Pump Yourself Up With These 8 Sexologist-Approved Inflatable Sex Toys

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As myriad studies have shown, sexual exploration is good for you. It can make you more comfortable with your body or even help you unpack your sexuality. You may branch out in your sexual exploration by finding new erogenous zones, introducing BDSM accessories to the bedroom, or safely engaging in group sex. If that sounds a little intimidating to you, though, maybe just consider switching up the type of sex toy you use. Enter (pun absolutely intended) inflatable sex toys—and, in case you’re wondering, this category goes far beyond the blow-up sex doll you may have seen in teen movies.

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Essentially, an inflatable sex toy is one that you can fill with air to increase the toy’s girth and circumference or deflate to make it smaller. “Nowadays, there is a wide range of inflatable sex toys like butt plugs, dildos, and vibrators to pique different interests,” says sex educator Cindy Luquin, MA, CSE, founder of Pleasure to People.

“One of the advantages is that you can inflate [the toy] to the girth that suits you best.” —Marla Renee Stewart, sexologist

According to sexologist Marla Renee Stewart, sexual wellness expert for Lovers, using inflatable sex toys can offer a handful of benefits, both when it comes to vaginal and anal penetration. “One of the advantages is that you can inflate to the girth that suits you best,” she says. So, you can get the circumference you want without the uncomfortable insertion of a large tip. “Another advantage of using inflatable sex toys, particularly vibrators, is that these toys offer a way to work through potential discomfort of penetration.”

Additionally, says Luquin, these types of toys come with a hand pump or remote control to inflate and deflate them. And for that reason, they offer unparalleled user control.

Best inflatable sex toys, at a glance:

4 tips for how to use an inflatable sex toy, according to sexologists

1. Get familiar with your toy before insertion

Per Luquin, this must be step one for pleasure, practical, and safety reasons. “Just like you would check an inflatable mattress, you want to make sure that there are no broken seals where air can escape during inflation.” You also want to ensure that any quick-release valves are working efficiently for deflating, Luquin adds.

2. Start slow and small

According to Stewart, this means taking the time to see what may feel good for you—like different vibrations and the amount of inflation you want. To ease into things, opt for toys that are less than 4.5 inches long, advises Luquin. “Then, when you feel ready to explore more advanced inflatables, you can upgrade to larger sizes that range from six inches and above,” she adds.

A couple of other things here: One, it’s easier to insert the toy while it’s deflated because its core is firm. Two, be sure not to overinflate the toy. Check what its maximum inflation is (which should be on the packaging) and stick to that.

3. Always use lube

Before you insert the inflatable sex toy, you need to make sure it’s properly lubed up. “This is because you don't want the external skin of the toy gripping your soft internal skin—vaginal or anal. You want to make sure the toy can slide rather than stick to you,” says Carol Queen, PhD, staff sexologist at sex toy retailer Good Vibrations. Just remember not to use silicone lube on a silicone toy (as it can break down the material) or oil lube on a latex one.

4. Don't use it for oral penetration

Dr. Queen says there are two main reasons to avoid using an inflatable sex toy for oral penetration. Firstly, inflating the toy in your throat may cut off your air supply—and that poses a clear safety risk. Secondly, your teeth may scrape the material and damage the sex toy, she adds.

What to look for when shopping for an inflatable sex toy

As with any sex toy, there are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for an inflatable sex toy. Specifically, says Luquin, you want to consider the material, size (length and girth), function, and safety features.

  • Material: Opt for body-safe, non-porous materials like silicone or latex (unless you have a known latex allergy, of course).
  • Size: Remember to start small and build your way up. It’s also important to know that inflatable sex toys typically expand between one and two inches in length and girth.
  • Function: Do you want your toy to vibrate or would you prefer it to keep still? Do you want it to be rechargeable or battery-operated? Would a remote control be preferable? These are the questions to ask yourself when deciding if a given inflatable sex toy would work for you.
  • Safety: The main safety feature you’re looking for, especially if you’re a beginner, is a quick-release valve. This will immediately deflate the toy.

