), and much, much more.

Surya Spa

This Ayurvedic clinic in Pacific Palisades is a celebrity and influencer favorite. (Jordan Younger of The Balanced Blonde is a regular here.) It specializes in personalized 1-to-21-day Panchakarma detoxes—one of the most extreme cleanses on Earth—but know that a single day will cost you a cool $640.

Gentle Wellness Center

If you're looking for a colonic, this is your spot—Gentle Wellness has been specializing in the practice for 30+ years. The Santa Monica space also offers bio-electric lymph drainage, ionic foot baths, and saunas.

Vie Healing

Vie Healing currently has locations in Beverly Hills and Calabasas, with a West Hollywood space currently in the works. Its services include Reiki (sometimes provided by Well+Good Council member Kelsey Patel), cupping, massage, EFT tapping, acupuncture, and moxa—the use of mugwort to 'reignite' tired adrenals.

Alchemie Spa 

At this Santa Monica eco-haven, enjoy organic superfood facials, private infrared saunas, energy healing, craniosacral therapy, acupuncture, and more.

Veda Holistic Health

Located in Beverly Hills, Veda's Ayurvedic practitioners will assess your health and suggest traditional treatments accordingly, including Marma Chikitsa (Ayurvedic acupressure) and Panchakarma. Long-term diet and lifestyle changes are also advised, and Veda offers personalized cooking and food-sourcing lessons to help you adopt them.

Lotus Center

The Lotus Center focuses on Chinese medicine—acupuncture and herbal medicine—as well as on nutrition and massage therapy. The Highland Park center's health pros draw from Chinese tradition in combination with modern knowledge, and specialty services include fertility, women's health, and rheumatology.

East Meets West

East Meets West is the Miracle Mile home to practitioners of various alternative stripes. Treatments on offer include Reiki, cupping, hypnotherapy, ear candling, acupuncture, and more.

Meditation & Movement

Unplug Meditation

Unplug was born when founder Suze Yalof Schwartz wondered why no one had yet created a "Drybar for meditation." The resulting studios—one in Santa Monica, one in West Hollywood—offer drop-in classes featuring a wide variety of meditation practices as well as sound baths, chakra healings, hypnosis, and more.


Wanderlust is a multi-story yoga space located in the heart of Hollywood—but asana classes aren't all it offers. You can also find a weekly session of The Class by Taryn Toomey, as well as health-centric events and workshops and a healthy cafe with ample outdoor seating space.

The Den Meditation 

The Den, which has locations in the Miracle Mile and Studio City neighborhoods, offers various practice sessions all day long including guided meditations, Reiki healings, sound baths, Qigong, and more. The space also has a treatment room for private energy healing and intuitive readings, as well as meditation teacher training.

Spiritual Health

House of Intuition

Sure, this is the place to go if you want a new tarot card deck or incense, but House of Intuition also offers a variety of alternative and esoteric healing services. On the menu: Everything from Reiki and sound healings to clairvoyant and tarot card sessions.

Live in the LA area and want to enjoy a healthy weekend getaway? Head south to OM-cinitas. Or fly a bit further to try this ancient healing steam bath in Mexico.

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