The Massage Pillow That Prevents the Achy Aftermath of One Too Many Binge-Watching Sessions Is On Sale Right Now

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Despite being cooped up at home for months, I've spent hour upon hour with some very dear friends. Before you come at me, I should probably say those friends are named Jim and Pam; Serena and Blair; and Dawson and Joey... among too many others to name. But while I love nothing more than curling up at night with a bowl of popcorn and my favorite TV show, my back would prefer otherwise. Luckily, there's one thing we can agree on: This massage pillow is amazing, and it's currently on sale.

The HoMedics Cordless Shiatsu Massage Pillow with Heat—which is normally $80 but now on sale for $51—was basically made for binge-watchers like me. You can use it on your back as you're sitting on the couch, or put it behind your neck while you're lying down. Either way, you get a feel-good Shiatsu massage that kneads deep into your muscles, helping prevent the aches and pains you'd experience after being asked "Are you still watching?" one too many times. Aside from the kneading, there's also a heating element, which makes the massage an even more soothing experience. Yep, this is pretty much self-care at its finest.

Shop Now: HoMedics Cordless Shiatsu Massage Pillow with Heat, $51 (Regularly $80)

While this massage pillow is great for loosening up tight muscles from lounging on the couch, it's also a must-have for long days of sitting at a desk. It's like having a personal masseuse: The direction of the massage switches every few minutes, just like you'd experience with someone's hands. It's nice after a hard workout, too. You can also place it under your legs to massage your thighs and calves, or use it on your feet.

After the charge runs out—which lasts for about an hour—you simply plug it back in and get it ready for the next day. At this point, I'm not really sure how I ever binge-watched season upon season without it.

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