A Dermatologist Ranks Her Top 5 Favorite Mario Badescu Products

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Ever since esthetician Mario Badescu set up shop in New York City in 1967, people flocked to his salon to get dreamy facials. Not long after that, he began concocting his own skin-care line that has since grown to be a cult favorite.

Now, Mario Badescu has over 150 products, one for every specific skin concern you could ever imagine. Whether you've come across the signature green logo on the shelves at Sephora or Urban Outfitters, or you've read about the brand's iconic Drying Lotion ($17), there's a high chance you've picked up one a Mario Badescu skin-care product before. If you haven't—or if you love the brand and want more—cosmetic dermatologist Ife Rodney, MD, of Eternal Dermatology is ranking her top five favorite Mario Badescu products... none of which cost more than $30.

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  • Ife J. Rodney, MD, FAAD, board-certified dermatologist and dermapathologist, founding director of Eternal Dermatology in Maryland.

1. Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser, $16

Photo: Mario Badescu

The all-star alpha-hydroxy acid glycolic acid is the key ingredient of this potent, but gentle cleanser. "This exfoliating wash breaks up dead cells in clogged pores, and effectively targets dull, discolored skin," says Dr. Rodney, who recommends using it twice a week in place of your regular cleanser for a skin reset.

Shop now: Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser, $16

2. Mario Badescu The Moisture Magnet SPF 15, $24

Photo: Mario Badescu

If you're in need of moisture within skin, this light cream will give your skin a big splash of hydration and a dash of sun protection to boot. "This formula seals in moisture using sesame seed oil, and also contains potent antioxidants vitamin E and ferulic acid," says Dr. Rodney. The best part of all, according to her? "The silky texture makes it an ideal base to apply foundation and other makeup." Consider it a moisturizer and a primer, all in one.

Shop now: Mario Badescu The Moisture Magnet SPF 15, $24

3. Mario Badescu Herbal Hydrating Serum, $30

Photo: Mario Badescu

Dr. Rodney is a fan of this multi-purpose gel-serum, which is formulated with a mix of radiance boosters. "This oil-free serum gives a dewy, glowing complexion without the excess shine," she says (so great news for oily skin types). "The ceramides, ginseng, and ginkgo extracts make it soothing for all skin types." Since it's so light and filled with soothing ingredients, she says that you can use it in a number of ways, whether in place of your daily moisturizer, as a serum before your moisturizer, or layered over your moisturizer for an extra glow.

Shop now: Mario Badescu Herbal Hydrating Serum, $30

4. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, $17

Photo: Mario Badescu

Also in Dr. Rodney's lineup? The much-revered Drying Lotion, which sucks up whiteheads like a champ. "At times, even the best skin-care routine may not prevent a breakout," she says. "For a quick fix, this lotion, which contains salicylic acid, zinc, and calamine, can be used as a spot treatment to calm inflamed pimples, cysts, and ingrown hairs." The pimple-busting formula also contains sulfur, which is a mineral that zaps away acne-causing bacteria.

Shop now: Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, $17

5. Mario Badescu Drying Mask, $18

Photo: Mario Badescu

Another classic Mario Badescu product to turn to for clogged pores? The Drying Mask, which Dr. Rodney recommends for acne-prone skin types. "This mask draws out excess oil while calming the skin with cucumber and calamine," she says, noting that it should be used just once or twice a week. With sulfur in the cream, it's sort of like the Drying Lotion in mask form (hence its rave reviews from both beauty lovers and dermatologists).

Shop now: Mario Badescu Drying Mask, $18

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