Another thing to keep in mind, adds Dr. Queen, is that inflatable toys may not last as long as non-inflatable ones. “The skin has to be fairly thin to expand, and eventually may rupture or leak,” she says.

The 8 best inflatable sex toys to get your blood pumping

Best for beginners:

Satisfyer Air Pump Bunny 5 Inflatable Rabbit Vibrator — $74.00

Although this is a rabbit vibrator, only the shaft of this toy is inflatable. Uninflated, it’s about 1.4 inches wide, but the shaft can get up to 15 millimeters (approximately 0.59 inches) bigger—which would provide just a little more pressure. It’s made of body-safe silicone in the insertable parts, while the buttons are plastic. It boasts 12 vibration modes, which change in rhythm and intensity, as well as two motors. This sex toy is rechargeable through a USB magnetic cord, which is included.

“This nuanced bunny vibrator inflates in girth while having clitoral stimulation,” says Stewart. “The velvet smooth shaft can be turned and moved to find the angle you love the best, helping with genital mapping and finding your particular pleasure zones,” she adds. Stewart also says that this toy is great for couples, as you can give someone else control of the toy via the app.


  • Made of body-safe silicone
  • Offers control via app


  • Not compatible with oil- or silicone-based lubes

Best rabbit:

Evolved Novelties Inflatable Rabbit — $135.00

I love a good rabbit vibrator because I’m a big fan of clitoral orgasms. And this dual-stimulation toy is also inflatable? Sign me up.

It’s important to note that this toy’s tip is curved, making it intended to stimulate your G-spot. (If you know you don’t like a curve with penetration, though, maybe keep scrolling.) Through five different levels, the tip of this silicone toy gradually inflates up to 1.73 inches. There’s a quick-release button on the side for extra safety, and the toy features eight vibrating speeds and functions in the shaft and the bunny ears.

“Since this toy has an inflatable head, it may be extra pleasing for those who definitely like pressure and fullness,” says Dr. Queen. “This toy is also anal-safe because of the clitoral stimulator on the side, which doubles as a flange to keep the toy from slipping inside.” Another thing to note is that this toy is almost nine inches long, which can make it a bit on the heavier side.


  • Safe for vaginal or anal insertion
  • Offers double stimulation
  • Gradually inflates


  • Has a curve, which may not be pleasurable for everyone

Best realistic:

Lifelike Lover Luxe Auto-Inflatable Remote Control Dildo — $45.00

Some won’t want a realistic-looking toy—but of course, others definitely will,” says Dr. Queen. “This dildo can be used solo via its suction cup or used in a harness.” She appreciates that this toy inflates via remote because it allows someone to easily control it solo or in partnered play. “Most of the shaft will inflate when using this toy,” says Dr. Queen, adding that not all inflatable sex toys will inflate from top to bottom.

It’s made of silicone and has five inches of insertable length. This toy also features a suction cup that allows you to mount it as you would a penis.


  • Made of body-safe silicone
  • Has veins, testicles, and a life-like head
  • Suction cup for easy mounting


  • Five inches of insertable length may not be enough for some folks
  • Only available in one very light color

Best wearable:

XR Brands Strap U Inflatable Ergo-Fit Strapless Strap-On — $137.00

You may be wondering what a strapless strap-on is—besides an oxymoron, that is. Essentially, it’s a sex toy that you insert into your vagina instead of secure around your waist.

This pick has an inflatable vaginal bulb for a better fit and increased pleasure. The vaginal bulb is four inches long and inflates up to two inches. “This solves the basic dilemma of trying to keep that part from slipping out or fatiguing the vaginal muscles,” says Dr. Queen. You can, however, still add a harness if you’re looking for that extra support.

This toy has three different speeds and seven vibrating patterns, which you’ll feel on both ends of the toy. What you won’t feel on both ends, though, is the inflation as only the shorter end can take more air. The longer end is still worthy of pleasure, though, since it’s 5.75 inches long. This product also comes with a remote control and is completely waterproof.


