The 11 Best Meditation Cushions To Support Your Spine and Take Pressure Off Your Hips While Sitting Cross-Legged

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If you want to get the most out of your daily meditation practice, you might need more than just a private room and some peace and quiet. It’s also important that your body stays comfortably seated when you begin so that you can focus wholeheartedly on centering your thoughts and intentions. And for that, meditations cushions are an invaluable accessory to have in your quest to reach your higher self.

Unlike traditional pillows and blankets that you can also use, many meditation cushions are uniquely designed to support your body’s natural alignment and can take pressure off on your hips while sitting in the standard cross-legged meditative pose.

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Best meditation cushions at a glance

“One of the primary reasons to sit upon a meditation cushion is to allow the body to feel as comfortable and supported as possible,” says Noom fitness coach and yoga instructor Jennifer Seale. "Sukhasana (easy pose), the traditional cross-legged seated posture for meditation, is not always accessible, especially for those with tight hips or limited mobility. Meditation cushions can alleviate unnecessary pressure and tightness so the practitioner can focus less on discomfort, and more on their mindful practice."

Additionally, meditation pillows are great for providing your back and lower body with stability, says yoga teacher and healer, Alexandra Plante. "A cushion acts as a stabilizer for your hips and spine," says Plante. "A straight spine isn't just for looks—it facilitates improved breathing and circulation of blood (to get re-oxygenated) and energies moving up and down your spine. In this way, you can think of a cushion as a tool to help your body be set up for success."

Types of meditation cushions

In general, meditation pillows fall into one of two categories: zafu and zabuton. Zafu cushions are the most popular for seated support since they allow the knees to drop below the hips and help keep your spine aligned. They’re usually round, smaller, firmer and filled with materials like buckwheat hulls, kapok, cotton, and polyester. On the flip side, zabuton cushions are rectangular and are often used to support your knees while you’re sitting on a zafu pillow. Though, it's not wrong to use a zabuton pillow on its own, too.

What to look for in a meditation cushion

When looking for a cushion, consider the product's height, size, shape, durability and washability. (Pro tip: For those who are tall or have less flexibility and mobility in your hips, stick with something that gives you a higher lift off the ground). But ultimately, comfort is what matters. “Meditation cushions come in all different sizes, heights and shapes," says founder of Zen Mommy Jessica Gershman. "You should try out a variety of cushions to see which one is most comfortable for your body shape and flexibility.”

Below are some of the best meditation cushions to, quite literally, support your mindful practice.

Best meditation cushions

florensi cushion 2
Best budget: Florensi Meditation Cushion — $40.00

With nearly 1,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, this Florensi Meditation cushion is a true fan favorite, and for good reason. According to Gershman, it’s the perfect size to “fit most mediations comfortably” and is easy to sit on for long periods of time. Plus, the buckwheat fill gives it a nice sturdiness and durability over time.


-Removable buckwheat filling
-Machine-washable cover
-Available in crescent shape
-Size is standard for most meditations


Best rectangular: Manduka Enlight Rectangular Bolster — $75.00

“If you want a meditation cushion that has duel purpose, I recommend the Manduka rectangular yoga bolster,” says Gershman. “It will elevate your hips to a more comfortable position and [it] also can be used in restorative yoga postures to optimize your body’s ability to relax.”


-Removable cover
-Absorbent fabric to pick up moisture
-Easy carry-on handle
-Soft to the touch
-Features 30% recycled polyester fiber fill
-Supportive for yoga

-Light support

Mindful Modern Meditation Bench Set
Best mat and bench: Mindful and Modern Meditation Bench Set — $140.00

If you struggle with knee pain when you sit cross-legged, this meditation set may be able to ease some of your discomfort. The small bamboo bench stands 7.5 inches high off the ground to give those with tighter hips more flexibility and allow you to relax your knees comfortably below your hips. It also comes with a supportive zabuton mat to help take pressure off your knees while holding Sukhasana pose.

