The 7 Best New Sex Toys That We Tried and Loved

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It should come as no surprise that during these past few years—marked by new coronavirus variants, an intense midterm election, and rampant inflation—many of us were on the hunt for great stress-relief products. From calming CBD gummies to worry-wiping wearables, stress-relief pillows to shower steams, there is no shortage of stress-busting gizmos, gadgets, and gummies. But there’s another category of stress-erasing products that made waves, too: sex toys.

Indeed, while banging offers a number of wellness benefits (better sleep, immunity and heart-health boost, creativity, among others), the most notable perk of sex , as far as we're concerned, is that it can relieve stress. And who couldn't use a little less stress in their lives? (For the record: This perk stands even if you don’t orgasm!). Bonus: with adult toys, you have the option of playing with a partner or going solo, like by using a vibrator or other means, anytime you want (just avoid sharing sex toys and make sure you always clean your sex toys thoroughly). Add in some natural lubricants, and you're set.

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But which of the climax-inducing and calm-creating toys are best? The marketplace is crowded to cater to all kinds of preferences and pleasure seekers—whether you're looking for vibrators or sex toys for couples—giving you both the benefit of options and also choice paralysis.

To cut through the noise, we at Well+Good wanted to share our picks for the best sex toys to spice up your nighttime fun. Whether you're looking for something travel-sized, a vibrator for beginners, male sex toys, or more, there's something for everyone. We hope you enjoy these options as much as we did.

The 7 best sex toys that launched

1. A smaller, more travel-friendly take on a classic toy: Magic Wand Mini

If these were a round-up of the best sex toys of all time, the tried-and-true Magic Wand ($70) would be top of the list. But while people have been enjoying the microphone-sized vibrator since the 1960s, they’ve only been able to get down with its travel-friendly version, the Magic Wand Mini ($76), since this summer.

At just 9.5 inches long and 9.7 ounces, the Magic Wand Mini is 4 inches shorter and less than half the weight of the original massager—but not weaker. These size and weight reductions makes the Mini a better option for individuals with hand and wrist mobility or strength issues, as well as nomads or anyone in a LDR who travels frequently.

2. An innovative new way to stimulate the G-Spot: Womanizer OG

Odds are that by now you’ve heard of Womanizer (no, not the Britney Spears song). The luxury pleasure product company Womanizer put air-suction toys on the map (er, in the bedroom). This year, however, the brand released the Womanizer OG ($199), which is designed to target the G-spot with air suction—technology typically only reserved for clitoral stimulation.

“The pulse-y, throb-y feeling from the Pleasure Air technology feels like cunnilingus from the inside out, like someone is sensually licking the spongy wall of your G-spot while fingering you,” wrote Well+Good's associate commerce editor Francesca Krempa in her review of the toy earlier this year. (Uh, sold.) She noted that it’s best to use the toy externally before going straight inside because, well, foreplay.

3. An affordable clitoral stimulator: Cake Little Sucker

The Cake Little Sucker wins the “Biggest Bang For Your Buck” superlative. A fist-sized toy made from body-safe silicone, this toy is designed to please and tease your clit with suction (rather than vibration). To use it, simply lather your vulva and the mouth of the toy with a water- or oil-based lubricant, then press the “+” and “-” buttons until you figure out which of the 10 different intensity settings is best for you.

The oral-esque sensation the Little Sucker delivers is similar to what other clit-sucking vibrators and air-suction toys on the market provide. But this blue babe bests other oral stimulators with its price at just $42, while competitors can cost three or four times that.

4. A budget-friendly vibrator that does double duty: Dame Dip

On the topic of budget-friendly sex toys, meet the Dip ($49). A beginner-friendly vibrator, Dip is pleasure product company Dame’s take on a budget-friendly vibe, costing less than half of the price of the brand’s other luxury vibrators.

The love-child of a G-spot wand and lipstick vibrator, Dip can be used both externally and vaginally. It features both a triangulated edge for more pinpointed pleasure and a rounded end that helps disperse vibration across your entire vulva. As Alexandra Fine, co-founder and CEO of Dame previously told Well+Good, “Dip’s accessibility spans both price and pleasure exploration. The toy can help all people to have fun discovering what feels good to them.” Here for it. (FYI: The Dip is currently available for pre-orders only, but Dame says orders will start to ship on January 31, 2023. Consider it an investment in your future.)

 5. A lighter dildo for easier play: Fun Factory Share Lite Dildo

Vibration and suction toys are great. But non-motorized toys deserve a little love, too. One of the best motor-free toys is the Fun Factory Share Lite ($120). This is the latest iteration of the Fun Factory Share, a double-ended dildo made from high quality silicone that has long been regarded as one of the best on the market. “The [Share] sports an ergonomically-designed bump that hooks into the wearer’s G-zone, which keeps the toy inside the wearer’s body while they thrust,” Lisa Finn, a sex educator at sex-toy emporium Babeland, once explained to Well+Good. “The bump also stimulates the wearer’s G-zone, making play potentially more pleasurable,” they said.

The Share Lite offers the exact same shape strap-on sex lovers know and love. But, it weighs in at just 11 ounces—twenty-two percent lighter than the original—making it easier for your pelvic floor muscles to hold on to while you thrust and hump.

6. An upgraded penis bumper for extra pleasure: OhNut Vibrating Ring

This spongy band is more of a pleasure aid than a sex toy. Still, designed to take your sex life from ouch to O, ache to ahhh!, the latest release from Ohnut deserves a moment (or five) of fame. A type of pleasure aid known as a penis bumper, the Ohnut Vibrating Ring ($50) is designed to slide down the shaft of a penis (or phallic-shaped toy) to physically prohibit the penetrating part from going too deeply inside a vaginal or anal canal. It’s game-changing for people (like me!) who find deep penetration painful even with foreplay and lube application.

The Ohnut Vibrating Ring is a single vibrating ring, but can interlock with (non-vibrating) Ohnut Buffer Rings, so that you can limit depth as much as you need, while still getting the benefit of buzz.

7. A luxury vibrator that promises powerful orgasms: Lelo Ida Wave

Known for creating vibrators that double as surrealist art sculptures, Lelo creates luxe products that are meant to be left on display. But the company’s latest launch of the Ida Wave ($151), a two-in-one vibrator, is one you may want to keep all to yourself.

The Ida Wave is made up of a conjoined clitoral and G-spot vibrator, which work together to hug the contours of your vulva and vaginal walls. While the clitoral stimulator affords rumbles that penetrate deep into your pelvis, the internal vibrator uses the brand's signature Wave Motion™ technology to mimic the "come hither" motion of a finger over and over and over again. According to Krempa, who reviewed the product earlier this year, this toy has the power to “positively rock” your world, giving you one of “the fastest, most powerful orgasms” you’ve ever had.

Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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