The 5 Best Horoscope Apps for Your Daily Dose of Cosmic Guidance

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Once upon a time, reading your horoscope meant opening the back pages of a glossy mag and skimming a paragraph meant to summarize your whole damn month. Now we have a bounty of Instagram astrologers and a million places to pull up our natal chart. I'm thankful that astrology is so downloadable, but in the dizzying overload of information, the best horoscope apps cut through the noise.

"Best" is a subjective word. The entire conceit of astrology is that it's extremely personal. (What’s best for a Pisces might not be best for a Leo, you know what I mean?) Some of the so-called best horoscope apps out there know who appreciates what. No matter what you do, make sure you read your horoscope in the morning, and don't blame everything on Mercury retrograde.

The best horoscope apps for guidance in your life

1. Sanctuary

I'm a recent Sanctuary convert, and I have to say: It's revolutionized my mornings. Sanctuary provides a comforting dialogue on what to expect each day, as if you were texting your bestie for the latest. First, it delivers a simple 411 on your sun sign and your rising sign (which may show more accurate, immediate results). Then, it pulls a tarot card for you, denoting what your intention for the day may be. And hey, you even get a bit of your starry-eyed news explaining what's in store based on certain cosmic connections!

If that sounds basic, know that Sanctuary also has relatively in-depth guides to your birth chart, and Astro 101 explainers on different terminologies. You can also get readings with psychics, astrologers, and tarot card readers, but it'll cost ya. While the app itself is free, the personalized consultations will run you $5 for five minutes.

Great for: Those who want to feel energized with a cosmic cup of coffee, because that's what I've started equating it to. Some days I have rose cardamom latte, some days I make a Starbucks run, some days I pop in a K-cup. But it's never bad, it's coffee. Excellent for optimists, wanna-be optimists or just those who want some motivational fuel. Also fire signs, especially Aries, who wants things quick and to the point.

2. Nebula

Nebula is maybe the prettiest astrology app I've used so far, like I have a stunning Taurus avatar and I love to greet her every day. At first blush, you get in-depth horoscopes (for today, tomorrow, your week, your month, your year, and so on) and compatibility reports. But the premium subscription blows the doors wide open on astrological intel: we're talking personalized calendars on everything from beauty, to health, to fitness, to home, to travel, to plants. This app can tell you the best days for planting. Amazing.

Nebula is free to download, but the premium subscription (which I have) is truly where you get the gradual information, like buckets of glittering celestial tidbits. It has auto-renewing, weekly subscription for $8/$10 with a free 3-day trial period, 6 months subscription for $50, and a yearly subscription for $120.

But if you're heavily invested in astrology and want a really full-bodied, personal experience, I'd say you get your money worth. This really tackles a number of spiritual disciplines, and helps you map out the nitty gritty of your life. Guys, you can even get the 411 on palm reading!

Great for: Those who want to invest in an astrological experience that ticks off all the boxes, and looks literally gorgeous on your screen. Some, but not all, Earth signs will love this. Virgos who lean spiritual will love the hyper-specificity and attention to detail. Taurus, obviously, will appreciate how beautiful and bountiful it is. I suspect it's Venus-ruled sibling Libra will appreciate that as well!


If you couldn't guess, this is the app created by beloved astrologers Chani Nicholas, so devotees should smash download right now. It is so hip and so cool. The home screen gives you a weekly horoscope, a mini podcast on the week ahead, an emoji-laden 7 day "astroweather" forecast, and a blow-by-blow of the current sky. That's just the home screen. You also have access to your chart, like many of the other apps.

It's the premium subscriptions extras that make Chani super special, though. You get a more personalized reading, a journal prompt, meditations, suggestions for your altar. It's very cool, though after the free trial it does run you $12 a month to access these features. FWIW, 5 percent of app profits are disbursed to Black, Latinx, Native/Indigenous queer and/or trans survivors of gender-based violence through FreeFrom.

Great for: Honestly, I think Aquarius would super dig the expansiveness of the app and the bonus of social good. Fellow air sign Gemini will also hop onboard for the cool factor. But earnestly, I think it's cutting edge, clever, and made with an eye towards healing. If you're someone who wants to spend just a little bit to work on self-betterment, you'd benefit from Chani.

4. AstrologyZone

This is the app of astrological supernova Susan Miller founder of AstrologyZone, and while it has less trimmings than some of these apps, the format is crystal clear to understand. You receive daily and monthly horoscopes and have a calendar of key astrological dates. Easy-breezy.

There's a premium version that unlocks specialized topics reducing stress, seducing your cosmic soulmate, and more. It's either $5 a month after the free trial, $13 for three months, and $50 for a yearly subscription. But I cannot stress this enough: Astrology Zone is worth downloading for the dates alone, which is available in the free version. I'll plan certain life events around the aspects Miller marks in her calendar, and it's been game-changing.

Great for: Those who want quality horoscopes without all the fluff. I can also imagine this app being covertly perfect for the Capricorn who "doesn't believe in astrology" but secretly looks to aspects to plan their business deals. Again, if you want to get a little bit more luck with your goals, you'll know exactly the most fortuitous times.

5. Co-Star

We should probably talk about Co-Star, shouldn't we? The popular app caught some flack for its absurd notifications, and then there's the whole controversy that it "trolls" users going through a good transit. For what it's worth, the first mistake of using any app is turning on notifications; nonetheless, that's a pretty wild backstory. But as a true lady of the 8th house, I have it, I use it, if I didn't mention it on this list you would wonder where it is.

There's something to be said for specificity of investigating your entire chart, and what specific cycles you're going through. Bu what I do love about Co-Star is the sort of social networking aspect of it; the fact that I can easily pull up the planetary make-up of my loved ones is a treat. I even enjoy the stark, moody advice, whether Co-Star is suggesting which pal to lean on or how to live through a particularly rough transit. It's a strong look that isn't for everyone, but if you grow best in the dark, or just want to star-map your friends lives, it's still worth checking out.

Great for: Scorpios.

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