Out of the Hundreds of Popular Loungewear Brands, These Are the Ones Our Editors Can’t Stop Wearing

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By now, you know there's a sea of loungewear and athleisure sets out there to wade through. Like, a lot. I would say too much, but I don't think there's such a thing as too much loungewear (mind you , this is coming from a person who has refused to wear hard pants since the start of the pandemic.)

That being said, some of the loungewear out there is, well, lackluster. Some sets are comfy, sure, only to fall apart after one cycle through the washing machine. Others aren't comfortable at all—they're either too stiff or too baggy, or too warm, or not warm enough. Loungewear, my friends, is complicated.

Considering how many athleisure sets have com across my desk at Well+Good, I consider myself—and my colleagues—experts in all-things comfortable. Here at W+G, we've worn our fair share sweats, from everything to little black bike shorts to full-blown sweater suits. In short, we have cozy down pat.

So, we have rallied together to help you navigate the stormy seas of this season's loungewear. If you're on the hunt for a luxe new set, take it from our in-house cozy aficionados—these are the only loungewear sets you should buy.

Our editors have spoken—these are the best loungewear sets for ultimate comfort

Summersalt, Coziest Cashmere Hoodie + Jogger

"Last year during peak pandemic, I gifted myself this loungewear set as a way to live my best life without leaving my home and I'm so obsessed that I'm buying one for my sister for Christmas this year," says W+G senior food writer Emily Lawrence.  "This set is peak lounging luxury. Truly, what's better than buttery cashmere?"

ThirdLove, WonderRib Sleep Hoodie + Legging

If you think ThirdLove only makes bras, think again. The lingerie brand's loungewear has won the hearts of staffers like Gina Vaynshteyn, commerce editor for W+G.

"I already love ThirdLove's bras, so I wasn't surprised how much I like their WonderRib legging and top set," she says. "It's definitely a thinner material (think watching movies in bed vs. taking the dog on a walk), but it's comfortable, soft, and ideal for LA weather since it's not at all heavy—but it is cozy. It's definitely hard to take off in the morning and swap for regular day clothing."

Tkees, The Classic Crew + Joggers

If I'm at home and it's even the slightest bit chilly outside, there's a decent chance I'm wearing this Tkees set. It's perfectly baggy without feeling saggy or shapeless. There's something about putting on the outfit together—crew + joggers—that makes me feel totally put together yet effortlessly unkempt. You'll get what I mean when you put it on.

Vuori, Performance Jogger + Hoodie

Just because Vuori's performance apparel is made for the gym doesn't mean you have to wear it to workout.

"I don't think I realized how much I love this set until I noticed how often I was wearing it. It absolutely became one of my—if not the single—most-worn outfits of the pandemic," says Alexis Berger, lifestyle director at W+G. "As one of those people who buys things she loves in every color available, I also appreciate being able to mix-and-match with different styles and hues in the collection. "

Viva La Bonita, Lavender Cloud Tie Dye Sweatshirt + Sweatpants

W+G lifestyle writer Natalie Arroyo Camacho adores these pieces from Viva La Bonita, an LA-based lifestyle brand owned and inspired by Latinx women. "This purple tie dye set is not only gorgeous, it's also aptly named—it really does feel like you're wrapped in a cloud!" she says. "That said, if you're someone who requires pockets in your sets, you might want to consider another option."

Sir Cadian, V-Neck Tee + Sleep Short

I got this set for my boyfriend and now it is mine. Why? Because it's one of the lushest things I've ever laid my hands on. The material is so velvety, it's like wearing butter. It doesn't hurt that the shorts feature a cool, funky print, either. Sorry, boyfriend—you're not getting these back.

Lunya, Cotton Silk Cropped Tank + Pants

Ali Finney, W+G deputy editor of brand initiatives, loves all-things Lunya, specifically the brand's line of stunning cotton silk collection.

"Lunya’s whole mix-and-match vibe has me wondering what set is best: Relaxed on top, leggings on bottom? Cropped on top, flow-y on bottom?" she says. "For now, I’ll be snagging these cozy cotton silk relaxed pants paired with the silk crop top. Tomorrow, I’ll probably reverse it and buy the cozy cotton silk ribbed leggings and the reversible to match."

Jambys, JamTee + Jambys

If your main concern is comfort, then you can’t go wrong with "performance inactive-wear" from Jambys. "The styles are really roomy, so much so that it gives me that cozy feeling of wearing my boyfriend’s hoodie and clothes," says senior commerce writer, Taylor Bell. "I also appreciate that the fabric is lightweight so that I can even wear it to bed without feeling too hot."

Naadam, Cashmere Duster + Recycled Joggers

"There's nothing more luxe than lounging in head-to-toe cashmere, " says Kara Brown, beauty writer for W+G. "I love pairing Naadam's Cashmere Cropped Tank Top with the Recycled Cashmere Joggers. Top the look off with the Cashmere Duster Cardigan and you're dripping in comfort."

Aerie, Pretty Back Sweatshirt + Everyday High Waisted Short

Last, but definitely not least, is this Aerie set that feels like a luxury set minus the hefty, luxury price tag. You will never want to take off these shorts—they're slightly baggy and A-line, giving you a cool, these-are-my-boyfriends-boxers, feel. Pair it with this open-back crew for a slightly sexy look you'll want to lounge in all day, every day.

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