Start Every Day the Right Way With the Best Morning Routine for Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

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If you’ve ever shared a bathroom with siblings or had roommates, you’re probably well aware that anyone's unique personality can factor into your routine and wake-up styles. Some people are up early, making themselves an egg-white omelette and cherishing a few minutes for themselves before embarking on the day; others are late risers who prefer to browse their feeds before truly turning on their minds for work.

How do you start your day? And more importantly, what's the best morning routine for you? Your Myers-Briggs personality type can shed light on how you wake up best, and why that's your “thing.” (Don’t know what your MBTI is? Read this first!) Below, get some insight into what might stoke your creativity, according to you personality type.

Start every day right with the best morning routine for you, according to your Myers-Briggs personality type

Myers-Briggs types and romantic relationships
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You love to start the day with a time for reflection. Meditation or prayer can feel very centering before you tackle your to-do list—just a pause to feel thankful and reflect on what matters the most to you is a great place to start. Apps like Headspace and Simple Habit are right up your alley.


ESFJs often wake up with boundless energy, and about six or seven people to contact immediately—after checking in with social feeds, of course. You prefer to get plans into motion as soon as you rise, whether it’s checking in with a colleague about the project you’re co-leading at work or making sure your dinner date is set.


You prefer to wake up slowly and take your time on vacations and weekends. However, you’re diligent; if you’ve got an early meeting at work, you’re up and prepping for the day as soon as you can. You have a great understanding of when to rest and when to get to work—you just have to stick to it.


ESTJs are the types who never hit snooze. Your brain wakes up the moment your body does, and you’re already thinking about your to-do list. You’re likely an early riser and prefer to get tasks accomplished as soon as possible at both work and at home. Doing so helps you feel better the entire day.

Myers-Briggs types and romantic relationships
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On good days, ESFPs are up and doing something as soon as the alarm rings. A workout, cleaning the house, cooking breakfast—it all makes you feel productive. Sometimes though, you tend to sulk and let your emotions get the best of you. If you’re in a funk of waking up late and missing plans, make sure you plan a task for first thing in the morning (and then hold yourself accountable to it).


ISFPs hate having a set schedule and typically don’t do well with a nine-to-five lifestyle. You prefer to let your creative energy power you through your day, whenever it happens to show up. Just remember: Your a very kinesthetic person. If you’re struggling to get going in the morning, try a long scenic walk or a workout at the gym to begin your day. Doing so might kick-start your brain, too.


If you have energy, you're expending it, which means you’re an early riser most days—especially if there’s work to do. You’re happy to be the first one in the office and the last to leave, but ever the work-hard, play-hard type, sometimes your free time can go on overload.


ISTPs generally like to wake up a bit slower. Maybe you'll watch some informative videos while you’re still in bed, or maybe read a book before starting your day. You like to get your brain firing on all cylinders before you’re ready to get moving, but you’re methodical; you know when it’s time to get out from under the covers and get into your day.

Myers-Briggs types and romantic relationships
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Memes, humor columns, interacting with friends…you wake up slowly, but your mind is very busy from the moment you open your eyes. You have no set routines and can sometimes get a bit scattered or delayed, so you'd be wise to schedule into your calendar the 30 minutes you need in order to get out of bed.


INFPs like to hang around in bed for a while before diving into their to-do lists. You love to explore ideas in quiet, whether it’s a political article that pops up in your Twitter feed or a hilarious meme a friend sent you. If you get some meaningful intellectual stimulation early in that day, you’re usually happy because of it.


Creatures of habit, diligence and routine, ENFJs waste no time in the morning. You get up, make a healthy breakfast, and usually have your entire week planned out down to the minute. While it’s great to be an early-riser and a go-getter, you can sometimes miss the joy of a having lazy morning with your partner, or simply making yourself some breakfast-in-bed and calling a good friend. Don’t rush every single day; find time to take it slower.


While you thrive on structure and are hard-working, your favorite morning is simply waking up with a partner, slowly, with maybe a little physical intimacy sprinkled in for good measure.

Myers-Briggs types and romantic relationships
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INTJs have no morning routine. Every day is different, mostly because you consider “thinking” and “processing” to be line items on a successful schedule. Others would say you wake up slowly and quietly, consuming the news, brainstorming ideas, and eventually getting out the door. But you know yourself well, and you need that hour of quiet time in order to charge your batteries to interact and accomplish later in the day.


INTPs tend to be night owls who are slow to rise in the morning. If you could, you’d lay in bed until noon, looking at memes. While there’s certainly a time and place for that, try planning to accomplish your hardest task of the next day first thing when you wake up, and set a deadline for getting it done. You’re most productive when you task your brain with working on an analytical challenge.


Your dominant function is extraverted intuition, which means you're always thinking of possibilities for the day. This can delay your progress to get moving, because you’d rather engage your brain through reading and web-scanning right when you wake up. If you’re struggling to check boxes on your to-do list, try slotting your reading and internet-browsing for lunchtime instead. It’s still essential for you to process information at a high volume, but doing so from bed can waste your most productive hours of the day.


ENTJs love waking up as much as they hate going to sleep. You’re always ready to get ready and get out the door in the morning—sometimes to the dismay of a romantic partner. While your leadership qualities and hard-working nature are admirable, don’t forget that waking up slowly can help increase intimacy. Try having one slow morning per week, especially if you’ve got a significant other.

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