These Sensual Massage Candles Feel Incredible—And Set the Mood

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Few things are better than a romantic night in followed by a sensual, tantalizing massage. But an indulgent back massage with a massage candle? Now that's something that sparks our fire. Sure, edible lubes and flirty sex games can turn things on. But if you're looking for a way to really fan the flames of your relationship, give an oily candle a good burn (just keep in mind that massage candles don't actually burn you since they're made from a special kind of oil—we'll get into that in a bit).

Uh, what exactly is a massage candle? 

Glad you asked. Massage candles are a certain type of body-safe candle to be used in wax play, a form of consensual foreplay that involves wax drippings. As Violet C., a pleasure coach and education curator for sex-positive virtual community Hacienda, previously explained to us, wax play is a risk-aware facet of BDSM where you spark a (safe) candle, let it get melty, and pour the drippings onto you or your partner. Sometimes these drippings get hard and texturized, adding a little bit of zing when you pull them off. With massage candles, they get melty and soft, perfect for oiling each other up after a long day.

"Sensation play involves the enhancement of senses through deprivation of others, controlled applications of pain, and anticipation—which can all be a really exciting part of engaging in wax play," C said. "It’s temperature play because of the playing with extreme temperatures—in this case, heat. It’s also considered edge play. Because we are literally playing with fire, it has the potential to cause legitimate bodily harm to a person, so it is on the 'edge' of what is considered within the typical guides of safety."

Now, please don't go lighting up any old candle you have laying around the house. If you want to heat things up, do it with a specific massage candle (preferably one from the list below.) "[Massage candles] are soft and turn into massage-like oils after hitting the skin," said C. "The use of this type of candle can allow the scene to easily flow into a more sensual, massage scene, while still exploring the excitement and sensations of wax."

These candles also skip out on any irritating chemicals or strange ingredients that can upset your skin and/or your sexy areas. Ingredients like soy, vitamin E, coconut oil—these are the waxes you want to smooth into your skin. That's what's gonna stoke your fire. Note: Massage candles should not be a substitute for lubricant, and should not be used on genitals.

Burn, baby, burn with these sensual massage candles

Maude, Burn No. 1 — $30.00

Smells like: warm amber, tonka bean, and cedar leaf

W+G editors fangirl over Maude for its simple-yet-sexy line of goodies to spice up the bedroom. Its massage candle is no different—Burn No. 1 (and No. 0 and No. 2) are made with an oil-based wax that’s free from any weird chemicals or ingredients that might upset your skin. Light it up and wait for the oil to melt before dripping it directly onto your (or your lovers’) body and swoon over the silky, smooth texture. Thanks to the blend of jojoba and soybean oils, skin is left softer long after playtime ends.

What customers say:I love this so much! It works sooo well! And for such a small jar you can get a lot out of it… totally worth trying.” — Maude customer

Cake, Sex Candle — $7.00

Smells like: clean pine and fresh mint

You don’t need to break the bank to treat yourself to a sensual night in. These sex candles from Cake retail for just $7 a pop, which has us burnin’ with desire for the price alone. They’re vegan, gluten-free, and free from the laundry list of no-nos that can cause skin to freak out. And the oil itself? Totally divine. Nab either the Pine or the Mint for $7 each, or stock up on both for just $12.

What customers say:Was nervous at first it would hurt, but it felt amazing! Only regret I didn’t get it sooner.” — Cake customer

Lelo, Flickering Touch Massage Candle — $35.00

Smells like: vanilla bean and creme de cacao

This is a sexy candle. Just look at it: Between the sultry black votive, shiny chrome, and mysterious, minimalist packaging, it’s alluring solely for aesthetics. Layer on its dreamy, skin-loving wax and the decadent scent? Prepare to never want to leave the bedroom ever again. If the vanilla scent isn’t your thing, it also comes in a snowpear/cedarwood combo and spicy black pepper/pomegranate smell. Yum.

What customers say: “Love that this leaves the lingering scent that reminds [me] of having dessert in the forest. Nice, soothing and natural, and covers up the post-sex sweaty smell!” — Lelo customer

Melony, Edible Massage Candle — $17.00

Smells like: creamy coconut

A candle you can drip, flick, and lick? Yes, please. The Melony candle is made from 100 percent natural ingredients, like jojoba oil, soybean oil, coconut oil, and grapeseed oil. That means it’s ridiculously nourishing on skin and safe to eat, taking your wax play to a whole new level. Note the handle on the side of the votive, which allows for easy pouring—nice.

What customers say: “The massage wax candles are nicely scented, and are the perfect warmth, at least for me. I’ve had some that are very hot, and some that are actually a bit cool. These seem perfect.” — Amazon customer


Lucky Thirteen Candle Co., Peaceful Sleep Massage Candle — $25.00

Smells like: soothing lavender

The best way to wind down after a hectic day is lathering up with this soothing lavender candle from Lucky Thirteen Candle Co. Like the others on this list, it’s made with all-natural wax, so you’ll get the cleanest, safest burn. The kicker is that lovely lavender scent, which relaxes muscles and will send you off to dream land before you know it.

What customers say:Arrived fast and packaged nicely. The scent is light and therapeutic. You can’t go wrong with a candle that double as massage oil and a portion going to charity.” — Lucky Thirteen Candle Co. customer

Jimmyjane, Afterglow Santal — $42.00

Smells like: smokey leather, warm santal, and lemon

Relish in the afterglow of this indulgent massage candle from Jimmyjane. Skin just sucks up the nourishing ingredients, like vitamin E and aloe. As for the scent, it’s a warm escape that seduces your senses (and feels ah-mazing on your muscles to boot).

What customers say: Love LOVE LOVE these candles, the scent is soooo good it makes me feel like I’m on a weekend vacation!” — Jimmyjane customer


Good Clean Love, Caribbean Rose Massage Candle — $30.00

Smells like: frankincense, vetiver, and rose

Good Clean Love is all about body-safe, organic sexual wellness and hygiene products that elevate your bedroom experiences. Lubes, condoms, vaginal wipes, moisturizers—you name it, and you can find it here, including this floral massage candle that will have you lit up in the best way possible. In addition to its natural wax blend, the wick is 100 percent cotton, making it safe and eco-friendly. Spark it up, let it melt, and let the oil work its magic.

What customers say: “Wonderful romantic experience using this gift! Great aroma, very soothing and calming! Combined with the Caribbean Rose oil, it is heavenly!” — Good Clean Love customer

Dedcool, 01 "Taunt" Massage Candle — $55.00

Smells like: bergamot, amber, and vanilla

True to its name, “Taunt” will taunt your senses. Dedcool is beloved by W+G editors for its effortlessly cool line of genderless fragrances that are nontoxic, vegan, and oh-so-heavenly. Enter, this massage candle that’s just as nice. The ingredients are one thing, but that dark, moody smell? C’mon baby, light my fire…

What customers say: I’m in love with this candle. It smells incredible, burns nicely and the massage oil is AMAZING. It soaks right into your skin, it isn’t greasy and is heavily scented… Functional AND beautiful,” — Dedcool customer

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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