5 Things That Actually Work To Control Mosquitos, According to an Entomologist

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Mosquito bites seem almost inevitable in the summer, but that doesn't mean we have to lie down and accept it as fate (even those of us who are especially appetizing to the insects). Being covered in itchy bumps is not my plan for the summer. But since it's tricky to choose the right mosquito repellent, I asked David Price, associate certified entomologist for Mosquito Joe, to explain exactly how to control mosquitos with products that actually work.

First, a few misconceptions about mosquito control: "Citronella candles are no more effective than any other candles. The smoke may keep mosquitoes away for a very short period," says Price. "Bug zappers only kill a small number of mosquitos. However, they will kill thousands of other flying insects and some of them prey on mosquitoes." Uh, yeah, not the intended result.

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  • David Price, chief entomologist and director of technical services at Mosquito Joe

"An effective mosquito control program requires removing mosquito breeding sources, applying a product to control mosquito larva where water removal isn’t possible, and the correct application of an adulticide, whether that is a synthetic or an environmentally-friendly product," says Price.

In order to control mosquitos in any outdoor space, you'll need the right products to target the source. These are the products Price recommends.

Mosquitos Control Products That Actually Work

Ortho Home Defense — $12.00

“This product has an active ingredient that affects adult mosquitoes when they land on foliage,” says Price.

Control Solutions Cyzmic CS — $35.00

Price says that this product has a slow-release, micro-encapsulated formula that gets adult mosquitos when they land on foliage.



Control Solutions Pivot 10 — $39.00

“This product is a liquid insect growth regulator that doesn’t allow the mosquito to pupate and become an adult,” says Price.

Summit Mosquito Dunks — $20.00

Made of a natural soil bacterium, these mosquito dunks target the larva and keep them from becoming adults, explains Price.


Rockwell Labs EcoVia MT — $43.00

Price recommends this product because it’s a blend of essential oils that’s specifically formulated to affect and repel mosquitos.


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