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These are the 5 Best Mattress Toppers for Every Sleep Concern

Saanya Ali

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These days, having a good (like really good) night's sleep is synonymous to finding two matching socks on the first try or actually finishing the Sunday crossword without hints—discouragingly difficult, but not impossible. While there are many tips to help you fall asleep quicker and tricks to keep you snoozing through the night, the ultimate key to a good night's sleep is a comfy mattress. That said, when it comes to finding the perfect one, the search can be long, the price tag can be painful, and in this new world of not being able to lie on fifteen different options at a store to Goldilocks-out the situation, it's hard to know what will work best for you. The good news is that there's a less pricey, lower stakes solution to your quandary. Enter: mattress toppers. Mattress toppers are a great easy fix to make your bed that much more comfy, and are even a great option for times when you leave home, like going off to college or renting an Airbnb on a long holiday, because they are pretty easy to transport.

When it comes to finding the perfect mattress topper for you, there are a whole host of questions to ask yourself: Do I want a pillow-like one to make my bed softer or one that's firmer and offers more support? Should I prioritize temperature regulation or opt for pressure-relieving memory foam? Are there brands that are hypoallergenic? With no one-size-fits-all solution to the topper situation, these are the 5 best mattress toppers on the market, for whatever your sleep woes may be.

Best for added softness: TEMPUR-Pedic Topper Supreme, $399

tempur-pedic mattress topper
Photo: TEMPUR-Pedic

For an all around softer sleep, this three-inch topper from TEMPUR-Pedic comes in both the standard model, which provides a generous, pillow-y feel to the top of your mattress, and the cooling model with has a cool-to-touch cover, perfect for if you sleep hot.

Shop now: TEMPUR-Pedic Topper Supreme, $399

Best for added firmness: Linenspa Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper, $60

Photo: Amazon
With nearly 36,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, this two-inch mattress topper is great for adding a touch more firmness and support to your bed. Reviewers tout the gel infusion for its temperature-regulating properties and for helping minimize morning aches and pains.

Shop now: Linenspa Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper, $60

Best memory foam option: Egg Crate Memory Foam Topper, $76

Photo: Amazon

This three-inch memory foam topper does so much more than come in the perfect Easter egg purple. The responsive active suspension isolates movement, so you don't have to wake up if your partner is tossing or turning.

Shop now: Egg Crate Memory Foam Topper, $76

Best temperature-regulating option: Sleep Number Dualtemp Individual Layer, $800

sleep number mattress pad
Photo: Sleep Number

Sharing a bed? This mattress pad is the perfect solution to you waking up with night sweats and your partner shivering under the duvet. The topper comes in half-sizes so they fit just your side of the bed, and can be made to be both cooler and warmer, depending on your preference.

Shop now: Sleep Number Dualtemp Individual Layer, $800

Best hypoallergenic option: Brooklinen Down Alternative Mattress Topper, $108

Brooklinen mattress topper
Photo: Brooklinen

With a 100 percent cotton shell and a micro gel fill, this topper is both soft and hypoallergenic. No midnight sneeze attacks or feathers floating around to worry about. The best part is that the tufted construction means that the fill is and stays evenly distributed throughout the pad.

Shop now: Brooklinen Down Alternative Mattress Topper, $108

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