-Easy storage
-Foldable bench
-Includes large zabuton mat
-1 year warranty

-Limited colors

Brentwood home meditation cushion
Best sustainable: Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Oval Meditation Yoga Cushion — $59.00

This meditation cushion is a win for both comfort and sustainability. It features an organic cotton liner and buckwheat fill that you can remove to create more or less firmness. Additionally, the pillow is not too high off the ground and comes with a very soft-knit cover. “I have several products from this company for my at-home practice,” says Plante. “I actually use two of their products for meditation. Designed by a yoga teacher in California, I appreciate the thought, care, and efforts towards sustainability of the company.”

-Buckwheat fill is removable
-Sturdy handle for easy storage and transport
-Ideal for both yoga and meditation practices
-Made with non-toxic materials

-Limited colors

bean products meditation cushion
Best extra-large: Bean Products Round Zafu & Zabuton Meditation Cushion Set — $105.00

Find your inner peace with these zafu and zabuton meditation cushions from Bean Products. Made to help reduce knee, foot, and lower back pain, this set features a cotton canvas cover that is soft to the touch and easy to sit on. The extra large size zabuton pillow also provides plenty of coverage for your knees and ankles to rest on while sitting on hardwood floors.


-Round or oval zafu cushion available
-Durable cotton canvas cover
-Organic buckwheat fill

-Hard to store

Cushion Lab meditation set
Best ergonomic: Cushion Lab Mindful Meditation Cushion Set — $149.00

The best part of this meditation set is its design. The zafu cushion is slightly angled to better relieve lower back pain and elevate your hips forward. Additionally, it’s packed with a blend of memory foam, polyester fiber, and polymer beads to provide more ergonomic support. “This cushion is great for those with tight hips and hardwood floors,” says yoga and meditation instructor, Veronica Fernandez at The Lodge at Woodloch Spa and Resort in Pennsylvania.


-Includes soft ankle pillow
-Stays in place with faux-suede lining
-Washable covers
-Super comfy
-Made with eco-friendly materials

-Limited colors

Moonlight print cushion
Best overstuffed: Moonlight Print Sunrise Ocean Mid Century Modern Style Floor Pillow — $78.00

Made with polyester, this Moonlight Print pillow is more than just for supporting your spine during Sukhasana pose. “These are large, soft cushions,” says Fernandez. “They are large enough to also be used as a bolster under the knees when lying down, or a pillow for the head.”

-Available in round and square
-Keeps firmness over time
-Bar-tack center stitch to prevents rips and tears
-Plush polyester cover

-Round size is smaller than square

Brentwood Home meditation cushion square
Best splurge: Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Square Meditation Cushion — $148.00

While pricey, this Brentwood Home cushion is totally worth the extra coins. At 27 by 27 inches, this luxe zabuton pillow is big and wide enough to support your lower body on its own. The cotton cover is also GOTS certified organic and packed with a vegan buckwheat fill.


-Removable cover
-Sturdy handle for easy storage
-Made with non-toxic and sustainable materials
-Super durable


Half Moon meditation cushion
Best linen: Halfmoon Linen Round Meditation Cushion — $86.00

For Kino MacGregor, author and Ashtanga Yoga instructor, any one of Halfmoon’s linen meditation cushions provides great support for your body. But the six-inch height on this cushion is perfect to help relax tension in your hips. Also, the buckwheat filling can be removed so you can control the seat’s firmness.

-Great for tight hips
-Can be used for seated yoga positions

-No casing to hold buckwheat filling

Gaim zafu meditation cushion
Best round: Gaim Zafu Mediation Cushion — $45.00

If you’re looking for a standard, easy-to-use meditation cushion, consider this option from Gaiam. Whether you like to sit on your heels or criss-crossed, this pillow has got your back (literally). It’s designed to help improve posture and provide pressure relief.

-Standard height for most meditations
-Keeps it shape

-Very firm

love my mat bolster cushion
Best extra long: Love My Mat Pacific Yoga Bolster — $120.00

This Love My Mat bolster pillow is designed to support the entire length of your spine so you get full support when lying down. “Long bolsters which can be used in yoga classes are great for under the knees to support you lower back in a lying down meditation,” says meditation teacher and astrologer, Lisa Kiss. “Personally I am fan of lying down and meditating and using a bolster under my knees. It is much more relaxing and easier to set into the meditation.”

-Removable cover
-Fill is 100% natural cotton
-Multiple colors

-Extra long

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