Didn’t Pack Your Makeup Bag? These Are the Best Beauty Stores Around the World, According to Reddit

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Only once you've finally fastened your seat belt on the airplane and are preparing for takeoff (i.e., dabbing on some relaxing essential oils and applying your go-to moisturizing lip balm), it hits you: You forgot to pack your makeup bag for your international trip. Well, before having a total meltdown, take a few deep breaths because it's all going to be okay. How? There are plenty of trustworthy, cult-beloved beauty stores around the globe for your product-stocking your needs. Heck, chalk up the immersive experience to a notch on your transformative travel belt.

In a recent Reddit thread, users posted their favorite places to shop for makeup while traveling, whether to replace something they ran out of while away from home or to grab some cool new goodies that aren't even available elsewhere. From Mexico and Japan to Turkey and Australia, here are the top user-selected picks. You might even end up with some worldly products that'll replace your former go-tos for good, after all.

These are the best beauty stores around the world, according to Redditors.

1. Australia

The best stores: Myer, David Jones, Mecca

Brands to shop: Inika, Eye of Horus

2. England

The best stores: Boots, Superdrug, Tesco, Asda

Brands to shop: Makeup Revolution, Barry M, Gosh

3. Germany

The best stores: DM, Müller, Rossmann, BioMarkt

Brands to shop: Alverde, Balea

4. Ireland

The best stores: Boots, Debenhams, Brown Thomas

Brands to shop: CatriceBourjois

5. Italy

The best stores: Kiko, Acqua & Sapone

Brands to shop: Neve Cosmetics, Pupa Milano

6. Japan

The best stores: Don Quijote, Isetan

Brands to shop: Canamake, Kiss Me Heroine

7. Mexico

The best stores: BellísimaSanborns

Brands to shop: Ere Peréz, BissúAdaraPai Pai

8. The Netherlands

The best stores: DouglasICI Paris XLKruidvat, Trekpleister, Etos

Brands to shop: Ellis FaasZoeva

9. Peru

The best stores: Ripley, Saga Falabella

Brands to shop: Ésika, Cyzone, and L'Bel

10. Turkey

The best stores: Watsons, Gratis, Sevil

Brands to shop: Golden Rose, Note Cosmetics, Alix Avien

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