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7 Nespresso Machines That Make Pro-Worthy Coffee—According to Very Happy Reviewers

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That line from Field of Dreams—"if you build it, they will come"—rings in my head every time I'm shopping. I might not have an immediate use for something when I see it, but I can dream of a world in which it will be central to my day-to-day. Most recently, when I was wandering through some shops in Mexico City, I spotted a pair of ceramic cappuccino and espresso mugs that I could picture Future-Ali sipping from. And so, now I myself on the hunt for the best Nespresso machines and milk frothers to pair with these cups that I obviously bought.

In times like these, I find myself turning to reviewers who have been in the very spot that I find myself today, and when it comes to coffee and espresso, there are plenty of opinions. But first, some help from the pros. What should we look for in a good coffee machine? "Pricier machines deliver better coffee by maintaining a stable temperature throughout the brew process, which allows for even extraction," Cary Wong, coffee educator at Partners Coffee previously told Well+Good. “And when extraction is consistent, you get a nice balance of acidity, sweetness, and bitters in the final cup.”

However, adamant espresso drinkers note that there are also machines that don't take such a whack your wallet, and still provide a nice and flavorful cup for you to drink. Ready to see the lineup? Keep scrolling.


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Shop for the best Nespresso machines

Best splurge: Breville Black Truffle Creatista Plus Nespresso Brewer — $600.00

“I bought this machine three weeks ago, and have almost stopped drinking regular coffee,” writes one Caffeinated Guy. “Everything is easy and produces quality espresso and related drinks. I am guessing I have pushed about 50 capsules through the machine so far.”

Best budget: Nespresso by De'Longhi Matte Black Vertuo Next — $159.00

“Super-simple to operate; just be sure to slide the lever all the way over to lock or unlock. Delicious coffee and the cream on top is the best part. The only negative is that the website doesn’t call out other Nespresso pods cannot be used,” writes one reviewer. You also can’t beat the price.

Best for just espresso: Nespresso by De'Longhi Citiz Black Espresso Machine with Milk Frother — $319.00

“Amazing, I feel fancy as eff,” writes one reviewer. “Every morning and it’s amazing. The best coffee in the world.”

Best for coffee-like taste: Nespresso by Breville Vertuo Next Dark Chrome Bundle — $240.00

“One of the best things I’ve bought myself. Self care for me is waking up brewing a Nespresso latte over ice with blueberry lavender almond milk foam and a hint of honey,” writes one reviewer. “Sit outside on my balcony and take that first sip as the morning breeze says good morning! I love this self care Nespresso.”

Best for versatility: Nespresso by De'Longhi Expert Espresso Maker — $329.00

“I got this Nespresso set and I’m so glad I did! I love that it has 5 different coffee types to choose from so it’s great when I have guests over and everyone can enjoy what they like!” one reviewer writes. “I also love the frother that is included. On days where I don’t make coffee, I still use my frother for my matcha lattes and other drinks!”

Best for small spaces: Nespresso by De'Longhi Essenza Mini Black Espresso Maker Bundle — $199.00

“This has been the perfect addition to our coffee bar! Not only is it convenient, but the coffee is great, too. I love using it for my morning coffee or an afternoon pick me up,” one reviewer writes. “The size of the machine doesn’t take up too much counter space, which is always a plus.”

Easiest to clean: Nespresso Lattissima One Silky White Espresso Machine by De'Longhi — $400.00

“It is a great machine that gives you the ability to be able to take everything apart to clean it thoroughly. Also another plus is when you get done with the pods, they fall into a little trap that allows you to empty them in a recycling bag. Also the water container comes off with ease,” writes one reviewer.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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