  • Inflatable vaginal bulb for fit and pleasure
  • Waterproof
  • Phthalate-Free


  • The long side of this toy is not inflatable
  • Only available in one very light color

Best remote-controlled:

Swell 7X Inflatable & Vibrating Dildo — $75.00

The reason we chose this as the best remote control option instead of other products is because this remote control is in charge of the inflation and speeds and vibration patterns—of which there are three and four, respectively. Completely made out of body-safe silicone, this remote-controlled inflatable dildo is also rechargeable, as well as latex- and phthalate-free. One thing to note with the remote control, however, is that it runs on AAA batteries and they’re not included in this package.

Another cool feature of this inflatable sex toy is that it’s anal-safe, splashproof, and has an insertable length of 6.25 inches and a width of 1.8 inches when it’s deflated. Inflated, though, this can get up to a diameter of 2.2 inches. This toy does have realistic details—like veins on the shaft and a detailed tip, but it doesn’t contain testicles and the details are more subtle than on the Lifelike Lover option.


  • Remote control commands inflation, speed, and vibration patterns
  • Latex- and phthalate-free
  • Realistic details


  • Remote control doesn’t come with batteries
  • Only available in one very light color

Best for advanced levels:

Cock Locker Extra Large Inflatable Dildo — $45.00

“This latex inflatable dildo is great for folks who want an advanced level experience due to its ability to expand eight to nine inches in length and five to seven inches in girth,” says Luquin. “The hand pump makes it easy to control how fast or slow you want to inflate it.” That hand pump also makes it easier for the sex toy to fit your body because you fully control the levels—instead of having them be preset, like with the Evolved Novelties Inflatable Rabbit.

This toy is made from latex, so if you have an allergy to that, it’s best to look elsewhere. Additionally, this is a rather simple toy. There aren’t any vibration or speed patterns, which may be a turnoff for some. Because of its simplicity, though, it’s completely submersible—meaning you can use it in the shower, in the bath, or at the pool.


  • Hand pump allows you to have complete control of inflation
  • Realistic details from the base of the shaft to the tip
  • Most inflatable toy on this list


  • Made of latex
  • No vibration or speed settings

Best for anal:

The Booty Sweller — $35.00

According to the Adam and Eve page for this product, the sex toy retailer has sold more than 10,000 of these Booty Swellers—so it’s clearly a star in its own right. “This starts off at about 1.5 inches wide and six inches long and can blow up to almost double its size,” says Luquin. “It features a wide base so you can feel safe using it anally.” In terms of pleasure, Luquin adds, the curved shape and ridges across the shaft allow for incredible prostate stimulation.

This toy is similar to the Cock Locker pick from above in that it also doesn’t have a power source. For that reason, you can bring it into any body of water. Additionally, because this toy is made of latex and not silicone, it’s compatible with silicone-based lubes, as well as water-based lubes. It’s worth noting that some users noticed this toy’s tip doesn’t inflate as much as its shaft.


  • Designed as an anal dildo
  • Compatible with water-based and silicone-based lubes
  • Submersible


  • Made of latex
  • No vibration or speed settings

Best vibrating anal plug:

Bubble Butt Inflatable Vibrating Anal Plug — $128.00

The Booty Sweller is the best inflatable sex toy for anal play, sure, but it doesn’t vibrate—and some folks prefer that. If that sounds like you, meet the Bubble Butt Inflatable Vibrating Anal Plug. It’s a remote-controlled, vibrating, and inflatable anal plug that has two balls on the shaft for pleasurable insertion. What’s particularly neat about this toy is that it has a max-inflation button so that you can expand it all in one fell swoop.

The Bubble Butt is a great toy because you can stimulate the P-spot without removing the plug from your body,” says Stewart, adding that the P-spot is the prostate. “What’s also great about this toy is the ergonomic design, which enables you to keep it in place without the fear of it coming out or going all the way in.” This butt plug has seven vibrating speeds and rhythms, as well as an easy-to-use remote control.


  • Safe ergonomic base
  • Seven vibrating speeds
  • Multiple balls to customize girth


  • Not compatible with silicone-based lube
  • Not submersible

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